Friday, September 3, 2010

just a little something...

...for y'all to watch :) Last night around 9 o'clock or so, I came upstairs and decided I was going to do a video tour of my bedroom. (I say "my" bedroom, but I share it with Leia, Titty and Marie as well) The girls were fine with that, Leia did her signature "five minute clean up" and the tour began...

A Tour of My Bedroom from Jo March on Vimeo.

Was that fun? I'm sorry the lighting was so matter what, our videos with that camera always turn out yellowish.


  1. Loved it, Jo! Your bedroom is so beautiful--my little sisters were gasping behind me when they saw the AG dolls' house! So cute!

    Elizabeth Rose

  2. You have a beautiful bedroom!
    That is a cute mug:D Thanks.
    I love the skirts you made. They are so pretty!

  3. That was awesome! Y'all have a very nice room! :)

    Giving GOD the Glory!

  4. LOVE IT! Your room is beautiful! Only I couldn't see the shams and all very well because it was pretty blurry up close. Btw, I love the big windows. Gotta love all that beautiful sunshine.

    Ah, ha! Finally I see pics of your sewing projects! Wasn't the music note skirt the one you wore to graduation? Such cute fabric.

    And speaking of skirts, what would you say your favorite skirt pattern is? We were at Joann's Yesterday and they had this really sweet fabric that would make an adorable skirt for the fall. But I don't make many of my skirts and I don't really have a skirt pattern that I *love*. Any tips?

    Love and hugs your way!

  5. I absolutely love your room!!!! It's so pretty and girly and I imagine it's so beautiful in the daytime sunlight. I love how the closet is the American Girl's house! I wish your room was mine, I looove it! :D