Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Puppies! (and a kitty)

How we spent our week:

A rather high-spirited little puppy who keeps her brother on his toes :) She loves to run and bounce.

More laid back than his sister, but still very much enjoys playing around. Inigo's special buddy, he calls him "Capsian".

We weren't planning on getting a cat, but when the family we got the pups from offered a cat to us for free, we had no objection! Lily is Thing 1's special cat, and she's already getting used to her new surroundings.

They traveled for six hours in the car with us on the way home, and did amazingly well! No problems (a.k.a. "accidents") at all, but all three were very happy to be out of the car and on solid ground again! The current "dog house" is a large enclosed space under the porch with lots of hay for snuggling.

This morning, the puppies had a bath, and afterwards we wrapped them up in warm towels (straight from the dryer) and they both promptly fell asleep. We put them in the "barn" and they took a nice long nap:

Elsie and Caspian are Great Pyrenees puppies, and Lily is just a cat :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Costume-In-Progress

After I finished my regency gown a couple months ago, (a relatively easy project that I'll post about later) I wanted to do a more challenging project that would take longer. I chose to do a simple-looking dress that I'd seen a movie, that was actually more complicated than it looked :)

I know, this isn't a great picture, but it's the only one I could find.
Those of y'all who have seen The Princess Bride know what dress I'm talking about though :)

Right when I decided to do this project, our local Jo-Ann fabrics had a terrific sale on patterns, so I found the two I'd need, then started looking for the fabric.....that took a lot longer than I thought! Evidently, gray-green and light clay pink aren't very popular colors for sewing projects. :) I wanted to make the dress in linen, because that would probably be the most authentic, but alas! no gray green or clay pink in linen. :( I was still looking when Leia (my sister) came up and said it was almost time to go. In one last effort to find something, I walked over towards the calico section. The aisle I walked down had a lot of solid fabrics on it, and when I looked closer, I saw that both of the colors I needed, and it was 100% cotton! Yeah! So, I found my gray-green and light clay pink fabrics, and started working....

For the dress, I used Butterick 4827 view B (the orange dress)
image of B4827

And for the apron-thingy, I used McCall's 5499 dress overlay C (the red one):

Right now, I've pretty much finished the dress, except for hemming the sleeves and the bottom edge. The pattern is very simple, and quite clear. Actually, it's mostly straight seams :) The hardest part for me were the eyelets. You see, the dress laces up in the back like this:

So there are these two strips of fabric that run down the back of the dress that you put the eyelets on, so you can thread the cording through. Well, I bought an eyelet punch, and it was really easy to put the eyelets in. But the punch made holes that are the teeny-weenyist-fraction-of-a-millimeter too big for the eyelets, so several fell out when I threaded the cording through. Unless I can glue them back with clear hot glue or something like that, I might have to redo the back strips. If any of y'all have made dresses that lace up, and have successfully installed eyelets, please tell me what you did! It would be great to know for next time.

Yesterday, I cut out the apron-thingy (for lack of a better word), and the lining. Now that was an easy dress to make. No sleeves, no interfacing, no eyelets, no clasps at all! The back is the same as the front. So I sewed the whole thing yesterday too, in about an hour. Then, I held it up and realized that the lining was going to show a little bit, so I this afternoon in the car on the way to and from town I took the seams out. I'll reline it with the same material as the overdress.

Also, Buttercup wears this same dress in the very opening scene of the movie, and she's wearing a rough, brown cape over it. I'm still debating whether to do it or not. I'll have to make it out of tweed (or another suiting material) or burlap. Both are rather scratchy, but I won't feel it under longsleeves. What do y'all think, should I do a cape or not?

Yesterday I gave Titty and Marie my camera, and they took a whole bunch of pictures of me working on the overdress. Here are two:

Picture by Marie

Picture by Titty (Marie is beside me on the floor)

I think in the next few days, I might get them (or maybe Leia) to do a "photo-session" with me in the my costume when it's done. (and maybe of me in my regency gown too) Then y'all can see what it looks like.

Currently, in my sewing box, I have about twenty patterns, all projects that I want to do at some point. I also am working on a "poodle" skirt for Marie, helping Leia make matching skirts for all of us girls, and preparing to start on Luke Skywalker/Han Solo/Obi-Wan Kenobi costumes for the boys, so I'll be busy! It's a good thing I like sewing :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Sewing Projects/Costumes

Costumes I've Finished:

Costumes and projects in-the-Works:

Regency Gown (started last spring, still not quite done)

Inigo's tunic

(no picture)
Marie's Poodle Skirt

(no picture)
Quilted bag

(no picture)

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Howdy folks! Welcome to my new blog!

Here is where I hope to post about my sewing experiences: projects I'm working on, things I've learned, and tips for those who are just getting started. Of course, I'll probably be posting about other things too, but this is mainly a sewing blog :)

I probably won't be able to start posting regularly until the end of this month, because we're going on a several day trip to get our new puppies this week! But, since I have several sewing projects in the making that I'm really excited about, I'll try not to delay too long :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Jo March