Saturday, December 11, 2010

it's a wacky doll contest!

For Titty's birthday, she had some of her girl friends out for a party. During the course of the afternoon, each girl dressed up an American Girl doll, Leia took pictures of the dolls and when I came home from Spanish, they requested that put the pictures up on Scraps for my readers to vote on their favorite of the wacky dolls. If you remember, I did this once before back last winter with Gab and Vivi and their sisters. So...without further ado....

the wacky doll contest!

There were some pretty wacky entries this time prepared! :P

Miss Felicity Merriman by Sweet Pea

Miss Addy Walker by Annette

Miss Samantha Parkington by Leia

Miss Kaya by Marie

Miss Josefina Montoya by Titty

Miss Elizabeth Cole by Emilie

And last but not least......Miss Felicity Merriman by Kari

There's a poll in the top of the sidebar for you to vote on which doll YOU think is the wackiest! Have fun, and please vote! :D


  1. Woah...and I'm supposed to CHOOSE between these???

  2. Umm...may I ask what's sticking up on the head of the last one?

  3. Hard decision, but Josefina's wild eyes totally made me laugh! Not to mention her crazy hair with the balloon stuck in it. :)

  4. Wow. that's a hard choice. The all look hilarious.
    I'd have to say I like Josefina the best although they all look pretty interesting.

  5. I love them all! How am I supposed to choose? *sigh* 'Tis a tough decision. :)

  6. Wow! Those are serioulsy wacky!
    Will the baby powder ever come out of Kaya's Stary nigth dress?? The face looks like it still has hope though (it is plastic after all ;)
    This is going to be a tough decision between Sweet Pea's Felicity and Titty's Josefina. Does the winner get a prize? Or just the satifaction of knowing that they have the approval of your readers :D

  7. I think they all come in first...that hair brush in the hair thing certainly went over big, eh?:D

  8. Actually poor Miss Kaya had some serious difficutlies after the photo shoot. While undressing she lost a leg ): so she will have to go to the doll hospital....