Monday, November 22, 2010

A Song of Thanksgiving #4


Today I'm thankful for my siblings. It's actually a good thing that I wrote this down for me to post up today, I needed to be reminded of how thankful I truly am for them!

All of y'all who have siblings know that even though it's lots of fun, there are challenges. This Thanksgiving week, my goal is to focus on the commendable side of my siblings and brag about them on here instead of complain.

To start:

 Leia - 14
My extremely organized sister who keeps me line! She knows pretty much everything about me, I can't *not* tell her anything!!! We have so much fun laughing together in the closet-schoolroom and in the girls' bathroom at night getting ready for bed. She's my best friend!

Titty - 12
This girl is somethin' else. She's a comedian for one; really sweet for another; extremely capable for another; and the list goes on! Her personality is bright and energetic and she's altogether fun to be around!

Marie - 9
This little gal has the a very quick wit. Her puns keep us in stitches! Marie loves to play American Girl dolls with Titty and Leia, hand sew all sorts of creations and work in the kitchen. She's the oldest of the "triplets" (Marie, Peter and Luke - they're all about 16m. apart. Marie wasn't quite three when Luke was born) and leads them with energy :D

Peter - 8
The oldest boy, leader of the boys, King of Good Animal World and aspiring author. That's quite a set of credentials! Peter has a tender heart, but is also very strong. He's growing up to be quite a young man!

Luke S.- 6
Luke is quieter, a good follower, but recently he's started putting his say in the games that the boys play and enjoying the craziness that results :D He has a perpetual sense of humor :D He has a sneaky sort of smile that is very contagious, a very funny little man!

Inigo "GoGo" - 4
Oh boy. Inigo. There never was a cuter, crazier, mischievous four year old in the history of the world! He's very enthusiastic and does everything with gusto, whether it's squirting the floor (or the whole kitchen) with cleaner and wiping everything done, hugging Zuzu, tearing up the couch or singing :D Full of life would be the best description!

Zuzu - 1
This baby girl is so cute! I can't get enough of her! She has quite a personality, keeps us on our toes! She loves to get the boys riled up and wrestle with them, but she's also very girly and loves her baby dolls and frilly dresses. A true younger sister of brothers! :)

That's our rundown! I am so thankful for these seven friends of mine. They're providing the best training ground for being a mom that I could ever have! *wink*


  1. I love this post and will have to copy your idea. peter is a minature of your dad. haha. And I most definitely agree with siblings being crazy fun, yet some of the most exasperating people you will ever know. It must be how well they know *you*. lol. Have a great Turkey-eating-day!

  2. Where would we be without siblings to make us laugh, smile, cry and all together keep us in is line?:)