Monday, December 6, 2010

from the mouth of babes

Yesterday evening was our church's children's Christmas program (a mouthful, eh?).

For the past four weeks on Wednesdays, we've be rehearsing for this program. The children have worked really hard (as have we older children!) to prepare their parts.

Our piano teacher also happens to be the music director at church, and she was the one who was the brains behind the production. Of course, since nearly every child at church takes piano from her, most of us got a chance to play something during the show. I played one solo piano piece, accompanied the children's choir on one hymn and played violin with Leia and Titty on a song. Leia played a song during the prelude, sang as a soloist in a song and played violin. Titty played violin and a duet with our friend Kari, Marie was a Scripture reader and played a song during the prelude. Peter was in the choir and Luke and Inigo were in costume with the younger folks.

 waiting for their turn (that's Gogo peeking over the pew)

the children's choir 

the other part of the choir 

"let the valleys be raised and the mountains made low..." 
(Kari, Leia, Andrew)

reading Scripture (Marie)

shepherd with sheep in tow!

aren't these little folks cute?! I had so much fun working with them! 

they look authentically surprise, do they not? :D (Luke, Gogo, Boo, Gracie and Lily)

Mary and Joseph 

Our friend "Sweet Pea" (from the Pure Joy crowd) was also a Scripture reader

our sweet little angel! She did SUCH an amazing job! 

our horse did a great job

 "how great our joy!"

another of our cute little girl friends played the postlude with our teacher

If we can get our external hard drive up and running again, I'll try to get some videos of the actual performance up here! Until then, enjoy the pictures :D

Also, I have a fun little event coming up this week, so stay tuned!


  1. Very cute. ;)

    By the way, the snow is awesome!

  2. what fun little event would that be?
    You have me interested.

  3. The Joseph is so cute!

    Love the snow!

  4. Aw, fun! Inigo looks so sweet in his little sheep costume.

    Our cantata is this coming Sunday...let's hope we improve a lot between now and then! Haha! They always seem to come out good somehow now matter how rough they are during practice:D

    Looking forward to the video!

    Love you!

  5. That looks like so much fun! I love the photos. :)