Thursday, December 31, 2009

Old Year's Day and GoGo's Year

Happy Old Year's Day!!!!

Have you ever heard that phrase before? My grandpa taught it to us. He's from St. Croix in the USVI, and that's what they say down there. I like it better than "New Year's Eve". So, in honor of the "Old Year", here's a review of the Marches year through the eyes of the youngest boy: Inigo (or GoGo). (Just to let you know, Go didn't type or dictate any of this, I wrote it for him.)


This is me being silly for the camera while Dad, Jo and Leia were in San Antonio

Trying out a bathtub at Lowes

We got to spend a week at a ski-resort and had fun in the snow and skiing. Insurance payed for it all too. It's a long story, so we'll just leave it at that :) Oh, and thanks Mr. Chocolate Man for teaching my brothers and sisters how to ski!
Being Inigo Montoya, like my sword?

While we were at the resort, Marie turned 8. We went to visit a famous president's house on her birthday, and I got to dress up!

Being silly with Jo at our house at the resort

Hehe, my favorite face!


In April, we all went to Kentucky for a Passover Family Week put on by our friends. Here I am with our friend at the campground. I really liked his hat...

...and he let me wear it for a little while. :)
His brother also got married at the campground. It was a very fun wedding, according to Jo. I don't remember much from it :)

Two more weddings in May. One was my doctor uncle's wedding in South Carolina, the other was my lovely cousin (Jo calls her the ILC on this blog) here in our home town.

Luke and I visiting friends in SC on our way to the wedding

At the Charleston Aquarium. Did you know that the King Penguin is taller than I am!?!!?

Ready to hit the waves on IOP

At my ILC's wedding. I dipped my hands in my glass and rubbed them in my hair before anyone stopped me. It was very fun.

Leia (pictured above), Titty and Marie were all flower girls in the wedding. Jo was a bridesmaid.


Some silly summer pictures of myself:

Jo and Titty at another president's house

We had blessing ceremony for Leia on her thirteenth birthday. I like the cake we had very much.

An interesting picture of Jo


I have a new baby sister!!!! I love little Zuzu!

Zuzu being held my aunt (yes, the lovely lady my uncle married in May)

Some missionary friends of ours came to the states for a little while, and we went hiking with them in a creek. We got very wet, and it was very fun.

No pictures for August either.

We moved! Here I am with Titty reading a story in my new bed at our new house.

I turned three! 

Jo said she's already posted a lot of pictures from those months on here, so that's it.

Thanks for reading my post!

~GoGo March~

And a note from Jo: Here's the video! I did it in a rush, so there are few mistakes. #1: there's a title that disappeared while I was working, and I didn't think twice about it. Well, I "found" it when I watched the completed, already exported video and saw it was at the very beginning. So disregard the first title that says "7am: Jo, Leia, Peter and Luke feeding the dogs". That belongs later. :) You'll see the same title again at the right time later on.

#2: One video I forgot to crop, so one clip goes pretty long. It's our "explore" the apartment. Feel free to fast forward a little if it gets too boring.

Okay. Here's the video:

Winter Storm from Jo March on Vimeo.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day with the Marches

Christmas Eve:

Beautiful Zu, all ready for the 7:30pm Christmas Eve service :)

Peppermint pie for desert after church

It's the easiest recipe ever! Just a pre-made chocolate crumb pie crust, and a container of peppermint ice cream. You stir the ice cream until it's soft, then press it in the pie pan. Freeze it for a few hours (about 4), then take it out and serve it with hot fudge sauce. Mmmm good! :)

One of our Christmas Eve traditions is for all the children to sleep in the same room! We've been doing that ever since Peter's first Christmas (when all of us girls were worried how he'd sleep through the night, so all camped out in his room :P) This year, we were all in the us girls' big bedroom.

Christmas morning:

All the kiddos with Mama on my parents bed, ready to head downstairs for stockings! We had just finished reciting the Christmas story from Luke 2:1-20  (we all memorized it about two years ago)

Another tradition, the "bumpity bump" down the stairs. This also started around the time Peter was a baby. The youngest child(ren) get to bump on one of the older children's laps as we go down. That way, everyone can go into the living room at the same time. Leia took this picture, we were all a little sleepy still :)

The stockings!

Baby Zuzu, the cutest little one around!

Cool! Lightsabers! (Peter and Luke)


Over the past year, Leia and I have tied fleece blankets for each of the younger siblings, and given them to them on their birthdays. Only one left was Peter (for some reason we didn't give it to him on his birthday in September), so we tied it a week or so ago and gave it to him for Christmas.

A lovely table set with Christmas china

Since we didn't go anywhere, Marie and Titty continued to work on their payed job of clearing the back porch of snow

I just love my baby sister!

So those are some pictures of our Christmas!

Susan Dress Progress Installment #3

I decided to make this part of yesterday's post it's own seperate post for easier reference.

The big project on this dress that I did on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was the sleeves and sleeve slits. Not easy, and I made it up as I went. Actually, it turned out really great! Bookmark this if you're thinking of every making this dress. :)

So, I measured across the width of the sleeve, and calculated how big each slit (there are five) could be with one inch between each one, and two inches seam allowance on each side of the sleeve. I figured that each hole could be about an inch to an inch and a half.

Cutting out the holes was slow. I cut out a "stencil" diamond, and traced around it five times, and since our roller was dull, I had to cut them out with scissors.

Then, I made a very very very short little snip at each corner of the diamond, folding the sides of the diamond to the inside, pressed it and stitched around it.

Then I placed a rather large block of the mint green fabric on the wrong side of the whole and top stitched it from the right side. Then I trimmed off the excess mint green fabric and tada! one sleeve slash completed! Only nine more to go.....

All that's left to be done is hemming and embroidery (which I'll be doing by hand).

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Advent/Christmas Wrap-up Post (a.k.a: another very long post)

This post is going to be a whole passel of photos and fun stuff from this past week or so. It'll be long, but I was recently told by one of my ILC, that's Illustrious Lawyer Cousin(s), that she reads my blog frequently and likes my long posts because they give her a diversion from work. Whether that's good or bad, I'll be posting longer because of her, so you have Mrs. FTR to thank for thank :P

Here come the pictures....

 (video will be coming before 2010, I promise!)

Marie, GoGo and Leia

"GoGo Fett"
(haha :P)

Yours truly :)

Caspian (blue collar) and Elsie sound asleep on the porch

What is Caspian doing??

Ah-ha! Eating the nose off of Luke's poor snowman... :(

Little Miss Zu

The Perilous Road

On Christmas Day, we just stayed home and hung out as a family. We opened presents from siblings to siblings, and from Mom and Dad. (I'll be doing a separate post tomorrow with those pictures) Our ILC (remember, that means our Illustrious Lawyer Cousins) came over on Christmas Eve for a brunch and gave us two tins of flavored popcorn, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" DVD (we've been borrowing our aunt's copy for the past six months :P) and some framed pictures of their wedding. On Christmas Day, we ate about a third of each of the tins and watched LWW, as well as "The Nativity Story" (for the third time!) that night.

On the 26th...


Preparing the feast

I'm going to use made up names for my cousins on this blog, but don't worry about remembering all of them! In fact, it's just for me to help keep them straight. But the young fella in the hat has only one name he could possibly be, and you probably won't forget it: Indiana Jones, Indy for short :)

The group! If you can see, here's the run down from L to R:
Luke, Marie, Twirly (my four year old girl cousin), Indy, Ernie*, Bert*, Titty, GoGo and Peter
*E and B are identical twins :)

The Buffet line!

Titty and Zuzu watching everyone open presents

The horde opening gifts


Cool! Explorer kits! (Leia and Peter, Marie and GoGo watching)

Gift from our maternal grandmother to Leia, Titty and I

Annie (our grandmother) and her grandchildren:
Top L to R: Luke, Indy, Bert, Ernie, Myself, Marie
Bottom L to R: GoGo, Leia, Peter, Annie and Zuzu, Little Joe, Titty, Twirly

So that was our Christmas week! Also, we'll probably be having Christmas with Dad's side of the family on New Year's Day, so more pictures to come after that.
Nope, this post isn't done yet! Two tags comin' up.... (I always seem to be tagged in sets)

From Queen Lucy:
1. Grab a random book. What is the first word of the title? Write it down.

2. Open the book to the third chapter. What is the first word in the name of the chapter? Write (or type) it down.
March 20, 1862

3. Open the book to page 28. What is the first word on the page? Again, write it down.

4. Now put all three words into a sentence, IN ORDER. Type the sentence and put the "stolen" words in bold.
Emma was still sitting behind the chair on March 20, 1862 when we came to visit.

5. Lastly, tag 2 people: 
Hmmm...I tag Eldarwen and Maggie

From Vellvin:
#1: Do you like chocolate?
I love chocolate.

2#: Can you climb trees?
Yes, I love to!

3#: What continent would you like to visit?

Europe. Italy, France and England especially (hear that Polly? Start planning.... :P)

4#: What Chinese year where you born in?

Gracious, I don't know. Let me look it up....okay, I think I was born in the year of the dog. It doesn't really matter when I was born or what astrological sign I was born under anyway. :)

5#: Are you craft challenged?


6#: Your three worst movies ever?

Little Women 1995 (can't think of any more!)

7#: Do you like to get up early or sleep in late?

Get up early!

8#: What are some of your favourite books?
Little Women, Anne of Avonlea

9#: Have you seen any of the star wars movies? Who is your favourite Star Wars Character(s)?

I have seen the first movies in the original trilogy, and will be watching the third sometime soon. I haven't seen the new movies, and don't want to. My favorite characters are Han and Leia

10#: Do you like to play music or do you like to listen to music?
I enjoy doing both!

11#: Are you big on sports?

Define "big" please.....Let's see, I don't watch sports on TV (we don't have channels) but I do enjoy watching others play them live, and sometimes playing them myself. So in that respect, yes I am "big" on sports. :)

12#: Do you read a lot?
Are you kidding?!?!! I love to read!

13#: Do you like fantasy?
Depends on what kind. Narnia, yes. Elf stuff, not so much

14#: Have you ever had a caption contest on your blog?
No, actually. My "specialty" is quote quizzes. Speaking of that, be ready to enter in the next one coming up on January 10!!!

15#: Do you sing a lot?
Yeah, I guess. Humming is more like it, though :)

Now I tag:
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