Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movie Quotes Quiz #13 Answers!!

The answers are in! I was very impressed with the turnout AND with how many people got the trick quote and the rather obscure quote that I threw in for fun :D Let's roll....

1. “Why, if it isn’t Ethel Barrymore!”

Don Lockwood in Singin' in the Rain
People who got it right: Gab and Vivi*, Farmgirl, Leia*, KK and Nana*, Polly*, Trini, Marie*,

2.  “She’s always late for chapel –”
“ – but her penitence is real. ”
“She’s always late for everything!”
“ – except for every meal!”

The Nuns in The Sound of Music
People who got it right: LindseyMarie*, Gab and Vivi*, Samantha*, Farmgirl, queen lucy*, Rachel*, Leia*, KK and Nana*, Stephanie*, Polly*, Bree*, Abby*, Trini*, Marie*, Abigail, Elizabeth Rose*,

*Note: I have give Rachel credit for the best description of the characters who speak in this quote. Most everyone said "The Nuns", but Rachel said: "The Nuns - grumpy Nun, Sister Sofia, grumpy Nun, round nun with glasses"*

3. “Zug zug!”
“Zug – zug. I don’t think I’m quite familiar with that expression.”
“Well, uh, it’s uh…French!”
“French! Ah! That’s explains everything.”

Jaq a.k.a Sir Hubert in Cinderella II
People who got it right: Leia*, KK and Nana*, Marie*,

*Note: More creative answers for this one included: "jaq the mouse in human form" and "sir hugh bert" (both of which are correct :D)

4.  “–wherefore art thou, Romeo?–”
“I hear a beat – how sweet! Just to register emotion…”

Tin Man and lady voice (:P) in The Wizard of Oz
People who got it right: Trini*,

5. “Also, [name] and I have both discovered that we’re hasty and prone to rash decisions – but she’d like to tell you about it herself.”

William Wilberforce in Amazing Grace
People who got it right: Farmgirl, queen lucy*, Rachel*, Leia*, Polly*, Abigail,

6.  “….she looked positively medieval!”

Caroline Bingley in Pride and Prejudice
People who got it right: Leia*, KK and Nana*, Stephanie*, Bree*, Abby*, Marie*, Abigail, Elizabeth Rose*,

7. “Why didn’t you wait for me?”
“Well, you were dead.”

Westley and Buttercup in The Princess Bride
People who got it right: Gab and Vivi*, Nahla*, Leia*, KK and Nana*, Stephanie*, Polly*, Bree*, Marie*, Abigail, Elizabeth Rose*,

8. “You are so beautiful!"
"If it'll be a distraction to you, I can change form - "

Prince Caspian and Lilliandil (Ramandu's Daugher) in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader TRAILER
People who got it right: Farmgirl, queen lucy*, Nahla, Rachel*, KK and Nana*, Bree*, Abigail, Elizabeth Rose*,

9.  “…with His help little guys can do big things too!”

Junior Asparagus as David "Dave" in Dave and the Giant Pickle
People who got it right: LindseyMarie, Farmgirl, queen lucy, Rachel*, Leia*, KK and Nana, Polly*, Bree*, Abigail, Elizabeth Rose*,

*Note: this was a silly little quote I threw in for fun, but I was surprised at how many of y'all got it!*

10. “Can you trust him?”
“N-o-o-o….but he’s got no love for [name], I can tell you that.”

Leia and Han Solo in Star Wars IV: The Empire Strikes Back
People who got it right: Leia*, Marie*,

11. “[name]! [name]! What is going on up there?”
“Nothing, Mother! We were just practicing the wedding march!”

Mrs. Barry and Diana in Anne of Avonlea (Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel)
People who got it right: LindseyMarie, Gab and Vivi*, Samantha*, Farmgirl, Rachel*, Leia*, KK and Nana*, Stephanie*, Polly*, Bree*, Marie*, Abigail, Elizabeth Rose*,

12. “I’m always as old as the people I’m with, and you’ve made me feel very young *clicks tongue* very young.”

Georgie Cohan in Yankee Doodle Dandy
People who got it right: Leia*, Marie*,

Nahla: 3
LindseyMarie: 4
Samantha: 4
Abby: 4
Trini: 5
Farmgirl: 6
queen lucy: 7
Abigail: 7
Gab and Vivi: 8
Stephanie: 8
Rachel: 10
Bree: 12
Polly: 12
Elizabeth Rose: 12
KK and Nana: 15
Marie: 16

Because Marie *is* my sister and has some advantage, I'm awarding this both
Marie and KK and Nana

Congrats girls! And thank you everyone for entering! (I didn't have time to make a participation award this month...sorry)


  1. YEAH! That was fun one. Well, they all are but I loved the VDT quote:)

  2. Wow. I would'a NEVER guessed #8, the trick quote!!!!
    And #11!!!!!! Ugh. I knew I had seen the movie for that quote, but could NOT think of it! (Sorry for rambling on like that....)
    That was fun!

    Because HE Lives and Died for me! =)