Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Song of Thanksgiving #13

I am thankful for my church. Yes, this is personal. Most of these "Thankfulness" posts have been impersonal so that y'all can agree with me (:D) but this time, I am thankful for a specific body of believers that means so much to me. For privacy's sake, I won't post a link to our website, but I'd love to tell you a little bit about why I love our church.

Before we get into everything, I should probably say that it's not technially *our* church. We aren't members.....yet (sly glance at Dad). ve on. We've been attending on and off for nearly four years, with times where we'd go for six months at a time, then not at all for a little while. FYI: We *are* members of a PCA church and have been for almost seventeen years, but it's not the same anymore and we've felt the prompt to move on. Almost exactly a year ago, the pastor....had to leave. We don't need to go into the details. All I need to say is that it's been a long, hard year for everyone. BUT...the Lord was faithful and blessed us by making the pastor-search process smooth and this past Sunday was the installation service for the new pastor, which brings me to my first reason why I love this church:

The community and fellowship is so strong. The church has grown so close over the past year that it's becoming more and more of a family. Yes, some people did leave when the issues with the pastor came up. We pretty much *had* to leave for a little while. But those who stayed and those who came back are what make the church what it is today, and why it's still thriving. The Lord has had His hand on our church this whole time, and you can tell.

The second thing is the Lord's blessing by bringing us such a wonderful new pastor. He believes firmly in the Bible alone, and does the best expository preaching I've ever heard. The changes he has made and is making to the church are not detracting from worship but enhancing worship.

Also, the youth at our church are amazing. There are about....let's, about 14 or 15 of us over the age of thirteen. We can have *real* conversations about *real* things, we enjoy each others' company, there's none of that silly pairing off, we can watch little ones and talk at the same time (a feat, yes?) and nobody minds playing freeze-tag with the younger ones instead of frisbee every once and a while :D. There is no "youth group" at church, just talk time after the service (even more if it's first Sunday lunch) and on Wednesday night. (My piano teacher is the music director at church, and we've just jumped into this year's Christmas program that we practice on Wednesdays after the Body Life meal)

Another thing that I LOVE is the ladies at church. There are only a handful of ladies that I truly look up to, and just about 90% of them go to our church. For me, a sixteen-year-old, to be treated like a young lady (and held to that standard - especially since I started going to the CC) and encouraged by "grown-up" ladies is....I can't really describe the feeling. They're examples to me of what I could be like when I grow up and have my own family.

Well, I could go on and on. I still haven't mentioned the deaf ministry yet, and y'all know how much I love to sign! I could mention the sweet little girls at church, the preschoolers I'm working with with Miss Tracy for the Christmas program, my piano teacher (but y'all already know how much I love her too :D) and all the activities the church family does together. But I'll close.

This is the church I love, a church that has been sustained and blessed by God, where I feel encouraged spiritually and where I feel at home.

I am VERY thankful.


  1. Your church sounds wonderful. I'm glad to hear more about it.

    I also am so thankful for our church. It is a huge part of our life.

    Your church is blessed to have a group of like-minded youth. Since one family just left our church, taking half the youth with it, we now have two besides me and Oliver. One of them does not open up easily at all, and I'm not sure the other is even a Christian. So if you think about it, pray that we'll meet a family or two more like the mothership ones.


  2. A Bible-believing church truly *is* a blessing. Our church really is a family...after attending Victory there is *no* way I could ever be a part of a large church:)

    God has really blessed us in this area...and it seems like He has done the same for you:) From what I've seen of your church it's a wonderful one!

    Love ya~