Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movie Quotes Quiz #13 Answers!!

The answers are in! I was very impressed with the turnout AND with how many people got the trick quote and the rather obscure quote that I threw in for fun :D Let's roll....

1. “Why, if it isn’t Ethel Barrymore!”

Don Lockwood in Singin' in the Rain
People who got it right: Gab and Vivi*, Farmgirl, Leia*, KK and Nana*, Polly*, Trini, Marie*,

2.  “She’s always late for chapel –”
“ – but her penitence is real. ”
“She’s always late for everything!”
“ – except for every meal!”

The Nuns in The Sound of Music
People who got it right: LindseyMarie*, Gab and Vivi*, Samantha*, Farmgirl, queen lucy*, Rachel*, Leia*, KK and Nana*, Stephanie*, Polly*, Bree*, Abby*, Trini*, Marie*, Abigail, Elizabeth Rose*,

*Note: I have give Rachel credit for the best description of the characters who speak in this quote. Most everyone said "The Nuns", but Rachel said: "The Nuns - grumpy Nun, Sister Sofia, grumpy Nun, round nun with glasses"*

3. “Zug zug!”
“Zug – zug. I don’t think I’m quite familiar with that expression.”
“Well, uh, it’s uh…French!”
“French! Ah! That’s explains everything.”

Jaq a.k.a Sir Hubert in Cinderella II
People who got it right: Leia*, KK and Nana*, Marie*,

*Note: More creative answers for this one included: "jaq the mouse in human form" and "sir hugh bert" (both of which are correct :D)

4.  “–wherefore art thou, Romeo?–”
“I hear a beat – how sweet! Just to register emotion…”

Tin Man and lady voice (:P) in The Wizard of Oz
People who got it right: Trini*,

5. “Also, [name] and I have both discovered that we’re hasty and prone to rash decisions – but she’d like to tell you about it herself.”

William Wilberforce in Amazing Grace
People who got it right: Farmgirl, queen lucy*, Rachel*, Leia*, Polly*, Abigail,

6.  “….she looked positively medieval!”

Caroline Bingley in Pride and Prejudice
People who got it right: Leia*, KK and Nana*, Stephanie*, Bree*, Abby*, Marie*, Abigail, Elizabeth Rose*,

7. “Why didn’t you wait for me?”
“Well, you were dead.”

Westley and Buttercup in The Princess Bride
People who got it right: Gab and Vivi*, Nahla*, Leia*, KK and Nana*, Stephanie*, Polly*, Bree*, Marie*, Abigail, Elizabeth Rose*,

8. “You are so beautiful!"
"If it'll be a distraction to you, I can change form - "

Prince Caspian and Lilliandil (Ramandu's Daugher) in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader TRAILER
People who got it right: Farmgirl, queen lucy*, Nahla, Rachel*, KK and Nana*, Bree*, Abigail, Elizabeth Rose*,

9.  “…with His help little guys can do big things too!”

Junior Asparagus as David "Dave" in Dave and the Giant Pickle
People who got it right: LindseyMarie, Farmgirl, queen lucy, Rachel*, Leia*, KK and Nana, Polly*, Bree*, Abigail, Elizabeth Rose*,

*Note: this was a silly little quote I threw in for fun, but I was surprised at how many of y'all got it!*

10. “Can you trust him?”
“N-o-o-o….but he’s got no love for [name], I can tell you that.”

Leia and Han Solo in Star Wars IV: The Empire Strikes Back
People who got it right: Leia*, Marie*,

11. “[name]! [name]! What is going on up there?”
“Nothing, Mother! We were just practicing the wedding march!”

Mrs. Barry and Diana in Anne of Avonlea (Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel)
People who got it right: LindseyMarie, Gab and Vivi*, Samantha*, Farmgirl, Rachel*, Leia*, KK and Nana*, Stephanie*, Polly*, Bree*, Marie*, Abigail, Elizabeth Rose*,

12. “I’m always as old as the people I’m with, and you’ve made me feel very young *clicks tongue* very young.”

Georgie Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandy
People who got it right: Leia*, Marie*,

Nahla: 3
LindseyMarie: 4
Samantha: 4
Abby: 4
Trini: 5
Farmgirl: 6
queen lucy: 7
Abigail: 7
Gab and Vivi: 8
Stephanie: 8
Rachel: 10
Bree: 12
Polly: 12
Elizabeth Rose: 12
KK and Nana: 15
Marie: 16

Because Marie *is* my sister and has some advantage, I'm awarding this both
Marie and KK and Nana

Congrats girls! And thank you everyone for entering! (I didn't have time to make a participation award this month...sorry)

Sunday, November 28, 2010


It's been AGES since I did a good tag, so I snagged these tags from Shaynie a while back and even though I'm not going to pass them on (you're welcome to take them if you want) I still wanted the fun of posting them up. 

So Tag #1:

1. What are your favorite songs of all time?
Well, I love Christmas music, piano music, Phantom of the Opera, Sound of Music, etc. Soundtracks mostly

2. Have you found something you really want?
I try not to think of the things I really want and make do with what I have.....but 

3. What's the funniest fact about you?

Funniest fact? Depends on what your definition of funny...But something funny about me is that I make all these associations of things with other things. If that doesn't make sense, here's an example: When I was eleven, our friends came over to babysit and we made peanut butter playdough and I ate so much that still cannot think (much less eat!) peanut butter balls or anything that is mostly peanut butter without remembering that stomach ache :P
I do that for EVERYTHING! I can't eat this without thinking of this....can't do this without remembering that...etc. :D

4. Do you ever feel jealousy with your BFF, and why is that?

I'm never jealous of my BFF (Leia) since I LOVE being the oldest child :D Of course, she does get to do everything younger than I did (except drive! haha)...and that gets annoying...but I'm not *jealous* of her. 

5. What was the first magazine you had and you liked so much?

Big Backyard!!! We don't read it anymore, but that was the very first magazine I *ever* read, then Ranger Rick and Cobblestone. But they're all so liberal! Even Cobblestone is hard to read sometimes.

6. If you win a prize to have $100 million, what will you buy?
100 million dollars! I'd pass out first!  :D
  • I'd spread $10 million out among our missionary friends who need support
  • $5 million would go to my dad's business
  • $5 million would go to the children's hospital
  • $5 million would go to an adoption fund for families who need financial support to adopt
  • $5 million would go to Samaritan's Purse
  • $10 million would go to Wycliffe to translate the Bible into more languages 
  • I'd invest $15 million or so in small businesses to get them on their feet and promote the "American dream" :D
  • I'd give my parents a few million - they deserve it :D
  • $7 million - I'd divide it up and give each of my siblings a million
  • I'd open a savings account and put $5 million or so in there
  • I'd buy little navy blue Honda :)
  • Then I'd buy all the patterns, fabric and notions I wanted and make every costume I've ever dreamed of, as well as raid Barnes and Noble and buy books galore!
There's still about $15 million unaccounted for...good grief. I'd probably have to hire a manager to help me with it all! Good thing I *don't* have 100 million dollars...

7. What was your craziest dream? (dream in your sleep)
My *craziest* dream??? I'm a Crazy Dreamer! Well, a few nights ago I dreamed that I was going down one of the steeper hills in the city in the middle of the night and almost got in a wreck 'cause I didn't have my headlights on. That was actually more *scary* than *crazy*....

8. Why did you make a blog?
Because I wanted a place to write whatever I wanted and to express myself and meet new people. I had no idea how much fun it would be when I started last year!

Next tag, also from Shaynie:
(this is one of those answer-eight-questions-write-eight-questions tags, but I liked the questions that Shaynie answered so much that I'm doing them too!)

{one}-- What was the first chapter book you ever read?
The Boxcar Children - I distinctly remember reading it with Mama as part of my kindergarten assignment at the preschool I went to.

{two}-- If God told you he would grant you ONE thing, what would you ask him for?  
Boy...probably unlimited patience.

{three}-- Do you like Musicals? Why or why not?
Musicals are awesome! I love musicals! Of course, there are a few that are kinda...cheesy but overall they're great! I love ones with tap dancing in them too :D 

{four}-- If you had to re-watch a movie ALL DAY, what movie would you watch?  
Does the Star Wars trilogy count? I mean, could I watch all three over and over and over? Well, if I can't watch those, then maybe Anne of Green Gables (wait, that's another trilogy..bother) or The Princess Bride or Yankee Doodle Dandy

{five}-- What is your favorite 'fashion' era (e.g. Regency, Victorian)?
Hmmm...probably the 30s, 40s and 50s :D I also like the Victorian era, but it's a little impractical when one is interested in re-creating outfits for everyday wear :D

{six}-- Who is your favorite author? Why?
Albert Marrin is my favorite history author, Jan Karon is my favorite "modern" fiction author, Jane Austen is my favorite "period novel" author and I have numerous other authors that wrote just a few books (or even just one) that I really like.

{seven}-- What is your hobby? What about it do you enjoy?
If playing piano is a hobby, then that's mine!!! I enjoy it because I can doodle around, it's great thinking time, and there's something I can play for every mood I feel. Also, I love my teacher and I work very hard so she'll be happy with my progress. Group class and Festival are also really fun, so I work hard to play well for those events.

{eight}-- What is your favorite school subject? Why?
I really like my Spanish course, although it's very demanding. I also like history and Academic Writing. I like those three because they require a lot, but I'm learning something new every time I work on them!

{nine}-- Do you like Sherlock Holmes? 
You bet! He's so smart though...it's humbling. :D

{ten}-- Would you ever like to go overseas and work with a relief agency in a war-torn country?
Umm...never really thought about it, to be honest. Maybe. I probably be more interested in helping out in a place like Haiti.

{eleven}-- Do you like foreign films?
British films? Absolutely! I've never really seen any films by other countries though...other than the US and UK, I mean.

{twelve}-- Do you like writing?
Yes, although I never seem to have the time to! Maybe after I graduate I'll write something...

{thirteen}-- Will you be doing NaNoWriMo? What's your book about?
No NaNo this year! Next year perhaps...

{fourteen}-- What's your favorite animal?

{fifteen}-- Have you ever been to a foreign country?
Yes.....I've been to Romania (1997), Germany (2008) and France (2008).

{sixteen}-- Are your ears pierced?
How funny! This is the sixteenth question and I got my ears pierced on my sixteenth birthday! Actually, I get to take my stud earrings out on Friday!!!

Well, I'd better run. Those were really fun! Feel free to take them if you like! 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Saturday *Afternoon* Daybook

If you want to join me, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions :)

We were kinda busy this morning, but I still wanted to do this today!

Date... November 27, 2010
Starting time... 4:53pm
Outside my window...leaves, leaves, leaves!
I'm thinking...maybe we could watch a movie tonight?? :D
I'm currently reading...To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (we saw the movie last night and I'm re-reading the book - it's really, really good!!!)
I'm listening to...Marie practicing piano, Mama and Leia in the kitchen
I'm wearing...denim tiered skirt, white long-sleeve shirt and my horseshoe sweater
I'm looking forward to...church tomorrow!
I'm hoping...that my friend and I can finish the dialogue for our Spanish oral exam on Monday
Yesterday, I...lounged around listening to the Christmas music station, read Light in the Window (Mitford book #2), took a shower, watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with the family (it was the little ones' first time), ate a sparse supper then watched To Kill a Mockingbird with Leia and Mom.
I'm hungry for...nothing, are you kidding?!?! I'm still stuffed from Thanksgiving!
The song stuck inside my head is..."Do They Know It's Christmas" (heard it on the radio today)
I love...Continuous Christmas music!!!
I loathe...having only one of my fuzzy socks :/
This week, my goal is...to have all the pieces I'm supposed to play for our church's Christmas program finished!
Did I meet last week's goal?...Kinda
Ending time...4:59:23pm :D