Friday, November 5, 2010

A Song of Thanksgiving #23, #22 and #21

#23: I am thankful for the sixteen amazing years I have spent on this earth.....

#22: I'm thankful for the sweet people I got to spend my sixteenth birthday with this year!!! 

#21: and I'm thankful for what a terrific birthday I had! It was definitely my best birthday EVER!

Nana and family arrived in the late morning and we promptly ate lunch :) The boys were off in the woods with the communicator watches before you say "Jiminy crickets" and us girls enjoyed the "chat time" :D There was also a lot of cooking to do (cupcakes!!!) before Sunday, and we all donned our aprons to work for the entire afternoon. The "apron picture" was actually taken in the living room by the piano, since KK brought an Andrew Lloyd Webber book and played songs out of it while we hummed and sang along :) 

We got out to church on time (early, actually!) and squeezed into two pews :D 
We had a few hours of rest (haha) until the guests arrived.....

I loved how the desserts turned out! BTW: The cake is an Orange Marmalade Cake, courtesy of the Mitford Cookbook :)

I just had to put this picture of Master Sam in here :P

Bye, bye! These pics were taken right before they left on Sunday night....

Monday (my *real* birthday):
My birthday breakfast was Belgain waffles (the mix was given to us by our lovely neighbor). I opened my gifts, we cleaned up the kitchen and then got ready to go to town.

We all ate a quick little lunch-sort-of-meal around 10:30am, then we headed into town for violin lessons. We got new Christmas music! :) Directly after violin, they (Mama and younger folks) dropped me off at the community college for my Spanish class before heading home. In class, we had a this wonderful 45-minute test and then after class I studied with a friend for about an hour. *That* was fun :) I got thirsty in the middle of our studying, so the two of us went over to the vending machine to get a bottle of water. We giggled like goons the whole time, and it took us forever to figure out how to work the ancient thing :P I did get my water, though.

Mama and the kiddos picked me around 4pm to head in for Peter's group class. After his, Titty and Marie had their group class. While they were in class, the rest of us went to Giant to pick up a cake for me to bring to Leia and  my group class. It was really pretty, with a pink icing border and pink roses with black music notes all over it. Unfortunately, we took no pictures of it :/

Group class was so great that I don't think I'll be able to describe it adequately :) Everyone played really well, and we had a blast afterwards. When old friends get together....*chuckle* I am soooo thankful for all my wonderful piano friends! Julia, H., T., D., A., J., Leia, everyone contributes in their own way.  It's too bad that everyone's getting older and hitting college age. Pretty soon, there won't be many folks left :( *sniff* Boy, do I sound depressing. Most of us are in 11th grade anyway (except Julia and I, in 13th grade :P Not really....that was just to tease certain people)

So my birthday weekend ended with a bang and I was so blessed and I am sooo thankful! 

Some of the group class cake DID make it home to the waiting siblings, much to their joy. After much negotiating, Leia, D. and I saved the biggest flower for Titty, which you can see below.

And no, Peter did NOT take the last bite....Zuzu did :D


  1. Aw, this was a great weekend! And glad to hear your birthday was wonderful!

    I love the way the "apron pictures" came out! I think it might be better then you mind if I use it in my post?

    I think this means you and Mom have posted your pictures before me:) Ah, well...I'll aim for this evening.

    Love ya!

  2. Wow! What a great birthday, Jo! Happy belated birthday! ;)

  3. What a fun birthday weekend! Happy Birthday, Jo!!

    One funny thing I remember is that I couldn't wait to turn 12 so that I could get my 12 year old immunizations! :) I am so strange. And on my next birthday I'll be turning 20, which is even more surprising and strange - at least to me. :)