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The Raider's Promise

 The Raider's Promise by Lois Walfrid Johnson

Nope! *This* is my favorite book in the series! Well, it is for now :)

I was reading my review from yesterday, and realized that, for this review to make any sense at all, you'll need a little more info than what I gave you. So, here are some essentials from the previous book Heart of Courage:

  • Mikkel has become a born-again Christian
  • From the time when Mikkel left Aurland Fjord with his ships till the beginning of The Raider's Promise, three years have passed. Those years were spent in Greenland with Eric the Red and Leif Ericksson. After that time is over, Mikkel and Leif set sail for the New World with their ships. That's where The Raider's Promise takes place.
  • An angry man named Hammer hates Mikkel and tries to take his life several times. The Raider's Promise is partially about the punishment/consequence of this man.
Now for the review:

Bree is sixteen years old. Almost four years have passed since her capture by the Vikings (Mikkel). Three years ago, Keely and Lil were sent home, and now she and Devin have almost lost hope of Mikkel ever keeping his promise to free them. The "one voyage" he required for them to take with him has extended over several years. In that time, Bree, though still a slave, has earned a degree of respect from her traveling companions and is known for her excellent cooking :)

Exploring the New World is exciting, fun and dangerous. There are trees to fell to build houses for the explorers, food to find, natives to worry about, and new discoveries named. 

Mikkel is more determined than ever to earn Bree and Devin's trust. What he doesn't know is that his secret is keeping the gap between him and the O'Tooles open. His secret is also their secret, and until he lets it go, they won't be able to fully trust him. Since becoming a Christian, Mikkel (now eighteen years old) sees the world and his actions in an entirely new light. From Bree and Devin, he learns to understand the difference between the courage he'd always thought he had and the "courage to win" that keep the O'Tooles from giving up on the hope of freedom. Here's one of my favorite "courage to win" quotes (it's from this book):

"You were afraid too," Bree said softly. "But you knew what to do. And you did it. That's courage, Mikkel. The courage to win."
Now it was Mikkel who was unable to speak.
The quote comes from Chapter 15: "Courage to Win?".

Now, I really am NOT going to "spoil" the ending for'll have to read yourself whether Bree and Dev ever make it back to Ireland, whether Hammer lets go of his hate, whether Mikkel lets go of his secret or whether two certain people end up living happily ever.....never mind. :P

To wrap up, here are some of my favorite quotes from this book (they *might* give you a taste of what the ending's like....) Oh, the "...." show where I cropped words to make the quotes a little shorter :)

"Don't forget," she [Bree] said later when Leif couldn't hear. "I'm supposed to watch out for you. If you make life hard for me, I'll put stones in your food."
"You can do that," Mikkel answered calmly. "But if you do, I'll make sure Leif is watching. And I'll look at you when I spit the stones out one by one."
Chapter 4: "The Big Plan" 

 When Devin brought the flowers to her, Bree reached out....She knew where they had grown....
"They're beautiful," she said....."Thanks, Dv. Thanks for bringing them to me."
Then Bree could hold her thoughts no longer....When she tried not to laugh, Devin stared at her.
"What's wrong?" he asked.
But the laughter filled Bree's heart, bubbled up, and spilled over. As Devin watched, he too, laughed...Finally Devin said, "Now what was that all about?"
Bree giggled again and looked him straight in the eye. "Dev, you've been my brother for seventeen and a half years. You are nineteen now and you have never given me flowers before. Mikkel told you to do this, didn't he?"
Chapter 16: "The Warning"
Jo's Ratings:

Strength of Characters: *****

Strength of Plot: ******

Overall Rating: **********

So, that's the end of this series! What'd you think?

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  1. I'll just say that you made me start reading the series again. :)