Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just a Note...

...to let you know that our computer is currently in the shop...and will be for possibly the next two weeks. Hooray, right? Anyway, I know you probably weren't expecting me to post very much this week, but in case you're wondering why my background is still Christmas, etc. I just though I'd let you know. :D

I have loads of pictures, stories and more to share...but it'll all have to wait :/ Here's a few teasers - I'm now sleeping with a gun to my head *every night* all night long - I ate Darth Vader, so you don't have to worry about him bothering anyone anymore - I'm singing "...but there is something there that sounds so square, it's a grand old name..." - John-Boy is off to college! - my feet are toasty warm - Straight No Chaser music is awesome! - a suit is coming - ....and that's it :D

Old Year's Day is just around the corner!!!!


  1. I get the Darth Vader one (wink, wink) but you have me on edge about the others! Good heavens, a gun? Leia must really be ticked off with ya;) JK, of course, Leia:D

    Here's hoping that your computer is up and running again soon! Isn't this the second time this year it broke? *with disgust* Mac-users;)

    Big hug to you!

  2. You should see our house, Jo! It's like a total MESS. I guess that's just what comes with "the holiday season". :)
    Come on, Nana! If you don't have a mac...well...they're awesome enough that even if they DO end up breaking twice a year, it's still worth it. :P

  3. I get the John-boy one. I love the Waltons!

  4. Of course you were joking Nana....Macs are WONDERFUL even if they break..... :)

  5. Sorry, Vivi and Leia! No way I would use a mac...my PCs have been very faithful friends over the years:)

  6. {Nana} - Well, if you recall, the first time our Mac broke was when a certain siblings jammed two DVDs into the drive at a time. That would break any computer, Mac or otherwise :P I am a little annoyed that both our backup disk and our computer broke within two weeks of each other.

    {Vivi} - Your house *is* a mess, or is *like* a mess?? (sorry, Dad's been on us for our use of the word "like" for the past few days :P)

  7. Doesn't it seem like everything always goes at the same time? This year we have had to replace all our major appliances except for the fridge. CRAZY!

    Right I remember now that's what happened... Yep, that would even do a PC in;)