Thursday, January 20, 2011

Movie Quotes Quiz #15 Answers

The answers are in! Y'all did really well this time. There were a few quotes that I didn't expect y'all to get, and I was right :D They were Veggie Tales quotes...more about that in a later post :D

1. “Would you do me the honor, Miss {name} of reserving me a waltz on your card?”
“Of course. I’d be pleased to, {name}.”
“Thank you.”
“….*If* I have a waltz space free.”
Anne Shirley and Morgan Harris in Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel
People who got it right: Polly*, Gab and Vivi*, Sarah*, Stephanie*, 

2. “But I find that Thibault cancels out Capaferro, don’t you?”
“Not unless the enemy has studied his Agrippa…which I have.”
Westley and Inigo in The Princess Bride
People who got it right: Polly*, Elizabeth Rose*, Polka Dot*,

3. “I like him.”
“You like every boy.”
“What’s the matter with that?”
Violet Bicks and Mary Hatch (when they’re young) in It’s a Wonderful Life
People who got it right: Polly*, Trini*, Elizabeth Rose*, Bree*, Stephanie*, Nana*,

4. “What does ‘incorrigible’ mean?”
“I think it means you want to be treated like a boy.”
Kurt von Trapp and Maria in The Sound of Music
People who got it right: Polly*, Trini*, Elizabeth Rose*, Gab and Vivi*, Bree*, Anne, Sarah*, Abigail, Stephanie*, Nana*,

5. “Come! Both of you!”
“They will be wasted months. I’m sorry, I cannot join you.”
“Only one more camel?”
Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar in The Nativity Story
People who got it right: Elizabeth Rose*, Polka Dot, Bree*, Stephanie*, Nana*,

6. “{name} that’s brilliant! Remind me to give you a raise!”
“Oh, {name}?”
“Yes, what is it {name}?”
“Give me a raise.”
R.F. and Cosmo in Singin’ in the Rain
People who got it right: Polly*, Blythe, Gab and Vivi*, Nana*,

7. “My, my. Going to London to visit the Queen, are we?”
“Are you not capable of saying anything pleasant?”
“No. I haven’t the talent for pretending things.”
“You take my breath away with your compliments.”
Katherine Brooks and Anne Shirley in Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel
People who got it right: Polly*, Gab and Vivi*, Sarah*, Nana*,

8. “Whoops! Missed the door!”
Princess Petunia in Duke and Great Pie War
People who got it right:
9. ♪ “I - can - tell - that - she – was – born - HUNGARIAN!”♪
Henry Higgins (quoting the fella from Budapest) in My Fair Lady
People who got it right: Polka Dot, Gab and Vivi*, Sarah*,

10. “…but, as far as authors go, I prefer Dickens.”
“{GE quote} – last few lines of the book. I didn’t mean to uh, spoil it for you. You should keep reading though!”
Colette and Jeff in Love’s Abiding Joy
People who got it right:

11. “Cookie man say NO.”
Spork in Lord of the Beans
People who got it right:

12. “…but right now it’s just boring.”
“{name} thinks *everything* is boring.”
“It’s her new word.”
Mary Ellen, Jason and Erin in The Waltons (Season 3, Episode 2, “First Day”)
Polly: 12

Anne: 1
Abigail: 1
Blythe: 1
Trini: 4
Polka Dot: 4
Bree: 6
Elizabeth Rose: 8
Stephanie: 8
Sarah: 8
Gab and Vivi: 10
Nana: 10

And the winner is Polly!!! She certainly does a good job guessing the quotes I put up. You'd almost think we were really good friends :P
I do have an award for you Pol, but I can't upload it right now due to a lack of time and computer trouble.
To answer your question Nan, I did not IMDb for any of these quotes :D For #1, #9 and #10, I put the movies in on my laptop and typed out the quotes so they'd be exact. The others were strictly from memory and a little guess work :D
Also, we did get word back on the state of our computer and back-up drives (both of which crashed within a week or so around Christmas time). The news? They're both shot. Yeah. There is a place that can fix them, but it's going to be a while and it's not exactly cheap either. So right now, I can just hope that our several thousand digital pictures, my stories, Mama's school files, everything stays safe and snug on their little computer chips, waiting for someone to save them from rusting :D And, if anyone makes any comments about "never breaking" Mac products - just know that I'm not exactly in the mood to laugh about that.
Love you all, and more posts coming soon! (here that, Miss Molly? *chuckle*)


  1. Tied for second! Yay!

    I've actually never seen any of those VTs...(although now Bug is really into VTs. He's so cute!)

    Argh, we should have gotten the "It's a Wonderful Life" one...but we haven't seen it in FOREVER, so...

  2. Aww man! I knew several of those, but couldn't think of what they were from at the time! And I knew that #10 was from one of the Love Comes Softly Series, but couldn't think of that, either!!! Ugh.
    That was fun! =) (It always is!)

    Giving GOD the Glory!

  3. Aww, Too bad I missed this one. I knew the Lord of the Beans quote! :D Then you wouldn't have felt totally left out in the Veggie Tales realm.

  4. Oh, DARN! I KNEW that I knew that quote from Colette and Jeff...I've watched that movie once but I didn't remember exactly where I heard it...

  5. *snap* I didn't get to enter! :)

  6. ohhh.... i hear it all right!!! :D
    ~Miss Molly~

  7. Wow, I'm impressed that you do all those from memory! My poor brain is a jumble of quotes but whenever I post one on my blog I'm afraid of misquoting it so always double check with IMDB:)

    See ya soon;)