Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mystery of the Silver Coins

 Mystery of the Silver Coins by Lois Walfrid Johnson

This is a very exciting book, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

In the last few chapters of Raiders from the Sea, both Devin and Bree manage to escape from Mikkel's ship. Devin is freed by Mikkel (you'll have to read it find out) and Bree runs away with a little girl named Lil. Also, Bree helped a ten year old boy, Jeremy, to escape.

This book alternates between Bree and Devin's adventures.

Bree and Lil makes different all around the little island where the Viking ship is docked. Bree, disguised as an old man, goes fishing nearly everyday for food. Unknown to the two girls, a bag of silver coins disappeared from Mikkel's "treasury" on the same day as Bree and Lil did. Mikkel, furious at the possiblity that Bree stole his coins, starts out on a relentless search to find them. Several times, he and Bree cross paths, neither acknowledging the other. Then, Lil falls ill, and it's almost more than Bree can do to keep them both hidden while taking care of a very sick little girl. During all this, Bree and Lil are constantly praying to God to hide them, and He does, in more ways then one. Mikkel begins to wonder about the power of the "Irish" God, and even prayed to Him for help to find the girls. When Bree learns that later.....to say she was angry (at God and Mikkel) would be an understatement. But this book is the turning point in Mikkel's understanding of Christianity, and the story starts to come together.

At the same time, Devin and Jeremy are headed for home together. Along the way, Devin learns to conquer his hate for the Vikings and learns some valuable spiritual lessons. He also meets Bjorn, and learns some very interesting things.

Jo's Ratings:

Strength of Characters: *****

  • A LOT of faith in this book! While I understood Bree's frustration at God for answering Mikkel's prayer, I appreciated Mikkel's *every so slight* change of heart. After all, he's just a kid :P
Strength of Plot: *****
  • This mystery has a very unexpected ending! That's all I'll say. Also, the arrival at Aurland Fjord is very interesting. I don't want to spoil it for you though :)
Overall Rating: *****


  1. I like this book...it has lots of adventure. I don't know which is my favorite, though.

  2. This series looks very interesting. I am one those people who have never heard of these before, but I'll have to look them up now!