Tuesday, August 24, 2010

{so, what are you going to do about it?}

Last night, Dad was up late working at the kitchen table. Mama was in town with her "ladies group" and we were all in bed. (this was about 10:30pm or so). Dad's working away on his laptop, when, all of a sudden, in walks Titty. Needless to say, Dad was surprised. Before he could say anything, Titty said in a distressed voice,

"The vacuum bag is missing! It's not in the vacuum!"

Dad looked at her and realized she was sleep walking. He asked her, "So what are you going do about it?"

"I don't know!"

"Why don't you just go back to bed?"

Titty nodded and replied, "Okay." then turned around and went back up to bed.

Dad told Mama when she got home, and this morning she told us (Dad's on a day trip). We were laughing so hard that tears were starting in our eyes (even Titty!)!!! She was our first sleep walker :) Funny thing was,  yesterday our vacuum broke, keeping us from completely some morning chores. It was fixed by the afternoon, but I guess the slight anxiety from the morning had carried over for her :)

While none of us have walked in our sleep before, we have talked in our sleep :) About three years ago, Leia and I were sharing a bunkbed in what used to be the old nursery. We used to listen to music while we went to sleep (I don't remember why) and I really, really liked it. One morning, I woke up to hear the music still playing! Odd, since I knew that the tape was too short to run for eight hours. When Leia woke up, I asked her if she knew why the music was still playing. She gave me a strange look, then told me this:

Earlier that morning, probably around 4 or 5am, she woke up to see me staring her in the face (I was hanging over the side of my top bunk) and ordering her in a very loud voice to "TURN ON THE MUSIC!!! TURN ON THE MUSIC!!!" Then I flopped back onto my bed. Leia said she lay there absolutely petrified for about five minutes, then jumped out of bed, slammed on the player and jumped back in bed and lay still.
After she told me all that, I apologized for scaring her so badly, but we did have a good laugh over it :)

Do any of y'all have funny sleepwalking/talking stories?


  1. LOL! No, I don't THINK anyone here has every "sleepwalked".

  2. wow, that is a funny story!! My sister talks in her sleep and my brother used to sleepwalk when he was younger. When my sister (who is 12) talks, I often have to shake her awake until she wakes up. It's hillarious, because we have full conversations while she is asleep! We always have a great laugh in the morning about it. My brother once got up in the middle of the night and took a bath when he was 8 years old! It really freaked out my mom because we all slept upstairs and the bathroom was downstairs.
    Ha ha! Can't wait to hear more. :)

  3. Wow, that would be scary! :)
    One time, when I was younger, my little brother and I were asleep in the hotel room we were in. My mom told me that she heard us talking- to each other! We were having a conversation in our sleep!


  4. Oh wow, that's funny, Jo!

    My mom used to walk in her sleep (as an adult). She would go down to the kitchen, open up the freezer, and start eating ice cream. About the time she ate one or two bites, she would wake up. :)

    In Christ,
    Elizabeth Rose

  5. Haha!! Very funny! You've told us the second story before, but it's fun to read it again. We actually don't have any sleepwalkers...as far as I know!

  6. One night Pa and Mom woke up to find KK digging through Pa's sock drawer. Mom asked her what on earth she was doing and she said, "I'm looking for socks for my fish pencil." It was a very emotional time in KK's life:)

    We have lots and lots of sleep talking and walking stories. One time it was like 12 and Pa heard me and KK talking. He came in to tell us to be quiet and go to sleep and found out that we were having a whole conversation. IN OUR SLEEP!

    I could think of hundreds more....but the scariest are when you are babysitting and one of the kids come waddling out:D

    Love ya!

  7. I actually posted about this once: http://awritingmaiden.blogspot.com/2010/02/its-middle-of-night-go-to-sleep.html
    How funny (about the music story!) =) -Carrie

  8. I think I told you about the time just after we moved here when I walked in my sleep. I freaked Mom and Dad out.

    We were in the guest-house, and had connecting rooms, so the room Charlie and I were sharing had it's own door. Well, Mom and Dad had just turned out the light when they heard someone going down the hall, knocking on doors. Mom thought it was some drunkard and told Dad not to open the door when he knocked. But he opened the door anyway, and there I was! After that Mom barricaded the door with a coffee-table and hung a mug with spoons in it on the door handle.

    Charlie and I both talk in our sleep, but I only do it once in a while, while Charlie babbles regularly between 10 and 11 at night. That's one way Mom tells the time late at night.

    I loved your stories!

    Polly (I almost signed my other name)

  9. That's funny Jo.
    I used to sleepwalk a LOT and mom and dad always thought that someone was falling down the steps every time I went downstairs. It's funny when you don't remember, and other people tell you what you've been doing while you were sleeping. :)
    P.S. Tell Titty I can sympathize. :P

  10. lol, loved the story and once my brother start to scream in his sleep and then he got up and when to my other brother's room and said "So, hows it going?" and then came to my room and said the same thing I was freaked out and when right to sleep. And another time when I wasn't born my older brother would walk to our kitchen and would a make a sandwich and then all of it and then go back to bed, and if you ask him the next morning about a sandwich, he won't think you are crazy!

    Your Praying Servant,

  11. That's so funny, Jo. A number of our children have been sleep walkers and we have some very funny memories. I've been trying to get around to a post about an incident last week on that very topic. One of these days...

    Our best to the family!

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  13. lol of course as soon as I say that I hear from Josie that Annette was heard talking to our brother in her sleep. ;)

  14. That was sooo funny!! I have a funy story, My sister and I were shring a bunkbed when we were younger and I would always have the top, then one night my sister wanted to try and sleep on the top we ha never let her before couse we were sur sh would fall off,but my dad said okay and we went to bed with her on top......Well late that night I heard a loun noise that woke me up,She had fell out of bed all she said was ow and then she went back to sleep,the next moring I woke up and she wasnt there she had slept walked she wanted to mak sure th door was locked and then she went to sleep on a skatboard!