Friday, November 19, 2010

A Song of Thanksgiving #7

This is a post about my COUSINS!!!

I have....ten cousins and they are all *very* special! I'd like to say a little something about them each, so we'll start with the oldest.....

Mr. and Mrs. FTR- My two lawyer cousins. To avoid confusion, I will clarify that Mr. FTR is not a "blood cousin", but he married into the family and I consider him just as much a cousin as any of the others :) Even though they live pretty far away, they still seem to find time to email with us or visit with us when they are in town. They are really special people :D

Well, I was trying to find a good picture of the FTRs that is recent and *not* taken at their luck. Actually, I did find one taken on Labor Day, but it looks a little funny. I'm torn....I found one taken at Mrs. FTR's graduation from law school, but that's way old. Should I just do both?
I'm a terrible photographer of my relatives. No one looks *normal*. Do notice how Mrs. FTR's hair goes from curly to straight :D I think both ways are lovely :D

This is my other cousin, Mrs. FTR's younger brother. This is cool picture of him that I found. It was taken in May, but that's recent enough :P Oh, he's a little strange sometimes but we love him to death :D

Tried to find a good individual shot of Julia, but this one was best:
Leia, Mrs. FTR, Jo, Julia

Julia is one of my best friends. We're six months apart, but we do the same school (go to the same CC), take piano from the same teacher, and always have a blast together. And yes, on second glance, we do look a *little* a like :P

This is an odd picture of Chris....he doesn't really look like this now. Hmm...well, it'll have to do :D
Chris is pretty interesting. He has an amazing life story, near-death experience is more like. He has this really dry sense of humor that makes everyone laugh....'cept Julia. :P He started going to school this year (after being homeschooled his whole life) and that's been interesting too. He's the same age as Leia. (they're a month apart)

EDIT: Just found a terrific picture of all four of us (Julia, Jo, Chris, Leia) taken on Gogo's birthday last month! Here 'tis:

Even though none of us are looking at the camera, there's something that I love about this picture :D Oh, and here's one of us AGES ago to compare with:

We've changed a little since :D

Oh, Julia and Chris are siblings and Mark and Mrs. FTR are siblings, and they're the children of my dad's sisters, just for clarification :D

These five cousins are from my mom's side of the family. They're all siblings:
Indy                                             Twirly

Little Joe

I couldn't find individual pictures of Ernie and Bert. Told ya I was great at taking pictures of my relatives!
Annie with all of her grandchildren!
Back: Luke, Indy, Bert, Ernie, Jo (me), Marie
Front: GoGo, Leia, Peter, Zuzu, Annie, Little Joe, Twirly

I love my cousins!


  1. How sweet! My cousins live far away, and they all are a whole lot older than I, so I don't get to see them often. It's nice to know that you and your cousins are so close. :)

    Love in Him,
    Elizabeth Rose

  2. All my cousins live from 4 hours away to a 2-3 day road trip {they live in Washington =( } You are so lucky to have family so close to you! Julia looks a ton like your mom...and I can see how she looks like you. =) haha. I loved seeing you the other day!

  3. 10 cousins! Good grief! I have two:) Actually, I have four but I've never met the two so I don't know if they really count...