Monday, May 31, 2010

A Moment of Silence

Well, Memorial Day is upon us, a time for Americans remember those who've given their lives in service to their country. Personally, our family had a friend killed in action several years ago in Iraq, so even more now than ever do we observe Memorial Day and respect all those men (and women) who have sacrificed of themselves so that the United State of America can be what it is today. It's because of them that we are free to worship the Lord in our own way, homeschool the way we want to, dress, act, VOTE, EVERYTHING! Our country has been blessed, and it remains free because of our military.

Graves at Arlington on Memorial Day.JPG
Arlington National Cemetary

Silence and Respect

Tomb of the Unknowns
Continuous guard at the Tomb

Iwo Jima Memorial

Remember that we are the Land of the Free.....Because of the Brave!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Piano Recital 2010

Wow! What a night we had! The recital started around 7pm, it ended around 8:10pm, not bad for 43 students!
We had an adventurous time leaving our house, there was a huge electrical/heavy rain storm going on, lightning striking all around our house. Our power flickered on and off for five or ten minutes *right* as we were walking out the door. One big streak of lightning lit up one whole side of our yard with a red/orange light. This morning, we found that the bark of one of our trees was peeled off down one side, where the lightning had struck.

Okay, back to the recital....

Peter did a marvelous job, playing first on the program:

Marie played 2nd:

"Liebestraum" played by Marie from Jo March on Vimeo.

Leia played near the top of the last section of the program....

"Solfeggio" played by Leia from Jo March on Vimeo.

Titty played near the middle of the last section of the program...

And I played last, and even though I wasn't nervous about playing my piece (I rarely do now, and I rather enjoy playing in front of people, kind of a rare attitude in some circles), I WAS nervous about playing last. What if I banged down on the wrong chord at the end of the whole recital??? But I didn't. *Phew*

FYI: When the video zooms in on, that was by accident. Our camera has this little funk about zooming in all by itself (our zoom button is a little quirky) and because it was on the tripod, Dad didn't notice until he looked in the view window and could see only brown :P Sorry about that. :)

"The Maple Leaf Rag" - played by Jo from Jo March on Vimeo.

I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!! I'm not sure why I love *anything* piano related, just me I guess. It was very fun to see so many friends there and everyone played so well and it was so late at night and the snacks were so great and everything was awesome! :) I slept till 8:30am! (unheard of for me...until today :P)

Oh, my cousins Julia and Chris (y'all "know" them pretty well by now) also played and did fantastic job. Julia played the song "All in All" set in the Canon in D *bee-you-ti-ful*! Chris played W.C. Handy's "St. Louis Blues", a really neat piece to listen to. Our friend Molly (a frequent commenter over here) played a gorgeous prelude.

So that was what we were doing last night! Today was/is such a slow day, we didn't eat breakfast till 10 something, ate lunch around 1:30...Mom's been in town all day (she left at 8:45am) shopping and won't be home till 5pm, so with Dad in charge......things move a little slower :) And...a record was broken today on how late someone in our family could *genuinely* sleep in (not faking, etc.)......Luke slept till 10:15am!!!! Very impressive.

Let's end with a music quote, shall we?

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." ~Berthold Auerbach

The Saturday Morning Daybook

If you want to join me, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions :)

Date... May 29, 2010
Starting time... 8:49am
Mood...a little tense, kinda relaxed
Outside my window...wet
I'm thinking..."I only have five min. max to do this before I have to start making bread!"
I'm currently reading...Sherlock Holmes Vol. II by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
I'm listening to...Just morning noises
I'm wearing...Hehe, my pajamas and robe
I'm looking forward to...Leia's 14th birthday on Friday!
I'm hoping...That I'll be able to get the piano recital tape downloaded onto the computer then up on Vimeo by the end of today :)
Yesterday, I...Stayed up till 10:30pm enjoying the piano recital and talking with friends at the reception afterwards
I'm hungry for...Nothing. I'm really not hungry at all. (still haven't breakfast though)
The song stuck inside my head is..."From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, we fight our country's battles in the air on land and sea..." Yeah, it seems I'm very patriotic and all I hum is the themes songs from the military branches. As soon as "The Wild Blue Yonder" was out of my head this one popped in:P Actually, our little friend Michael playing the Marines Hymn last night at the recital, which is why it's in my head now :) (but that doesn't change the fact, I am very patriotic)
I love... PLAYING PIANO!!!!!!!
I loathe... getting flour in my mouth :)
This week, my goal is... To drive the truck a whole lot more! (hehe, yeah I know, silly goal, but fun :P)
Did I meet last week's goal?... Yes, even though I didn't end up wearing it (I would've fried it was so hot!)
Ending time... 9:40am (I stopped right after the "I love...." question to drive Dad down to his office and back and to start the bread)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Group Class of the Year!

I'm not sure if y'all have caught onto this yet, but I LOVE to play piano!!!!! :) Tonight is our very last group class of this year *sniff* and tomorrow is the recital! We're eating supper around 4:30 this afternoon so that we can head into town for group classes. Since it is the last group class (recital group class) tradition has it that we have ice cream sundaes afterwards! Peter's group class is at 6:10, Titty and Marie's is at 7, and Leia and I will go at 8. Our teacher asked Leia and I to scoop ice cream at the two earlier group classes, since she didn't have very many helpers this year. When I was out watering the garden with Peter this morning, I said, "Oh, by the way, Mrs. Pettitt asked me to scoop ice cream at your group class tonight. I'll make sure you get the smallest serving." I said it with the straightest face I could. His response? "Thank y--HEY!!!!!!" I then reassured him that I'd give him the same as everyone else. Oh the trials of having a mischievous older sister scooping your ice cream! :P

For those of y'all who are wondering, I'll be playing "The Maple Leaf Rag" by Scott Joplin for the recital (and therefore for group class tonight), Leia will be playing "Solfeggio" by C.P.E. Bach, Titty is playing "Sonatina in C" by Clementi (only the first movement however, even though she knows the whole thing, because the entire song is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long :P), Marie is playing "Liebestraum" by Franz Lizst (an adapted version, but very beautiful) and Peter will be playing "The Clockshop" by N. Faber.

To top off this "piano-y" post, here are some pictures of some fantastic pianos that I found on Wiki:

Steinway Model D.JPG

A grand piano made by Louis Bas of France, 1781. Oldest surviving French grand.

A Steinway in the White House

Steinway piano #500,000, built in 1987

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

*Dangerous Post Ahead*

Jo had great big tomato-proof boots on
Jo had a great big tomato-proof hat
Jo had a great big tomato-proof mactintosh
And that, said Jo, is that!

adapted from the poem "Happiness" by A.A. Milne

As you can tell, I am completely tomato-proof! Good thing too. 

I understand that what I'm about to say may lose me followers, it may demote me to a lower rank of Jane Austen fans, it may bring a shower of rotten tomatoes down on my head (hence the outfit) but I am not afraid! *puts on bold face and stamps foot*

*gulp* So... *cough* *taps floor with foot*....well.....

*speaking quickly* ....I might as well say it and then take the consequences..... *sucks in breath and squares shoulders*



*Phew!* Now that I've spit it out, I feel better. 

We saw it over last weekend with Mama. She watched it first, then told us that it wasn't the best movie ever, but we could watch it anyway. I came to it determined to give it the benefit of the doubt and to watch it as unbiasedly as possible. Leia came to in sort of a "ho-hum" attitude, expecting it to be not-so-good. Honestly, that sort of the way I thought too. I am pleased to say that I was pleasantly surprised!

As much as I enjoyed Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle as Darcy and Lizzy in 1995, I have to say that Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen did a very good job, in their own way. Leia and I agreed that we liked both "sets" of a set. :) Even though Firth was my "favorite" Darcy, I *definitely wouldn't* have liked him paired with Knightley :) It took me about.....half the movie to get used to Macfadyen as Darcy, but once I did, he was very good.

The first word that came to mind while watching this movie was "acquired taste". You really have to get used the characters before you can enjoy it, and for some people, it comes later than others. For me, I got over Bingley (Titty and Marie haven't yet, they call him "the red-headed kid" :P) very quickly, Jane soon after that. (Yes, even now I still prefer Susannah Harker). I got used to Darcy when he met Lizzy at Lady Catherine's house. In fact, the hardest character for me to get used to was Charlotte. After just loving the dignified, beautiful Charlotte of '95, this....not-so-pretty Charlotte took some adjustment. I got used to her when she was explaining her reasons for marriage to Lizzy in the "swing scene".

Raise your hand, all you folks who've seen this movie, if you just didn't LOVE this portrayal of  Georgiana?!?!?! Of course, the book says she's supposed to be shy (and that's the way she's portrayed in '95), but I loved her outgoing personality! "Do you play duets, Miss Elizabeth?" "Only when forced." "Brother, force her!" :) Sweetness. She acts *exactly* like I would act around my big brother....if I had one :P

I also enjoyed how Lizzy and Darcy are always on speaking terms, even speaking light-heartedly to each other at Pemberly and Rosings Park. She doesn't seem to hate him so much as in '95 (that's also probably why many fans of P & P don't like this version).

I could go on, but I think I'll stop here. I'll do another post on this movie later. If you have any bones you'd like to pick with me, feel free! *puts on brave face* I am ready to go!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Day...33 years ago...

This was in our Sunday paper this past week :) Click to enlarge it :)

Last night was the most awesome babysitting night that Leia and I had ever done. Mom and Dad left at 4:30pm to go to a gala in the Valley, and didn't come home till 11:15pm!!!! We made cookies and mini pizzas for supper (with lots of help from the boys), ate supper, let the boys watch Peter Pan (the old Mary Martin version, not Disney) and one scene from Gettysburg before they went to bed. THEN...we had a blast showing Marie and Titty the "Job Switching" (or "Chocolate Factory Episode") episode of "I Love Lucy" and thirty minutes of Disney's Cinderella. After that, the girls went to bed and Leia called Dad to see where he and Mom were. Hehe, another two hours away :P So we watched *the whole movie* of Fireproof (no interruptions :P) and while I was still sniffling away, we stuck in Star Wars V for the last twenty minutes of our time and started watching when Han and Leia (the character, not my sister :P) arrive at Cloud City. Now we tell people that we watch highly emotional movies about near-divorces and people getting frozen in carbonite slabs for fun :P Anyway, it was a great night, and we ended up in bed at 12:15 (Leia forgot she still had to shower). We slept in an hour (till 6:30!!) this morning but that wasn't enough for me. Nope. I napped from 2:15 to 3:30 this afternoon :O

Does this make any sense? I'm still kinda sleepy.

Oh, today is the 33rd Anniversary of the Release of Star Wars! (now known as "Episode IV: A New Hope")
May the FORCE be with you!

My Favorite Kind of Post


I'm not trying to be selfish, but I *love* being awarded :) It's nice to be appreciated :)

From Nana:
I pass this onto:
2. Art's Chili@Art's Chili
3. Shaynie@The Book Blog
5. Eldarwen@The Faithful Elven Princess (I know she's on break right now, but when she's on, she's quite a prolific blogger, am I right? All who agree say "aye" :P)

From Merriette:

I award this to
1. Nana@By The Way
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3. Marina and Olivia@Daily Offerings
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6. Rachel and Sarah@Our Family View From Us Two
7. Charity@Yhwh's Cowgirl

From Merriette:
I love how she awarded this one :)
"Now for my followers whose blogs keep me from taking life too seriously and who remind me to notice the little things in life I present..."

I award:
1. Rachel and Sarah@Our Family View from Us Two (I know you already got this, but here it is again!)
2. KK@Kitti Kat Korner
3. Marina and Olivia@Daily Offerings
4. India@Musings of a Countess

From Milli and Vellvin:
[sunshine award[13].jpg]

From LizzyNana, Charity

I've already received this, and done the tag for it here. It's one of the sweetest awards around, and I'm tickled to have received it several times :)

From Nana:


The Rules:

1. Tag at least five "sweet friends"
2. Answer the tag in your post (you may tag the person who gave you this award)
3. Don't forget to comment on the post that awarded you!
4. Let whomever you awarded know that you awarded them by leaving a comment on their blog.


1. You are ___ in your family....

2. Do you have your own camera? Aye! And a bonnie green one at that!

3. List three of your character qualities: Outgoing (most of the time), honest and friendly

4. What is your favorite thing to blog about? Me, my life, movies, books, anything funny and whatever I'm interested in :)

5. How long have you had your blog? Seven months tomorrow!!!!!

Now, I award....
2. Lucie@Lucie Land
3. Anna@Dancing 4 Him
5. Nana@By The Way

Now *that* was a linking marathon! Good grief! :) Enjoy the awards! I enjoy passing them on just as much as receiving them!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today (May 24th) is also a big day for these two folks....


The Wave - May

This month's birthday.....
Victoria! (shown here on the right, with her sister Olivia on the left)

Happy 16th Birthday my dear!

I've known Victoria for....seems likes forever, but it's only been maybe five years or so. Her family has stayed with us several times, and introduced us to the whole "Israel thing" :) It's her family's ministry that hosted the Family Week event that we attended in March.

I love spending time with Tori, she's very cheerful, uses terrific words like "fantabulous" and "coolege" and has a marvelous Tennessee accent :P Victoria is also very mature spiritually, and we've had some very thoughtful conversations :) LOVE YA VICKY! 


Something I've learned this month: Having a good relationship with your dad is a *very* important thing! I LOVE talking to my dad, and I feel it's very important that he knows what I struggle with. Of course, there are some things that I talk to only Mama about, but Dad knows a lot about growing up....and he was a boy once (still is, if you ask me) and is chock full of helpful advice :P I understand that not everyone has a father they can lean on, but if you do, spend as much time with him as you can, take full advantage of being under his roof and learn as much as you can from him!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Saturday Morning Daybook

If you want to join me, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions :)

Date... May 22, 2010
Starting time... 9:42am
Mood...relaxed and peaceful
Outside my window...Dad and Mom working in the garden, the dogs running around, Inigo on his purple trike
I'm thinking..."Oh what a beautiful morning!"
I'm currently reading...Betsy's Wedding by Maud Hart Lovelace (for the zillionth time :P)
I'm listening to..."Oh Johnny Oh!" by the Andrews sisters :)
I'm wearing...a black pleated skirt, solid coral shirt
I'm looking forward to...THE PIANO RECITAL ON FRIDAY!!!
I'm hoping... That I'll be able to nearly finish my sewing project (1940s jacket and skirt) today
Yesterday, I...celebrated with Leia and Marie at their birthday party :) (M's birthday's in March, and L's is in June, but they did a joint party this year)
I'm hungry for...Breakfast! Everyone's eaten except me. I've been sewing since 7:30.
The song stuck inside my head is..."Off we go into the wild blue yonder...."
I love... Sewing!
I loathe... stomach aches
This week, my goal is... to finish my outfit before the recital (I was having trouble with the regency gown, and plus I changed the piece I was playing from a romantic era waltz to ragtime, so hence the change of outfit as well)
Did I meet last week's goal?... Yup!
Ending time... 9:47am

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eliza Doolittle Day!

"One day I'll be famous, I'll be proper and prim
Go to St. James so often I will call it 'Saint Jim'

"One evening, the King will say 'Eliza, O thing, 
I want all of England your praises to sing. 
Next week on the 20th of May, 
I proclaim "Eliza Doolittle Day!"
All the people will celebrate the glory of you
And whatever you wish at once I gladly will do.'

"'Thanks a lot, King' says I, in a manner well-bred.
'But all I want is 'enry 'iggin's 'ead.....'"

Happy "Eliza Doolittle Day!"

Double Tag from Peyton

Peyton@Apples of Gold tagged me, but as I had already done it at one point, I let Marie do it. She was SOOO excited!!!!!!!

Rules: Tag five people, do not tag the person who tagged you. If you don't like or don't want to answer a question, just change it and answer it :)

1. What song are you currently listening to? Chariots of Fire

2. What books are you currently reading? The Lost Baron and The Bears of Blue River

3. Do you sing a lot? Yes.

4. Sweet or salty? Sweet

5. What is your favorite hobby? Readin', 'Ritin' and 'Rithmatic

6. What books have you read at least 3 times? The Little Princess, The Bible, and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

7. What sites do you always visit when you get on the Internet? My email and Scraps from my Workbasket

8. What was the last thing you bought? fabric from Jo-Ann Fabrics

9. What fictional character do think you are most like? I don't know.

10. Favorite earliest memory? Going to Waterford when I was 6

11. What do you do to change your mood? Write!

12. What was the last meal you ate? Frozen pizza for supper

13. Do you want to learn another language? Openglopish

14. Five things you can't live without? 1) My Bible. 2) My family. 3) My notebook. 4) My books. 5) York Peppermint Patties.

15. Find the closest book to you, and flip to page 54. What is the first sentence in the second paragraph? "Good Peter, to hide her face; for her fan's the fairer of the two." (from Romeo and Juliet)

16. What is something you'd like to say right now? PLEASE turn off Narnia! (my brothers are watching it right now)

17. What are your five favorite animals? Cats, horses, squirrels, rabbits and hamsters

18. What's your favorite color? Dark Purple

19. If you could live in a book, which one would you live in? A Little Princess

20. What is your favorite sport? Swinging

I tag......
anyone who likes York Peppermint Patties!

Wonderful job, sister dear! I hope you enjoyed yourself :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Meeting the Wachters!

Our day started early :) We left home around 8:15-ish so we could be at the reenactment around 10 o'clock. The Wachters arrived minutes later, and after introductions all 'round (even though everyone knew everyone else's name already from all the practicing we'd done) we headed towards the "sutlers' stores" and where the reenactment was set up.

Group Photo of all 15 children!

The first thing we did was visit the museum. For some reason, I didn't take any pictures in there. Too busy talking to I guess :P
Visiting the sutlers

Two very impressive "widows".

Lots of the neatest costumes I've ever seen. All of us girls agreed that it was like being back during "Gone with the Wind" times :) In fact, we had just been talking about the "lacing up" scene from that movie, when we saw a movie still of that *exact scene* on a corset box in one of the tents!

Titiana and Marie kept busy pointing out little inconsistencies with the time period and the reenactors. (Subtly of course, so as not to offend) Examples: A Confederate officer driving a "very authenic silver Rebel pick-up truck" (to quote Titty) or one of the afore mentioned "widows" talking on a snazzy blue cellphone :)

Shopping :)

Picnic Lunch (this picture was taken by the Wachters)

I thought this lady, with her maid and son, was the cutest picture ever! Also, her dress looks like one of Aunt Pitty-pat's from "Gone with the Wind"

While some of our party went to watch an artillery demonstration, the March girls plus Kaitlin sat down the grass to watch the Stonewall Brigade Municipal Band play their stuff. It was....interesting. Good cover music for talking :) The band did play a song from the movie Gettysburg. Whenever I hear that song, certain scenes from that sad film come to mind and I *almost* want to cry, but I don't.

Marie and KK
I believe this picture was taken right after KK asked Marie how her doll was doing :)

Titiana, love the hat!


Marie, wearing Leia's hat :)

During the actual reenactment (which you can see off in the distance) Leia and Than tied blades of grass onto the rebar post in front of us.

"Art in Place" is what us Marches dubbed their creation :P

The reenactment itself was very interesting. We saw the charge of the VMI cadets, and a little cavalry skirmish that was acted almost right in front of us.

Facts about the Battle of New Market:
A charge led by the VMI cadets "saved the day"
The reenactment was enacted by 1500 reenactors, about 5 times less than the actual number of participants in the battle

The VMI corps

At the end of the reenactment, the different groups marched along the line of spectators, a sort of "curtain call". ("I guess they are actors of sorts." was KK's comment) As the cavalry rode by, I started humming the first military song I thought of....the Air Force song. (That's the one that starts "Off we go into the wild blue yonder, climbing high into the sun...") KK promptly reminded me - wrong group. :) Anyone know what the official song for the US Cavalry Corps is? LOL.

I was *trying* to get a good picture of Master Aeden, but he was acting a little silly and didn't look....

so I kept snapping pictures....

....come on buddy....

...alright. You win. :)

Doesn't it look like Sam is saluting Marie? ;)

We a wonderful time with the Wachters, and can't wait until we can meet up with them again!

Thanks for joining us for the reenactment y'all, it made it 150% more fun! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"We interrupt this blog...."

" do a little 'advertisin'' for a friend." :)

My dear friend Rachel has started up a new writing blog (yeah for all writers!!!) called The Inkpen Authoress!!!

In a recent post, she asked for a little advice on what her next story should be about. She set up a little survey that you can take to let her know what you think.

I'm sure she'd appreciate any help she can get, so swing on over there and give her your opinion! :)


I just got my pictures uploaded from our *very exciting* Saturday excursion, which will headline in tomorrow's post! Stay tuned....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Movie Quotes Quiz #7 Answers!

I'm sure you know by this time what I'm going to say....

THE ANSWERS ARE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Here we go...

1. "I'm against flowers in church. What have you to say?"
"I am *for* them."
[resignedly] "As am I."

William Wilberforce and Barbara Spooner in Amazing Grace
People who got it right: Sarah*, Lady Celia*, Rachel*, Merriette*, Abigail, Leia*, Titty*

2. "Mama hates Isaac as much as she did fifteen years ago when she set the bull terrier on him for coming around to see me."

Pauline Harris in Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel (also known as Anne of Avonlea)
People who got it right: Sarah*, Lady Celia*, Rachel*, Abigail, Marie*, Titty, Leia*, Saxon*

3. "I've got it! Let's flap over to the east side of the jungle. They've always got a bit of action, a bit of a swingin' scene, all right."
"Aw, come off it. Thing are right dead all over."
"You mean you wish they were."
[all laugh]
"Very funny."

The Vultures in The Jungle Book
People who got it right: Lady Celia, Rachel*, Merriette*, Nana,  Leia*, Stephanie, KK, Titty*, Saxon*

4. "When a woman's got a husband, and you've got none, why should she take advice from you? Even if you can quote Balzac and Shakespeare and all them other high-faultin' Greeks."

Mrs. Paroo in The Music Man

People who got it right: Sarah*, Lady Celia*, Rachel, Marina and Olivia*, Nana*, Leia*, KK*, Marie, Titty*

5.  "'People'? I ain't 'people.' I am a - 'a shimmering, glowing star in the cinema firmament.' It says so -right here."

Lina Lamont in Singin' in the Rain
People who got it right: Lady Celia*, Marina and Olivia*, Leia*, KK*, Saxon*

6. "The French don't care what they do actually, as long as they pronounce it properly."

Professor Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady
People who got it right: Sarah*, Lady Celia*, Rachel*, Marina and Olivia*, Nana*, Leia*, KK*, Marie*, Titty*, Saxon*

7. "Now dear, practice your piano and Mama will buy you something nice."
"Anything you like. What do you especially want?"
"A machine gun!"

Anita and Joy Smythe in Bright Eyes
People who got it right: Nana*, Leia*, KK*, Marie, Titty*

8. "Merciful heavens! My darlings! My precious pets! Oh, that wicked animal, attacking my poor, innocent little angels."

Aunt Sarah in Lady and the Tramp

People who got it right: Sarah*, Quinlyn*, Lady Celia*, Rachel*, Abigail, Marina and Olivia, Nana*, Leia*, KK*, Marie*, Titty*

9. "I'm lost! Where's the line? It just went away. What do I do? What do I do?"
"We'll be stuck here forever!"
"Do not panic, do not panic. We are trained professionals. Now stay calm. We are going around the leaf."
"Around the leaf. I-I-I don't think we can do that."
"Oh, nonsense. This is nothing compared to the twig of '93."

Worker ants and supervisor in A Bug's Life

People who got it right: Sarah*, Lady Celia*, Rachel, Shaynie, Nana, Leia*, Stephanie, KK, Saxon

10. "Am I going MAD, or the word 'think' escape your lips? You were not hired for your brains, you hippopotamic land mass!"

Vizzini in The Princess Bride

People who got it right: Molly*, Merriette*, Abigail, Marina and Olivia*, Leia*, Stephanie*, KK*, Marie*, Titty*, Saxon*

11. "Uh, everything's under control. Situation normal."
"What happened?"
"Uh, we had a slight weapons malfunction, but uh...everthing's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?"
"We're sending a squad up."
"Uh, uh..negative, negative. We had a reactor leak here. Give us a few minutes to lock it down. Large leak, very dangerous."
"Who is this? What's your operating number?"
"Uh......" [blasts intercom consul away] "Boring conversation anyway. Luke, we're going to have company!"

Han Solo in Star War IV: A New Hope
People who got it right: Sarah*, Lady Celia*, Rachel*, Shaynie*, Merriette, Nana*, Leia*, Anna*, Stephanie*, KK*, Marie, Titty*, Saxon*

12.  "Do I tell you how to braid your hair?...don't tell me how to plow a field."

Willie NATHAN LaHaye (to Missie) in Love's Enduring Promise

People who got it right: Sarah*, Rachel*, Abigail, Nana*, Brittany*, Leia*, Anna*, KK*, Marie*, Titty*

Molly: 2
Quinlyn: 2
Brittany; 2
Shaynie: 3
Anna: 4
Abigail: 5
Stephanie: 6
Merriette: 7
Marina and Olivia: 9
Marie: 12
Nana: 13
Saxon: 13
Sarah: 16
Rachel: 16
Lady Celia: 17
KK: 18
Titty: 19
Leia: 24

New Rule for Awarding: The winner's award will be given to first, second and third place, the participation award to everyone (including the winners) :)

So the winners are....

WINNER: LEIA!!!! She got every single one right, including who said them! Here's your award, milady:

2nd place goes to....

TITTY! Great job! You did a marvelous job remembering all those quotes.

3rd place goes to....

KAITLIN!!!! You go girl! :)

Thank you everyone else who participated! I was glad to see a few new faces here, I LOVE it when new folks join in the fun! Here's an award for EVERYONE who entered!!!!!

Come back next month...I'm planning a new little twist on this event :)