Wednesday, December 22, 2010

what I like about Christmas - two more points

{3} the memories
Christmas is memory making time at its best! My first Christmas memories are of a Christmas that we spent in Columbia, SC with my mom's parents. That year for our "big gift", we were given a big wooden table to build train tracks on. At that time in our family history, we were still firm believers in Santa Claus. (can't believe I admitted that...) I spent *many* an hour wondering and wondering how in tarnation Santa got that train table down the chimney! *laugh* And if that weren't funny enough, it was only four years ago or so that I was able to figure what really happened. *blush* (we stopped Santa a long time before that, but I still couldn't figure out the mystery! LOL)

Okay, so that was Jo's secret of the week day :P

{4} the food
Haha, seems I'll be letting more secrets here :D *chuckle* With a family of amazing cooks on both sides of the family, I have learned to appreciate good holiday cooking! When we celebrate with Mom's side of the family, the food is cooked Southern style and is probably the same menu my mom ate growing up :D On my dad's side, each dish is important and traditional and cooked in whatever way works best :P Grandma prepares all the food herself, always has. Sometimes she lets Julia, me, or the aunts help but that's rare :) The pies are cooked by my Aunt Janet or Mrs. FTR (or both) mostly. Counting the days till Saturday!!!! I always eat a ton on Christmas - even more than Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, I normally just eat "normally". On Christmas...I don't :D *chuckle chuckle*

Alrighty! Enough of that. Is this a post about Christmas or embarrassing confessions???

Back tomorrow with more Christmas-y posts!!!!


  1. Ah, ha! I'm not the only one who says Christmas-y! I have proof:D


  2. {Nana} - It's one of my favorite words :P "Great minds think alike"...and we've never said that phrase to each other *ever* before - right?? :P

  3. Me say that phrase to you? Nope, never:D Love ya, girlie (and your great mind);)