Friday, October 15, 2010

Fiesta #2 - "Busy Fingers" - My Favorite Craft/Hobby

So, my favorite craft is most definitely sewing! This blog started out originally as a sewing blog, and I was able to maintain that all the way through Christmas break (so two whole months :D) but once school started up again, I didn't get to sew until summer break...anyway. My favorite hobby is sewing :) Just click on the "sewing" label in my sidebar and see what comes up.

Mama taught me how to sew with a machine when I was...nine or ten. I didn't really do much with it until I was twelve, and even then I limited myself to straight seam gored skirts and bags. Spring 2009 (so I was fourteen?) I tackled making a regency gown that took me a whoppin' two weeks to complete. Well...almost complete. I didn't put the last finishing touch onto it until this May. :) That was my first introduction to making dresses and fitted items, and since then I have made my Buttercup dress, Susan/Narnia dress, Princess Leia outfit (yes, despite my efforts, even I call it the "Leia" dress now :D), my Thanksgiving dress, a suit, several retro-style skirts and another colonial dress that's getting hemmed up tomorrow.

I've helped both Leia and Titty to work on the sewing machine, and I do get called on quite a bit to help them fix ornery seams and work the serger when they're making doll dresses. I've also taught Marie how to handsew.

Sewing is very fulfilling. Of course, you can love it one minute and hate it the next. Think seam-ripping...but it really is great. Just ponder for a minute: a pile of fabric and a spool of thread can turn into a complex, fitted, wearable, lovely outfit with just a little energy and effort! Sort of reminds me of God...we're just little piles of dust and water that God has put together to make something so complex that not even the most talented geniuses of our age can get their minds around. Amazing.

So, I advocate sewing as a great skill to learn (can't go wrong by making your own clothes!) and it teaches patience, endurance and perseverance at every turn. What more can you ask than that?


  1. I really don't sew enough--I'm more of a knitting girl. I really should get back into it... starting with my still unfinished regency gown. :)

    Love you!

    Elizabeth Rose

  2. Somehow I knew it was be sewing...and it had *nothing* to do with the title of your blog:)

    Love ya!

    p.s. 7 days!