Thursday, October 14, 2010


...the giveaway ends on SATURDAY (that's TWO days away!) so if you haven't done your posts yet or linked up, please don't forget to do so!

And Charity U, you won the giveaway for last week and I still haven't heard from you yet. There is a "runner-up" (we drew a second name) so if I don't hear from you by Sunday, I'm going to give the prize to them. No offense, but the prize can't just sit around here, it wants a home! :) Just leave me a comment with your address so I can mail it to you!

And if anyone has "seen" Charity U. around....could you send her this way? Thanks :)

Love you all!

p.s. I felt that my PSAT went pretty well, and it was quite interesting to be at a "real" school on a "normal" school day...I know now why I'm homeschooled :) Still, I kinda enjoyed it. Kinda.


  1. So, do all our entries have to be posted BY Saturday? I still have to do the craft post. Does that mean that I have to get it done and posted by today? Or is there a certain time on Saturday when our entries have to be in?

    Thanks! And by the way, I love the new look! I really like the color combination. :)

    Elizabeth Rose

  2. Well, the Linkys close on Saturday at noon, so today or tomorrow morning would be probably be best :)

  3. We're just going to comment here for the Fiesta if that's ok:

    1. We're followers

    2. We did the questions

    3. We're going to do the hobby post today.

  4. Ok, I finally got our craft/hobby post up!!! I'm not exactly sure if it's what you call a craft/hobby, but you said it could be "obscure", so I guess it works...

  5. Glad you survived your PSAT! Did you know in MD, FCC is so desperate for home schooled students that they will except you without a PSAT? If you are a home schooler and pass the entry exam you're in. And once you have two years of FCC under your belt four-year colleges have no problem accepting you. Just goes to disprove the theory that home schooled students are, um, less enlightened:)

    Looking forward to the week 2 results!

    Big hug from "up north":)!