Thursday, October 21, 2010

Of Webbers and Williams...

I wanted to write about my favorite composer, but the more I thought about it, the more I couldn't think of just ONE!!! Should I write about Chopin, Joplin, Mozart, or even Bach? Or should I write about a "non" classical composer? I thought about this while I was resting this morning (I'm a little under-the-weather) and decided that I'd highlight two (only two, I know!) of my favorite of the "modern" composers, just for something a little different.

To start:
Andrew Lloyd Webber
I could listen to The Phantom of the Opera....well, to avoid an exaggeration, let's just say I could listen to it for a long time without getting tired of it. :) There's is something so inspiring about this score, it sends chills up my spine EVERY TIME I hear it -without fail. I moved my Phantom songs to the top of my playlist in the sidebar, so you can listen to them and see what I mean :D 
When my parents were younger, they liked Phantom a lot and my Dad still does. He wants to take me to see it someday on stage. So far, all I've done is listened to the *entire* opera through several times on different occasions and listen to the songs whenever we put in our random shuffle CD. My siblings love the theme song, but don't care as much for "All I Ask of You" (my second favorite) and "The Music of the Night."

John Williams
What a composer!!! This man is truly talented. Here's something I'll bet you didn't know: John Williams *arranged* the soundtrack for Fiddler on the Roof. Yup! He didn't *write* the songs, but he did *arrange* them. And here's something else: about a month ago, when we had the Fiddler soundtrack on, I thought, "Boy, this song really sounds like it was written by John Williams...but of course it isn't." But I had to look at the case, and there it was: Music arranged by John Williams! I looked it up later and it was true. How fun!
But as much as Williams did a great job on arranging the Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack, he did an even better job *writing* the music for Star Wars :) Like Phantom, this music never fails to inspire me and send the chills up and down my spine every time I hear it. In fact, Darth Vader's March has become the March family classic danger tune, hummed whenever something momentous is about to when Herod marched on scene during our Christmas play last year. *oops!* That was actually a one could remember what we were supposed to hum so Titty started up The March. :P
I moved my John Williams music to the top of my playlist as well, so check it out!
NOTE: I have also heard that Williams' Indiana Jones soundtrack is really good as well, but I have not heard it.

Well, that's all I have time for today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to write up a little something about two or three of my favorite "classic" composers :) We'll grandmother is coming tonight and so begins the weekend's festivities.....


  1. Hip, hip, hooray for ALW! I *love* every song I have heard done by him (and I think I've heard almost all of his).

    Ditto John Williams! Too funny about Darth Vadar's theme! That happens to be the Wachter's danger theme, too! We'll be watching a Hitchcock and at the climax when you know someone is "lurking in the shadows" one of us will start humming it:)Or if we want to tease someone when they walk in the room we'll all start humming it. Say it with me: Great minds think alike!:)

    Indiana Jones *does* have a great soundtrack. The first time I saw the Raider's of the Lost Ark for some reason we were waiting for Pa and Mom so ended up listening to the menu for something like 30 minutes. The theme song plays in the background of the menu and after *that* experience it was years before I recovered and could hear the theme song without cringing:) Think like Wild Blue Yonder...yeah, it sticks with ya. But it *is* a great soundtrack.

    Love ya!

  2. hey! Andrew Lloyd Webber is my FAVORITE composer OF ALL TIME!

    Have you heard the soundtrack for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat? Incredible!
    Can't wait to see you Saturday!

  3. Ahhhh! A girl after my own heart!!!

    I literally could never get tired of listening to POTO, so you're in good company (although my siblings are sooooo sick of it, especially "Think of Me", which is the song that always inevitably gets stuck in my head). My favorite is "Music of the Night", one because Michael Crawford (the Phantom) is my absolutely favoritest singer ever, and two because it's just a beautiful song. I also love "All I Ask of You" and "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" and...well, all of them! ;-)

    And I would *so love* to see it on stage someday.

    As for John Williams...yes, he is the most incredible soundtrack composer ever, ever, ever. ;-)

  4. John Williams is my most favorite Composer!
    LOL, I thought I was the only one who got chills up my spine when I listen to his music:D
    Did you know that John Williams did the theme to Superman as well?
    I have not listened to the Phantom of the Opera.

  5. Thank you SOOO much for putting star wars on your playlist!