Monday, August 23, 2010

{hola! como esta?}

My brain is fried. I asked Mama for free computer time because I could not concentrate much longer on my school work, even though it's just Vocabulary. I *cannot* even begin to think about Latin prefixes, suffixes and roots right now...not with Spanish whirling around in my head. I even put The Princess Bride soundtrack on to see if that would clear my brain. Haha. I just put on "Little Old Lady from Pasadena", that helped some :)

Reason why I'm fried? I just attended my very first class in a group setting other than the homeschool co-op we used to do. The difference with this one is that it's college level Spanish at our local community college. I'm almost 100% sure I'm the youngest in the room. A lovely girl named Caroline came up and introduced herself after class, she's sixteen, so maybe I'm not so alone as I thought :) 

Don't get me wrong, the class was terrific. Our teacher is an amiable, funny, self-controlled Colombian native who knows how to run a class. I'm going to LOVE this semester! It's just a lot, a little overwhelming, and my legs feel like putty still....even though the class ended at 3:10pm. 

I have a lot of homework, Spanish will require one hour AT MINIMUM each day, plus the online writing course I'm taking from Mrs. Gorby and my normal schoolwork load, but hey, it's all worth it! Especially if I come away fluent (fluent enough for my level) in a foreign language (other than Openglopish and Igpay Atinlay, which don't *exactly* count) and really close to my crazy end-of-the-school-year goal!

Thanks for your prayers, and keep them up! I'm going to need it...and, so as not to sound too selfish, if any of y'all have prayer concerns you'd like me to lift up to the Father, please let me know! If prayer makes me feel strengthened, then I want to help y'all feel that way too :)

*sigh* Since I haven't actually done the homework yet, I do have at least one hour of school left in today. Oh, and did I mention that my class is Mondays AND Wednesdays? :) 

Blessings, and good luck to all of y'all who started school today!



  1. Uh… bien, quizá no ahora. ¿Lol es mejor español que francés?

    Poor you!

  2. Just seeing your title made my day, Jo! I had my first ever Spanish class today, and it was wonderful! I am already in love with Espanol. Thanks for giving me a reason to smile!

  3. You sound very busy! I will be keeping you in my prayers!


    P. S. I didn't know you took Mrs. Gorby's writing online...;)

  4. Thanks, Jo. I have to read a thirty-two page module for science, plus do twenty-eight study guide questions. Whew!

    Blessings on your work load!


  5. Are you taking college prep?

  6. Glad to hear you like your class! Today was my first day of FBI! It was awesome. Turned out to be one more student then we thought, too. My first experience in a class room setting. Only there were only four students; less then we have at home:)

    Love you!

  7. We can be spanish-muddled brains together :) Today was my second day of Spanish at Piedmont, and I completely agree with your analysis of one's mental state after an hour of that class!

    Good luck and hope to see you soon,

    PS- I got my Driver's Permit last week. Yippee!!