Monday, November 22, 2010

A Song of Thanksgiving #3

Coming up on the end of this series and today I am thankful for
Dad and Mama
I have amazing parents.

Mama sacrifices her time and energy every single day to homeschool us and be a stay-at-home-mom and take care of us. She's a wonderful cook - always trying new things and using us as guinea pigs :D, thinking up really neat homeschool field trips for us to do, finding "real" books for us to read, encouraging us in our walk with the Lord and coaching us on the proper way to behave....Southern style :D Love you Mama!

Dad works *so* hard to provide for us, and it hasn't been easy for the past few years. He's an entrepreneur, and "I had a great new business idea last night" is a pretty common statement around here :D I can talk to Dad about everything, and he's very encouraging! He enjoys teaching me "secret skills" that everyone (girl or guy) should learn at some point, like how to throw a football correctly, how to juggle, etc. :D I love my Daddy!

I am very thankful for these two wonderful parents of mine!

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