Sunday, December 12, 2010

a blog party!

1. If you had to choose between living on a desert island or tropical rainforest for the rest of your life, which would you choose? hmmm...desert island. The humidity would probably be less, and the mosquitoes would be nonexistent.

2. What is your favorite music CD right now? Oh, it would probably be The Lost Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve and Other Stories by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra....if I owned them :P But, since I don't, my favorite music CD right is probably Bing Crosby's Christmas CD :D

3. If you were given the choice between wildflowers or roses - which would you pick? Well, I like wildflowers because they're spontaneous and unique...but I love roses because they're romantic. I can't pick!

4. How much do you like notebooks? Is it mild, or are you absolutely obsessed with them? Notebooks are wonderful! I'm not really obsessed with them, but I like 'em a whole lot! The more notebooks and the wackier their covers the better!

5. What is your biggest goal this winter? To write the script for a play we're doing with homeschool group (*hopefully*) and to finish writing an article for a blog that I've put off for nearly a year

6. If you could change your hair however you wanted, what would you do? Hmmm...I really do love my hair the way it is...maybe I'd make it less oily :/

7. Do you think Harry Potter is bad? Define "bad". Harry Potter himself may not be "bad", but witchcraft and sorcery are clearly abominations to the Lord.

8. Why do you think pink is a girls' color? Hmmm...I'm not sure if I even think that pink is girls' color! A particular dad, {insert name}, at our church is continually trying to persuade us that pink I mean "Nantucket Red" *is* very much a mens color :D  

9. Would you be up to singing a solo in front of a thousand people? Fine with me, as long I knew the song really well!

10. What colors look best on you? Blue, purple, maroon, burnt orange, pink, black...a lot, pretty much everything except certain shades of green.

11. If you had a different name, what would it be? Jo! LOL. Do remember that "Jo" is *not* my real name, but that I really do like it a lot. Maybe I'll name my oldest daughter Jo, just to keep in the family :D Other names I might consider would be:
Aravis (seriously!)
Adelyn (take that as a compliment, Addie!)

12. Do you like...
boots or sneakers? Boots. flats or heels? Flats. books or movies? If I absolutely had to pick, if this was a life-or-death question, I'd say books. But since this a fun little tag on my bog, I'll say movies :D  purple or pink? depends. Purple on it's own, pink with black long hair or short hair? Long hair!!!! You're talkin' to a girl whose hair measured 27 inches at last count! a best friend or a group of friends? group of friends probably...but both would be better :) ice cream or cake? Well, I'd normally say ice cream, but I sure did have a great time with my birthday cake at group class! I may be a cake person now :P plaid or polka dots? plaid, plaid, PLAID!!!!!!

This is an event to help my friend Stella get up to 80 followers! Find more details at Stella's blog Inspire and Elizabeth Rose's blog Living on Literary Lane!

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