Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fiesta #2 - "Busy Fingers" - Q&A - My Answers

Now for my own personal answers the the questions for this second party! I've enjoyed reading everyone else's answers so far, and I can't wait to see the favorite craft/hobby posts that y'all will be posting this week!

{1} What is your favorite hobby or craft to do?
I would say piano, but since that's for a later party (*hint*) I'll say sewing since it is a very close second :D

{2} What's the biggest/most difficult project you've ever tackled?
Hmm...probably...gracious....I have no idea. Well, my Buttercup dress was big because it was the second time I'd ever made a dress for a real person and there were grommets and lining and all sorts of stuff to deal with. I've come a long way since then...and that was only a year ago!

{3} What project of yours are you the most proud of?
My Susan dress!!!! I love it. I wore it to *gulp* church this past Sunday and it was so comfortable and quite nice. One of the ladies (a fellow seamstress) said as she passed me in the hall, "Ooh, Jo, it's one of your costumes! Love it! I recognized it from your blog...." My blog?!?! Oh, right. I did give her the address way back when :D

{4} Someone gives you a $20 JoAnn Fabrics giftcard. The first thing that comes to mind to spend it on is...
FABRIC!!!!  FABRIC!!!! Or buttons :)

{5} Can you do a project and watch a movie at the same time?
Depends on the movie and the project. I can knit during pretty much anything.....

{6} When you are hand sewing, do you bite off your thread when you're done, or snip it with scissors or just break it with your fingers?
I've tried to break it, but all I end up with is cut and aching fingers. *sigh* I may have calloused feet that can run on gravel and thorns, but my fingers are soft as a babies. Could you hand me the scissors?

{7} Does anyone in your family collect things (like tea cups, stamps, bottle caps, etc.)?
My word, we collect all sorts of things. :D I used to collect paint chips. PAINT CHIPS of all things!!!! I had stacks of them everywhere, taped on my wall, filling a notebook, everywhere. I'm glad I grew out of that (Dad and Mama are too). We have a pretty decent stamp collect too, but that's more Dad's line of work :)

{8} What are your favorite color combinations that you use in your crafts?
I love purple and pink, pink and brown, brown and yellow. I also like blue and pink.

{9} Does decorating a Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head sound interesting to you?
You bet! Wait a second....I'm digging up pictures for y'all to see....ah, here they are:

March Family County Fair Potato Heads 2009

March Family County Fair Potato Heads 2010:

PLEASE say they're cute! Oh, and we won first prize in 2009 as well

{10} The manager at your theater needs help in the making of the costumes and/or set decoration and set up for the next production. You volunteer to do....what?
Costume design and creation! Or...maybe I'd play background music....but I'd love to act...bummer, I want to do everything...except be the director (hear that MS gals? Just joking, I love directing, honest.)

Who'd of thought that I'd like doing my OWN questions? That's me for ya :)

Don't forget to do your answers before the week is over! Link up RIGHT HERE.


  1. Very cute! I can see why you won first prize.

  2. I *love* you potato heads! When you said potato heads, I thought you meant...

    "Mrs. Potato head. Mrs. potato head." --Mr. Potato head, toy story.

    Love that Buttercup dress! Very nice. Did you do a post about your susan dress? I would love to see it!


  3. Those are cute! I've never thought of that!!!
    Okay, so I just entered my answers in the Linky... But when I clicked on it, it said Page Not Available. I simply wrote my name, then put the http to the comment section where my answers were in. ( I copied and pasted the link) Sorry it didn't work! I don't know what else to do... So did you want us without blogs to write a post in the comment section??? Then link up to that? If so, I'll do it tomorrow, probably. Sorry I keep asking questions! But that's what you gotta do to know, right??? Ooops. There I go again, asking more questions...

    Giving GOD the Glory!

  4. Oh, my goodness I LOVE those potatoes! Well, done! Especially the Star Wars one....Darth Tater...is that where you got the idea? I helped Emma make a Flamingo potato for our country fair and she one third on it! Not bad considering how many people enter.

    Haha! I would *love* to be the director...except maybe I would drive myself (and the actors) crazy wanting everything to be perfect:)

    Have a lovely evening, my dear. See you in 11 days!

    Love ya,

  5. I love em.
    I have never tried decorating potatoes
    before, but it looks like fun!