Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Song of Thanksgiving #1 - ABC's of Thanks

Finding Joy | The ABC's of Thanks

a) amazing grace! (God's grace, that is.)
b) bread - homemade
c) country livin' and Christmas music
d) dogs - Elsie and Caspian :D
e) egg salad
f) family, friends and food
g) God.....and group class :D
h) homeschooling!
i) ice cream!!!!
j) our church (it starts with a "J" but I'm not saying the full name)
k) kisses from my baby sister
l) Lily - our cat
m) movies (there. I said it. I really am thankful for them, you know) Oh, and Mitford....and milkshakes!
n) new books - always!
o) opening presents
p) piano!
q) quilts
r) raw milk
s) spanish class and sign language
t) twirling 'round and 'round and 'round!!!
u) United States of America
v) la Verdad - "the Truth"
w) weddings - my favorite kind of party!
x) my sixteenth birthday
y) youthfulness - I love being young with my whole life ahead of me! (Lord willing)
z) zzzzzz - sleep :D (copying Bree there)

¡Feliz el Dia de Accion de Gracias!


  1. Happt Thanksgiving, Jo! That's so cool! I would have never thought of doing that! (as in, your ABC's =)

    Because HE lives and died for me! :)

  2. Beautiful list of thanks!

    (and beautiful blog as well)

    I hope your Thanksgiving Day was blessed.

    and thank you for linking up!

  3. Fun! I might have to join in one week:)