Friday, January 14, 2011

Life Defined

*real school* is...snuggling up by the fire to listen to Mama read aloud Corrie Ten Boom's The Hiding Place, slaving away for two hours over Geometry - in bed! and cuddled up *under* my desk in our closet reading Stephen Ambrose's biography of Dwight David Eisenhower.

life is...learning to accept that what grade I'm in doesn't really matter when it comes to playing the piano

crazy a meal for our 90+ member church body on Wednesday night for Body Life. We made nine bags of the frozen ravioli from Sam's Club, made 15 lemonade pies (seven of which are still in our freezer...anyone want one???) and over 12 loaves of homemade artisan bread. Yummy!!! (but we were *really* tired)

irony is...the fact that we've been attending our church longer than our pastor has - but we haven't joined yet :P

love is...our church family. We really are a family, truly. We share each others joys, sorrows, food...and sickness :P No really, we have been blessed with amazing body of believers to fellowship with!

*giggles* are...when you and your sisters come to the conclusion that your pastor looks like Gilbert Blythe and his secretary/pastoral assistant acts (and looks a little) like Han Solo. LOL :P Makes for a fun church conference, that's for sure :D

this is...a lovely weekly blog event hosted by my dear friend Nana whose blog just went public!!!

frustrating is...when your computer won't let you put up the event button! Oh well :/


  1. My my! Gilbert Blythe *and* Han Solo in one church? Tsk. Tsk. ;) Glad to hear Nana's blog went public! I'm excited to stop by! ~Rachel
    p.s. I couldn't figure out enough of the movie quotes this time to be worth entering! :P

  2. That's funny...we do that sort of thing (the GB and HS) we'll look at someone and decide that they're a mix of Anne Shirley and a couple other people. We did that to someone in a movie a couple weeks ago...

  3. Love this post, Jo! I can relate to the whole "homeschool" thing. Haha!

  4. Thanks for joining in, Jo!

    Haha! You're "real-school" sounds so much like what we do:) Actually my Friday was spent much the same way. Only since my desk is...well, I'll show you my desk when you come up:) I don't exactly sit under it. And I am reading a biography on Abraham Lincoln which I know you would never be caught dead doing:)

    Isn't The Hiding Place and amazing story? You should listen to Focus on the Family's audio of it once you finish the book. Amazingly done.

    Love ya!