Saturday, January 15, 2011

Daybook and Questions

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I'm so glad to be back doing this event again!!! I really do miss it...I find it to be a good summary for me - and I hope y'all like it too :D

Date... January 15, 2011
Starting time... 11:56am
Mood...relaxed, happy, at peace
Outside my window...Daddy and the boys are burning trash in the fire ring
I'm thinking...playing piano really is one of the best things in the world to do
I'm currently reading...Eisenhower by Stephen Ambrose
I'm listening to...Leia making chicken artichoke dip in the kitchen
I'm wearing...jeans, a long sleeve black shirt and brown sweater (that I bought with my birthday money :D)
I'm looking forward to...Spanish starting up again on Wednesday!!!!
I'm hoping...that tomorrow will be really special
Yesterday, I...did school, had pizza for supper, watched the episode "Family Quarrel" from Little House Season 1 and then finished watching Yankee Doodle Dandy with Daddy and Leia (although D. was on his laptop the whole time and L. fell asleep :P)
I'm hungry for...the dip that Leia's making!
The song stuck inside my head is..."Think of Me" - not sure I need to tell where it's from :P But in case you don't know, it's one of my favorite songs from Phantom of the Opera :D
I love...playing piano!!! (how many times have I said that already!?!??!)
I loathe...not having our family computer!
This week, my goal stay right on top of my Spanish homework so that my other school work won't fall behind once classes start
Did I meet last week's goal?...haha, no. I'm still catching up from last term :/
Ending time...12:04pm (man! I was so close to being in the MORNING! Oh well...)

Today we have a good list of jobs to complete, but I'm going sew some too and play piano a lot. See, I'm practicing for a competition that's coming up real soon, and I have a ways to go before my pieces will be safe. The competition is in early February, and then festival is in late February, so I have A LOT to do! But since I love piano, I won't mind too much :D

I feel like this blog is missing something right now...maybe it's because I can't stand my current design (I made it on Dad's computer late at night in fifteen minutes - no wonder!) and it pains me to visit my own blog. Nana's going to change that though - booyah! 
Maybe it's because I don't post very often...or maybe because I don't have any pictures to put up (and pictures are so descriptive in illustrating posts!). I don't know. 
Do y'all have any suggestions? Is there anything you'd like me to post about? Do you want to know my opinion on something? I'd be *more* than happy to oblige! Please comment! Pretty please, with a cherry on top?

Love y'all!


  1. ya, sure! more posts, more pictures. ;)
    see you later! :)

  2. I am sooooo glad that I'm not the only one that constantly gets "Think of Me" stuck in my head! :-)

  3. More pictures, and sure I'd like your opinion on...something...I'll think on what...

  4. Thats so funny that Leia is making artichoke dip! Right now I am making artichoke chicken, for Micah's birthday lunch!

  5. haha, not at all surprised that Micah's having that for lunch...he was raving about it one time during a cooking competition...

  6. oh, it's Micah's birthday? Happy Birthday !!! :D

  7. That is totally Micah! He is always raving anything artichoke.

  8. I know right!! And then, of course, no caramel in frappuccinos, no tomatoes in pasta...

  9. No tomatoes in pasta? What's wrong with, uh, who are we talking about? :)

    As for the topic at hand: I say pictures! Or maybe a movie review? Those are always fun?