Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Song of Thanksgiving #6

Today I am thankful for Annie and Bubbie.

Annie is my mama's mama and we've called her "Annie" for as long as I can remember and everyone else does too (except her church friends who call her "Ann") so don't ask me why I don't call her something like "Grandma" or "Grandmother" or something like that. She's just Annie. I love you Annie! You are a WONDERFUL grandmother and bless us in so many ways!

Bubbie was my mama's daddy, and God called him home five years ago on June 11, 2005. We miss him a lot. I did a post about him on his birthday this past year, titled A Tribute. Please read it, it really explains why we gave thanks (and still do) for Bubbie's life.


  1. i love that you call her Annie! Your new design is beautimus as well. =D

  2. Beautiful picture of was such a delight to get to meet her.

    Btw, we (Pa is reading over my shoulder, so that's the "we") just noticed that Bubbie passed away the same day that Sammy was born. Same year and everything. Amazing how God works, isn't it? And I remember reading your tribute to Bubbie but Pa wanted to read it so we were searching your entire blog for it but couldn't find it! Would you mind emailing the link? Now Mom was wondering what on earth we are doing and want's to read it too:)

    Love ya!