Friday, April 30, 2010

If I don't post today...

....then I'll have posted 19 times in a month for the third month in a row! So that's why I'm posting, to make it 20 :P

While I'm here, I might as well do a full post anyway. :)

I'm really tired right now. We stayed up a little too late last night (everyone did, I didn't go to sleep till close to 11pm) watching Davy Crockett and the River Pirates, and then everyone slept in....except me. I couldn't. Mom cancelled school for today, said we'd be outside in the garden working and getting ready for the party we're having out here on Sunday. But I couldn't take today off of school, I had waaaay too much work to finish up. (High school does that to ya) So I was up at the crack o' dawn (4:50am) as usual to shower and start school. Six wonderful hours of sleep! No, I'm not kidding or complaining, just "statin' the facts." :)

At any rate, I'm tired. I got in about two hours of school from 5:30 to 7:30am, then another two from 8:15 to nearly 10am, so I'm set to go.

After school was done, I went outside with Leia and we stained the picnic tables, then went out to the garden. We took some video tours of the vegetable garden, the herb garden and our walking trail, so watch for those this coming week!

Hmm....anything else to add to this.....

Oh! Thanks everyone for the input on the buttons! Just one day left to vote!

*I'm thinking*.......

............*still thinking*..........

Okay, one more thing: I know what I'll be playing for the piano recital (May )!!! It's always nice to know ASAP :) I'll be playing "Waltz in B flat minor" by Chopin. Yes, this is the same one I played for the Chopin group class in March, but no matter. It's a good performance piece, and I can have fun with the dynamics and the tempo (something I really like to to do :P).

Well, that's all. Not a terribly interesting post, but at least I broke the "19 a month" trend I had going :P

EDIT@4:45pm: Just took an hour long nap :) Ahh....then I had a nice cracker snack with the rest of the gang and headed outside with Zu. Inigo came out with us, and once we'd gotten to the garden, Zu and I settled down to play in the dirt and Inigo grabbed the hose. It has an adjustable spray nozzle on the end. In about two minutes flat, he'd proceeded to *completely* soak himself with the hose :) Because it was hot, I asked him to spray something gently over towards Zuzu and I. make a long story short, now both of us are drenched too :P

EDIT @5:39: In from another break from the garden. After Mama came out and started to plant, I continued to watch Zuzu, and had her sitting on my lap. I gave her a mint leaf to chew on, which promptly got stuck in the back of her throat, triggering the natural reaction of her body to get rid of it. make another long (and rather disgusting) story short, the two of us are on our way upstairs to take a bath :P

EDIT@ 6:15pm: All fresh and clean! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pure in Heart Award

I wasn't planning on posting an award or tag today, but I have three or four that I needed to do and their all in drafts on my dashboard :) So I filled out one and here it is! (even though they can be time consuming, tags/awards make quick, convenient posts :D )

Thanks Gwenea!

This award is for those girls whose blog is lovely, pure and Godly!

If you have been tagged, here's what you do:
A) Post about your tag!

B) Pick five bloggers who deserve this award 

C) Leave a comment on their blog, and tell them that you tagged them! 

D)  Answer these questions and put them up in your post:

~ ~ ~ ~

1: Apples, Oranges or Bananas? Oh, probably apples. (especially if their Fuji apples!)

2: How many siblings do you have? Seven! Leia (13), Titty (11), Marie (9), Peter (7), Luke (6), Inigo (3) and Zuzu (9m.)

3: How old are you? 15 and a half

4: Do you live on a prairie, woodland, swamp, city or other? We live on a partially wooded farm, but since it has some cleared space, I'm not sure how to classify it. How about "rural"? :)

5: Scissors or glue? Scissors definitely! I love to cut things up :P

6: Describe your dream house: Four stories high, ten or twelve bedrooms to accommodate all the guests I'd want to have out!!! :)

7: Is your room clean? Uh....define clean....

8: If you could be a movie character for a day, who would you be? *sigh* the truth will out....Princess Leia Organa :)

9: Italy, Greece, France, Spain or England? SPAIN!!!!! (or somewhere in South/Central America where they speak Spanish)

10:  What denomination are you? Presbyterian, and to get even more specific, PCA

11: Do you sleep with a stuffed toy (BE HONEST!!!!) 'Course I do!!! I sleep with 15 stuffed animals (maybe more) :) That's the truth, and I'm not ashamed of it in the least :)

12: Gum, chocolate, or jelly beans? Jelly beans by far, unless I'm on an airplane, then gum for sure :)

13:  What is your favorite book? Used to be Little Women for a while, now it'd probably be Gentian Hill, After the Dancing Days, or Pride and Prejudice

14: Favorite ice cream flavour? Cookies and cream

15: If you had to eat one type of food for two weeks, what would that food be? Chips and salsa and guacamole!

16: What is your favorite Olympic sport? Swimming, always has been, always will be :)

17: If you woke up and discovered that you had turned into Miley Cyrus for the day, what would you do? First of all, I'd wear some decent clothes for once, then shock my fan club by singing "I Will Sing of My Redeemer" as my hit song for the day :)

18: Describe yourself in three words. Thoughtful, funny and a little strange

19: What chore do you positively hate? Taking out the compost (thank goodness I don't have to do it often!)

20: If Elmo came into your room with a gun, what would you do? Knock him over and listen to him talk (that was for Ethan and Kari, BTW)

What a fun award! Thanks Gwen!

Now, I award.....





Rachel and Sarah

Monday, April 26, 2010


...I turned 15 and a half! YAHOO!!!!! Do you have any idea how long six months is? It seems like I've been "plain old fifteen" FOREVER!!!

Half birthdays are "celebrated" in style here in the March home. The half birthday girl or boy gets to go out with Mama and Dad for supper that night (or some night right around then if the acutal night is not an option) by themselves. Just them three. In a family of ten, this is very important :)

So last night, we came into town for kids' choir at church around 5pm (Titty, Marie, Peter and Luke are in it, Leia and I help out) then, when it ended, we dropped everyone off at Grandma and Grandpa's for supper while us three went out. Because the place I wanted to go (Aromas) was closed, we went to Flaming Wok instead. For all those who want to know, I had sweet and sour chicken :) Then we went to Kohr Brothers for ice cream. For all those who want to know, I had a Reese's blizzard :) :) :) Yummy! :) Then we went back and picked up everyone and came home. I had a splendid time, I really enjoy getting to spend one on one time with my parents.

And, another kinda important thing about this half-birthday is that now I can legally get my learner's permit! Yep-i-doodle, and I most certainly am :) (FYI, my parents think it's fine :P) Actually, I just did a little practice test on the computer (they give you a basic knowledge test, road signs and such, before you're allowed to get your permit) and scored 100% on both parts, so I don't think it'll be a problem.\

A funny thing about the permit is this: I didn't want one, didn't expect to get one, about a year ago. Who cares about driving? You know when I really started to care? When Julia started talking about getting hersand then friend got her and another friend got his, and all of a sudden, the permit was a subject of interest. And then my grandpa said us girls could buy his old pick-up truck (which used to be Dad's) for two dollar (even if it is a stick shift)....things just sort of pile up, you know? Long or short of it, I want my permit now :) Not that I was suffering from peer pressure or anything, it was just that getting a permit was in my mind, and driving started sounding more neat and interesting than scary. I know it's a big responsibility, but it'll be fun learning to be responsible, eh? :) Dad said we can go together to get it (my permit) next week! Oh yeah!

That's all I wanted to say for today.....and thanks to all you lovely peoples for giving me input on the button(s)! Once the poll closes, I'll post up the results :)
Happy Monday!

P.S. Nana, my HTML gal, do you know how to format my posts so that Blogger doesn't do this annoying line break thing? (example: in the first couple sentences of this post, in the word "six" where "si" is on one line and "x" is on the other?)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The King of All Random Posts :)

First of all, for the buttons. Vote in the sidebar for which one you like best, and please comment explaining why you chose the answer you did and if you have any more suggestions :)




And, I thought I'd show some "around the farm" pictures, since I haven't for a while:


Starting seeds indoors

Inigo, off to work!

Love that hair :)

My three knights! With these tough dudes around, I shouldn't have ANYTHING to worry about :) (p.s. Mama made their outfits)

Dad and I in the garden

tying trellises

The following pictures are to show you how much the puppies have grown in the past six months. When we brought them home, they weighed seven pounds each:

Elsie (this is the day we got them)

Look how small they were compared to Dad!

I wonder what Elsie was thinking...


And now, those cute fur balls weigh over 50 lbs!

Elsie again (Caspian hates posing for the camera, he just wants to lick it :P)

And, to top it off, a video :) I know y'all have heard quite a bit about my piano playing and that Julia and I have done duets in the past. Here's one that we did for our piano recital two years ago:
"YMCA" from Jo March on Vimeo.

The Saturday Morning Daybook

Yes, this is my very own daybook :) I've wanted to do one for a while, but I couldn't find one I liked! So I've combined my favorite parts of different daybooks to make my own! Anyone is welcome to join in it! Just leave me a comment telling me you are!

Date... April 24, 2010 
Starting time... 7:35am
Mood...happy and a little sleepy
Outside my window...sun is just coming up, pretty :)
I'm thinking...wouldn't it be nice if every morning started this slowly :P
I'm currently reading...The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer
The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright (for the zillionth time!)
I'm listening to...GoGo and Zuzu rifling through the bin of plastic soldiers beside me :)
I'm wearing...*sigh* pajamas and robe :)
I'm looking forward to... music giveaway at my piano teacher's house at 9:30!!!!
I'm hoping... that today will run smoothly and not be stressful (we have a lot of things to do)
Yesterday, I... worked outside with the pickaxe and crowbar for a while and now I'm really sore. We also watched Sarah, Plain and Tall and stayed up till 11:30pm :)
I'm hungry for...BREAKFAST, no matter *what* it is!
The song stuck inside my head is... Hello Seattle by Owl City. Someone had it on their blog playlist yesterday and I just let it play and now I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!
I love... listening to a little brother trying to bribe his 9 month old sister to stop taking his soldiers :)
I loathe... scratchy clothing tags
This week, my goal is... to finish my Grammar unit on Adverbs!
Did I meet last week's goal?... This is my first week :)
Ending time... 7:44am

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Button!

I have a new button! I just put it in the sidebar. I'm still not 100% happy with it. Any suggestions on font size, color or style? If you think it's fine, go ahead and replace my old button in your own sidebar with the new one :)

EDIT: So far, the general consensus seems to be "change the text color" :) I agree. I couldn't think of what color to do when I was making it (I tried white, pink, green, yellow) but none seemed to work as well as the black. Then Nana suggested layering two colors, great idea! Keep the suggestions coming, I'll work on the button again tonight and post up what I end up creating tomorrow :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Guys vs. Bad Guys

The older I get, the more I realize how complicated the world is. I used to think (up till fairly recently) that most people were/are either good or bad. Not many "in-betweeners". Especially since we've been studying the War Between the States, I've discovered that there are many "in-betweeners" and that you can't say, "He's bad," or "He's good," because every "good" person has their faults and most "bad" people have their good sides, although they might be hard to find sometimes.

Most recent example I've learned from?

Abraham Lincoln

It frustrates me to see this man "exalted." Like in the Cobblestone magazine last year. Children were asked to send in their vote (with hand drawn pictures and reports if they wanted to) for their favorite president (of the United States). All the votes were counted, and the results came in. Abraham Lincoln was top on the list, followed by George Washington. Pretty classic, huh? Cobblestone devoted entire issues to Lincoln, "The Great Emancipator", making him seem like a demi-god. It's frustrating.

The reason it's frustrating is because most of America today is misinformed. Not ignorant, just misinformed. And before I get into all this, I do want to say one thing: I do not "hate" Abraham Lincoln. There are some very anti-Lincoln folks out there, but I am not one of them. And, while I'm at it, let's just say I don't hate Clinton or Obama either. Got it?

To start, I think we need to understand where this man is coming from. Lincoln had a rough life. His mother died when he was 9. He lost his fiancee, Ann Rutledge, (the woman he really loved) when he was twenty-four, not long before they were to be married. His wife, Mary Todd, was selfish and spoiled and she and Lincoln did not get along very well. He lost two of his sons to illness during his lifetime. And, he was president through the most difficult war this country has ever had to face. He got rid of slavery in this country (sort of). And then, he was assassinated. Poor guy. Trust me, I believe that his death was completely uncalled for, and I do not think that it was a good thing in any way. John Wilkes Booth disobeyed one of the Ten Commandments (You shall not murder) and was in the wrong, and that's all there is to it.

Obviously, to get through all this, Lincoln had to be a stubborn man with some kind of a backbone. It's this "backbone" that makes him famous, and *cough* "loved." BUT, there is another side of him that most people have either ignored or have never been taught. This is the side of Lincoln that makes me....not like him so very much.


He was a communist.

You read that right.

Communist. Socalist. Anti-conservative. Advocator of a large, powerful central government. Anti-states rights. Pro-heavy taxes.

He started out as a faithful Whig, then, when he wanted to run for the Republican nomination for president after the Whig party fizzled out, he conveniently changed his agenda, platform and *entire belief system* to fit the Republican party. He was able to promise the people the things they wanted, including the promises that he wouldn't touch the issue of slavery and that black people ought to be sent out of the country away to Africa so that they wouldn't pollute the nation. Yeah, "the black man's friend."

"Lincoln was a master politician, which means that he was a consummate conniver, manipulator and liar." ~ Murry Rothbard
During the War, Lincoln suspended the writ of Habeus Corpus (that's the right to a fair trial and to not be arrested without a valid reason) and then threw thousands of pro-Southern newspaper reporters and publishers and pro-South delegates to Northern state conventions into prison for the entire duration of the War. Many died.

How about the Emancipation Proclamation? Lincoln, "The Great Emancipator"!!!! Right? Actually, I'll give him credit for that. The Proclamation spurred on the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment to our Constitution that prohibits slavery. But the Proclamation didn't actually free any slaves. Yup. Lincoln specifically wrote that the slaves were freed in all the Southern states and territories not occupied by Federal troops. So all the slaves that lived in places where emancipation could not be enforced were free, but the slaves in Kentucky and Maryland and the parts of Northern Virginia where Federal troops were were just as enslaved as ever before.

I don't feel like typing anymore about Lincoln right now. Sorry. For some reason I feel winded.

There are plenty of fascinating books on this subject out there however in which you can read more. Your library will probably have this one:

The Real Lincoln by Thomas DiLorenzo.

I'll have to say one thing about this book though: It's a little biased. I didn't particularly care for it myself because it was a little too rough, but it opened my eyes to many things that I didn't know before, so I'll say it's worth the read. But do understand that I'm not as extreme and anti-Lincoln as Mr. DiLorenzo.

Our history book is a terrific resource too. It's called:

 The War Between the States: America's Uncivil War by John Dwyer.

This truly a wonderful book, a masterpiece. Well thought out, well written, not biased and CHRISTIAN!!!! Dwyer highlights the Christian spirit of men both North and South, tells the story as it really happened, both the bad and the good for both sides. This is THE BOOK to read!!!!


So, the point of this post is this: rarely is this world black and white. There's a lot of gray fuzzy lines in between which make blanket statements such as, "Abraham Lincoln was the worst president EVER!" and "Abraham Lincoln was the best president EVER!" very hard to say and very hard to prove. One of my friends asked recently, after I said that Lincoln was one of my least favorite presidents,

"Lincoln's your least favorite president? Really. How about Clinton?"

*sigh* You have a point there. :) How about Jefferson? Jackson? Grant? FDR? Carter? Obama? The list goes on. It's fruitless to compare. The best thing to do is to read your history, be informed so that you can help your friends, family and ultimately your country avoid repeating history's mistakes. This is really important in today's world.

Abraham Lincoln changed the way the government of the United States ran. He changed the way war was run. His "total war" strategy is what shaped the way WWI, WWII even up to Operation Iraqi Freedom were/are fought. ("Total war" is war on civilians, bombing places were non-combatants are as part of a war strategy). He was not the ideal president.

But guess what? God knew. God knew Lincoln would not uphold truth and justice. He knew what he would do. It was God's will that the valiant cause of the South was lost. That's why I don't say that I wish the South had won the War. (even though I do like the South much better than the North :P) The Lord knew that our country would work better as one than as two or three parts. (North, South, West) What would the world be like if someone other than Lincoln had been president. Very different, I'm telling you.

Well, that's all I was going to say. :P Kinda long-winded I know, sorry. And, I'm not sure how to end this, so THE END. :)

Was this post interesting to you? Does it make sense? Did it make you think? I am being too....hard? Would you like me to do another post like this, either about Lincoln or about the whole "good guy vs. bad guy" idea? I'd love to hear your feedback.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


*sigh* If only scales were that easy!

Over the past month, my teacher gave a challenge to her students: play all 24 major and minor scales in under 8 minutes, and you can come to a music give away at my house! Fun, right? Yeah.

She's done this before, years ago, with just the major scales, and we had to do them in *I think* 5 minutes. I passed no problem. In fact, because of the hours of practicing I put in during that very difficult few months, I can now play all 12 major scales in 1:09! Pretty fast, if I may say so myself :)

So, I tackled this new challenge gung-ho! Only one problem.....the week before the give away was scheduled, I was going to be in Kentucky for Family Week and I still had eight minor scales to learn! Yikes! My teacher and I spent twenty minutes on the phone the day before we left working on scales. No fun. We got home, and had one more lesson (in which I was going to be timed) before the give away and I still had two very difficult scales to master. Then, oh joy!, she postponed the date two weeks and made the time limit 10 minutes! Hooray!

I've been working hard the past two weeks on scales, and, after much practicing on that dreaded D-sharp/E-flat minor and the B flat minor scale, I could do all of the scales in about 4:45. No bad, eh?

Yesterday was our last lesson before the music thing (which is this Saturday). My teacher timed me while I played all my scales in almost exactly 5 minutes. Yeah! Now I can go to the give away! (and have doughnuts and orange juice :P Which is more exciting?) THEN, my teacher told me that five other people who've passed the "test" so far, all barely scraped through (9:55 for two folks, 9:40 for another, and I don't remember the other two). So, I'm the fastest to date!

This post isn't to boast, it's just kinda exciting since I've been working on these for a while. All you other pianists out there surely can understand the challenge and excitement of something like this :)



An Apology

Hello, all my wonderful blog followers!

I'd like to apologize to y'all for sending y'all to that quiz site the other day. There were some inappropriate ads that popped up there. I had no idea that was going to happen (I never would've linked to it if I had known), and I felt really bad about :/ That post is now deleted.

It was a good wake-up call, though, to be always on the watch. There is sooo much evil out there in the world, we have to be constantly on guard! I was just "talking" with Rachel and Sarah about what a blessing parents are, to help up through scrapes like this :)

You don't know what a load this post takes off my mind. I tend to get a little in the dumps when I make a mistake like this (no matter how "honest" it was). I hope that's a sign that the Holy Spirit is working in me.

Love you wonderful peoples!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010


There are so many fantastic words in the English language! I love using the big words like:





or how about this one (my friend Victoria uses this all the time, I'm not sure whether she made it up or not):


Or how about the wonderful little words that we use:








"spruce up"

Our pastor uses this word when he's trying to describe the word "Shalom" (as in peace)


More fun words:










What are some of your favorite words?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Stylish Blogger Award

Thanks for this award, Queen Lucy! And such a sweet little note to go with it, *sniff*, it touched me :)

The Rules:
  • State 5 random facts about yourself
  • Award 5 of your blogging friends
Now for the five random facts about yours truly:
  1. I think that the 40s style of clothing (for both gals and guys) is really neat, and I wish that it was "back in fashion". 
  2. I prefer Dijon mustard to regular yellow mustard. It has more flavor, and I love foods/condiments with a kick :)
  3. I have a hook bracelet from St. Croix (which is where my grandpa is from)
  4. I've filled up two whole pages of my journal and three of my sketching journal of my favorite girl and boy names. Top favorites: Kayla, Ava Rose, Stella, Jenna; Nate, David, Richard, Jackson 
  5. I think Love's Enduring Promise is just as good, if not better, than Love Comes Softly :)
So, those were pretty random, eh?
Now I award:

  • Eldarwen: You have *such* a pretty blog! I love the designs that you put up! It's a pleasure to visit :)
  • Nana: I linked your name to the Boutique, since that's where people can go to see what an AWESOME DESIGNER YOU ARE!!!! I loved the backgrounds you made for Scraps, and I'm still planning on using the yellow one for the summer! :) And your personal blog looks so cute :)
  • Anna: I love your headers! Artwork adds such a touch to a blog. (and I love the pink that you have up!)
  • Rachel and Sarah : Your blog always looks so clean and fresh, right up to date and everything! I always enjoy the refreshing time I spend over there :)
  • Marina and Olivia: I love your family blog!!!! I wanted to give this to y'all and your mom because Daily Offerings always looks so clean and straight I love the backgrounds that get put up, and the splendidly fun posts :)
Thanks again for the award, Lu!

Movie Quotes Quiz #6 Answers!


Now, for my typical start to this post:


1. "One thing's for sure: after this, we're all going to be a lot thinner!"
Han Solo in Star War IV: A New Hope
People who got it right: Anna*, Eldarwen, Maria*, Titty*, Autumn*

2. "I don't care what you saw. There is a Santa Claus!"
"There ain't!"
"Mr. Smith, there is a Santa Claus, isn't there?"
"What did she say?"
"She said there isn't."
"Then there is."

Shirley, Joy and Mr. Smith in Bright Eyes
People who got it right: KK*, Nana*, Marie*, Titty*

3. "Ah, but remember, my friends. Even [name omitted] has his Achilles heel."
"Pardon me, amigo. What is this chili deal?"
"Achilles heel, Pedro. This is meaning his, uh, weaknessess."

Two dogs in the pound in Lady in the Tramp
People who got it right: Quinlyn (way to go, girl!), Merriette*, Autumn*

4. "You-you were kissing him!"
"I was kissing her! I happen to be in love with her."
"That's ridiculous. Everybody knows you're in love with me."

Don and Lina in Singin' in the Rain
People who got it right: Marina and Olivia*, KK*, Nana*, Polly and Oliver*, Marie*, Titty*, Autumn*

5. "You won my bet? You presumptuous insect, I won it."

Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady
People who got it right: Marina and Olivia*

6. "You're s-s-s-snoring."

Kaa and Mowgli in The Jungle Book
People who got it right: Polly and Oliver*

7. "I know. I can't help flying up on the wings of anticipation. It's as glorious as soaring through a sunset...almost pays for the thud."

Anne in Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel
People who got it right: Merriette*, Rachel*, Sarah*, Polly and Oliver*, Titty*, Autumn*

8. "Here, pretend....pretend that that's a seed."
"It's a rock."
"Oh, I know it's a rock, I know. But let's just pretend for a minute that it's a seed, alright? We'll just use our imaginations. Now, now do you see our tree? Everything that made that giant tree is already contained inside this tiny little seed. All it needs is some time, a little bit of sunshine and rain, and voila!"
"This rock will be a tree?"
"Seed to tree. You've gotta work with me here, alright? Okay. Now, you might not feel like you can do much now, but that's just because, well, you're not a tree yet. You just have to give yourself some time. You're still a seed."
"But it's a rock."
"I KNOW IT'S A ROCK!!! Don't you think I know a rock when I see a rock? I've spent a lot of time around rocks!"
"You're weird, but I like you."

Dot and Flik in A Bug's Life
People who got it right: Carrie*, Stephanie* (I can't believe someone -much less two!- got this!!! WAY TO GO GIRLS!!!!)

9. "Looks like a coyote got in there, Pa."
"More like a wild woman with an ax."

Clark and Missie in Love Comes Softly
People who got it right: Anna*, Marina and Olivia*, India*, Rachel*, KK*, Nana*, Eldarwen*, Sarah*, Charity, Carrie*, Polly and Oliver*, Marie*, Titty*, Stephanie*, Merriette*

10. "A man can't turn tail and run just because a little personal risk is involved. What did Shakespeare say? 'Cowards die a thousand deaths, the brave man....only 500.'"

Professor Hill in The Music Man
People who got it right: Rachel*, Sarah*

11. "Doesn't sound too bad. I'll try and stay awake."
"Oh, well, thank you very much, very nice of you. Your confidence in me is overwhelming."

The grandfather and his grandson in The Princess Bride
People who got it right: Marina and Olivia*, Nana*, Carrie*, Marie*, Titty*, Merriette*, Autumn*

12. "You didn't have to do this to impress me."

Princess Leia (to, guess who? :P, Han Solo) in Star War V: The Empire Strikes Back
People who got it right: Anna*, KK*, Nana*, Titty*

Wow! We had *17* entries this month! That's definitely a record :) The most "popular" quote seemed to be #9 (from Love Comes Softly) - 14 folks got that one!

Here are scores:

Charity: 1
Quinlyn: 1
India: 2
Maria: 2
Eldarwen: 3
Stephanie: 4
Anna: 6
Rachel: 6
Sarah: 6
Carrie: 6
Marie: 8
Merriette: 8
Marina and Olivia: 8
Polly and Oliver: 8
KK: 8
Autumn: 10
Nana: 10
Titty: 14

And the winner is......

TITTY!!! Wow! Way to go girl! (Titty is my sister, by the way)

Here's the award:

And here's an award for everybody else:

Nana and Autumn, since y'all came in second and you both have blogs (and Titty does not), you can take the winner's award too if you like.

Thanks everyone, and please come back next month! May 10th will be here before we know it....

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's a Blog Party!!!!

Eldarwen's having a blog party! 

1) How old are you? I'm 15 years old - will be 15 and a half in a little over two weeks
2) What name do you go by on blogger? Josephine March (Jo for short)
3) When is your birthday? October 25!!!!!
4) If you could live anywhere in the world, besides where you live now, where would it be? Hmm....maybe Hawaii or Italy :)
5) How did you find out about Blogger? I've known about it for as long as I can remember....
6) Tell us something interesting about yourself: I'm 5'3" and I decided long ago that I'm going to marry someone taller than myself, which shouldn't be difficult :P
7) What was your favorite toy when you were little? A little stuffed animal lamb called "Liza Lamb" that I carried around everywhere I went and used for show and tell at my preschool when I was four :P
8) What is your favorite meal? Have you ever cooked/helped cook that meal? Chicken pot-pie! and yes, I have definitely helped to make that meal (sometimes I do everything by myself)
9) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I would be 100 times more patient!
10) Are you an outside person, or an inside person? Both, it really depends on the season and the weather :)
11) Are you a mommy's boy/girl, or a daddy's boy/girl? I would have to say that I'm more my daddy's girl :) (of course, I love both my parents equally, but I'm most like Dad)
12) In one word, describe the feeling you get when you stub your toe, after just being told by your parents that you are grounded for the next month: I would probably whistle through my teeth and then utterly destroy whatever just caused me to stub my toe.  *nervous smile* Told ya I needed more patience!
13) Let's say you TP'd your friend's house (for those of you who don't know what TP'd stands for, it means toilet papered. As in, put toilet paper on their trees, cars, house, porch, etc.). If someone asked you why you TP'd your friends house, you would say: *cough* Pardon me? Oh, that? They deserved it. :)
14) Have you ever gone swimming in deep, dark, dirty water? Yes, at Sherando and I couldn't stand it!
15) Have you ever dreamed about getting ready to leave the house, and forgetting to get your pants on? Nooooo.....
16) Have you ever done something so ridiculous, that you wish you'd never done it? If so, what? Oh, yes, all the time! And in different ways too. Most recently, I misunderstood a friend's question and answered something ridiculous that didn't follow at all. Everyone kinda looked at me, then he repeated the question and I realized what I'd done. *arggg* I could've pulled all my hair out, but I just laughed along with everyone and pretended I didn't care :)
17) Imagine that you saw a purse snatching. What would you do?
a. scream and run away
b. move out of the state/country
c. tackle the purse snatcher to the ground.
d. ignore it, start whistling, and turn the other direction.
Umm....IDK. My natural instinct would be to call for Dad, but I don't see that on this list :) 
18) How many friends do you have on blogger? About five or six really good friends, and many others who I enjoy "spending time with" :)
19) What makes blogging so much fun for you? Getting comments!
20) You're a turtle, who has bet that you can win a race with a rabbit. How does it turn out? Well, since the rabbit I'm racing is quite alert and isn't planning on going to sleep, I decided to fly in my turtle-sized helicopter over the finish line. There was nothing in the rules that said this had to be *running* race :P LOL. JK. :)

That was fun! Everybody, head over to Eldarwen's to participate! :) She's got a giveaway going on too :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Does This Sound Familiar?

Mama and Daddy are out on a date. Everyone else is at home, being "babysat" by Leia and I. We've just finished supper, and now it's time to watch a movie! This time (we normally watch a movie every date night, which is about once a month or so) we're watching Lady and the Tramp, a movie that I've been watching my whole life, but it was the first time for a couple of the younger crowd.

Anyway, if you live in a family that's even remotely like mine (with younger siblings of any age, gender and number), chances are movie nights are not quiet affairs. Ours *never* are, unless it's just us girls, and even then....

So, I put the tape (yes, it's on VHS, the same tape we purchased when I was.....never mind. It was over a decade ago.) in the VHS player, and saw that it was in the middle. Everyone is crowding behind me, everyone wants to "see".

"There's nothing to see right now. I just need to rewind the tape. It'll be easy, since I can just rewind to the beginning of the movie." I say.
Then Peter pipes up, "What do you mean, the beginning of the movie?"
"I mean we don't have to fast forward over the previews."
"Why not?"
"Because I don't have to rewind all the way to the beginning of the tape."
"What do you mean?" (Somebody, help!!!!!)

Finally I was able to explain, with the help of two wooden sticks moved back and forth across the floor (demonstrating a tape and the rewind feature) as an object lesson, what I meant.

Then the movie was ready to go, and we started watching.

But, inevitably, the questions began:

"Who's that?"
"Just watch."

A little later:
"Wow! She really grew overnight!"
"Actually, this is six months later. They're just showing you that she ended up sleeping on the bed with Jim Dear and Darling every night, not just that one."

Luke often asks self-explanatory questions.
"Why is there a hole in the newspaper?"
"What do you think?"
"Because Lady tore it."

or this:

"Is that a collar she just got?"
"Good job!"
Any of this sound familiar?

Or this (right in the middle of when Lady's explaining why she's upset):
"Why's Lady upset?"
"Because she's telling you why!" :)

Then, later on in the movie, the Tramp and Lady are sharing a romantic (well, as romantic as two dogs can get, which is pretty comical :P) dinner at "Tony's":

Peter's comment?
"I can't believe this!"
Then, there's just the random comments that are statements of opinions:

"I don't like Aunt Sara." (Luke)

"That baby is sooooo *fake*!" (Marie)

"Aw! Cute puppies!" (Marie)

Uproarious laughing at *all* the funny parts :)

"Is Trusty dead?" (Peter; I look very sternly at all the girls, telling them with my eyes *not* to betray the answer :P) I tell him,
"Just watch."

Or during some other films, not Lady and the Tramp, the boys like to act them out. Really act them out. Guns, swords, flipping off the ottoman, yelling, jumping on the sofa, throwing pillows, playing name it! This is especially true for movies like Facing the Giants, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Princess Bride, Star WarsGods and Generals or Gettysburg. Sound familiar?

As annoying as it *could* get, I actually enjoy it. Each of the little one's personalities come out in the different comments and questions that they ask, and since I've (normally) already seen the film, I'm not really missing anything by talking over it. Despite what some people may say, our family interacts quite a lot with each other during movies :)

*sigh* But, to be honest with y'all, every now I do ask them to quiet down :)

Oh, and the Lady and the Tramp part of this post is a true story that really did happen this past Tuesday night :)