Thursday, August 8, 2019

garden note - 8.8.19

it's been a summer. and because it's south carolina it'll be another two months yet, ha!

the garden is starting to have that end-of-summer scorched look to it, and the tomatoes have bit the dust after faithfully producing enough to put several gallons of spaghetti sauce in the freezer. my baby sis tested the kale the other day, and the leaves are still sweet so that's been a HUGE producer and win this year - even in full sun through blazing hot southern days, there have only been a couple weeks where the leaves were bitter.

the hot peppers are finally producing enough to make hot sauce each week, and the herbs are all spilling over the beds and overall looking wonderful - basil, lemon balm, chives, parsley, mint, and oregano. I tried cucumbers....but the direct sun fried half of the them and I think the soil in the trellis box is depleted from housing morning glories two years straight without any new dirt added. so no cucumbers really. I think next year I'm going keep flowers out of that box completely and replace all the soil, and see if that helps production. one difficult thing about square foot gardening is the root systems get all over the boxes and make using the same box for two different crops in the same season difficult.

my favorite thing will always be my flowers, though. the marigolds, zinnias, snapdragons, and morning glories are still faithfully blooming, and going down in the mornings to just walk around and pick a few things and enjoy the colors is incredibly therapeutic.

Unless it's 90 degrees at 8am, in that case we skip the garden, haha.

our prolific, glorious kale

do you spy the little hummingbird that loves our zinnias?

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

garden note - 7.9.19

dreary and overcast today but we aren't complaining, cause it's been too hot to breathe the past couple days and the breeze and shade is welcome, even if it's still almost eighty degrees out.

my little goofball who still thinks standing up in the stroller is better than sitting.

my happiest discovery this week is that my snapdragons resurrected! They never really took back in the spring, and almost died off completely, but I kept watering them, and something about the weather this month must've worked a miracle cause they've tripled in size and are blooming like crazy! I love seeing small victories like this in the garden. Part of my heart and what makes me who I am is how everything I see or do is somehow symbolic. During this season of what looks like the loss of all that formed me and new territory and new definitions of family, to see resurrection life in my own life and my garden brought me so much joy. There is always life springing up in the broken cracks, and there is always something brand new sprouting even if other things look like they're dying. 

my gorgeous zinnias - always a source of joy. if you're local and ever want any, let me know, cause they keep coming and coming and our house is overflowing with color and I love to share!

last minute addition to the garden - pickling cucumbers! I bought the cute little ones you can slice up tiny to make bread and butter pickles since I hate pressure canning, haha! Josh built the trellis yesterday, as the enthusiastic vines were headed out of the box towards the fence.

harvest today! dozens of tomatoes (cherries are hidden but there's so so many!), flowers as usual and handfuls of basil which will be pesto by tonight. so grateful for a wonderful garden morning, breezy weather and growing things to remind me of Jesus' constant nurturing touch on our lives.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

garden note - 7.3.19

long time no see - every week has been a new curveball over here and we're just taking it one day at a time. thankfully, this morning both Ellie and I felt up for a trip to the garden to pick and just enjoy how much it's grown and all the beauty packed into one little space.

I didn't even know some of the flowers were pink and I almost cried - SO PRETTY.

it's not "picture perfect" but it looks lived in and useful and pretty all at once. so grateful for the work Josh put into this space to give me the framework to start this magical plant heaven. 

zinnias - forever my favorite flower and forever reminding me of the glory that was my wedding bouquet. I love fancy flowers - roses, orchids, etc. but if you're ever wondering what to get me, you CAN'T go wrong with wildflowers and zinnias, my friends.

kale is still thriving although the lettuce is going to seed after several months of hard work and great production. soon I'll pull those up and re-plant for the fall and winter harvest.

the bees are loving the salvia, and Ellie is giving the baby thyme a run for its money. (try to find it - what you're seeing oregano...the thyme is right under Ellie's fingers and can barely stay alive. she makes a beeline for it every time we're in the garden)

TREASURES ON THE TRELLIS. I saw a mama bird fly out of our morning glory/cucumber trellis and went to investigate and found these beauties. A quick search when we got home confirmed we have a Carolina Wren family in the garden.

such a happy harvest - my tomatoes are thriving and healthy and I'm actually getting big ones that aren't rotten this year. Tomato sandwiches for lunch!

my tradition of giving her a flower each time usually ends badly for the flower but she's always thrilled and holds onto it tightly till there's nothing left to hold :)

why sit facing forward when you could stand and look back at Mama? I love my mornings with this precious peanut. She may not remember these early days of her childhood, but her heart will remember how she feels and I'm grateful for a chance to build a foundation with her that'll last the rest of our lives.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

a coffee story by ellie hope

I can't help but see meaning in almost every moment and everything that happens around me - beautiful yes, but also mentally exhausting at times and it makes it difficult for me to just share moments without a long and introspective exposition. but life these days is beautifully complex and also challenging and stretching and my (shareable) words are few and far between, but in the midst of it all, our beautiful daughter is growing and blossoming and her spunky, joyful self is bringing us Hope we never could've dreamed possible. 

I've been blogging here in this little corner for close to a decade now (come October) and I know if I could've looked ahead and seen what a perfect little human would come into my life and the prayers and dreams Jesus has answered and given above and beyond what my fifteen-year-old self could imagine, my faith would've increased ten-fold. so now I'm choosing to believe that in the next ten years, the joys and triumphs and tears and victories and challenges will only serve to grow my faith and strengthen my confidence in the sovereignty and goodness and love of Jesus.

now onto the coffee story, since, like a good blogger, I gave you my life story before getting to the actual point: cute pics of my cute kid doing cute stuff.

we lost power last night, and it didn't come back till lunchtime, so we got our caffeine fix at the coffee shop instead. 

ellie stole my ice coffee....(well, the ice and melty watery-coffee left in the bottom)

I brought more coffee home...and she made it her personal mission to get a sip. (observe the inevitable destruction of my attempts to keep her hair orderly. it's a losing battle with such a strong independent woman as Miss E. Hope)

I poured it in a mug eventually and accidentally left it on the coffee table while I went to get a snack. when I came back...

the face of victory
and also the moment before I took it away 

and so all ended happily for both of us - Ellie did NOT get a sip but she got to dip her fingers in the coffee, and I got to actually drink my coffee before it got cold. JUST KIDDING. it's sitting next to me, lukewarm and waiting, because side-tracked.

happy saturday y'all - may your day be filled with little, precious, and memorable moments.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

garden note - 4.24.19

I spent this week planting my final seeds for the summer harvest, and filling in what didn't sprout earlier in the season with plants. We have SIX different kinds of hot peppers this year: Caribbean Red, Cayenne, Sweet Banana, Anaheim Chili, JalapeƱo, and a hot mini bell pepper that I thought was a second Anaheim but was mislabeled at Lowes :P

Also, all my greens are growing astronomically every day! We picked our very first spinach this afternoon, and our baby lettuce should be ready tomorrow. 

We mounded up the leftover in the bay next to the compost, and planted my little zucchini sprouts and some yellow squash from my mother in law. I'm going to add some mulch to the mounds before too long to make them larger, and hopefully they'll stay somewhat contained. We also have about a dozen butternut squash plants growing out of the compost, and I'm just going to let them run wild and see what happens, because why not?

that's our garden note for this week! Thanks for following along with our little farm adventures!