Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Movie Quotes Quiz #15

~Movie Quotes Quiz #15~
January 11-18, 2011

Because I don't have my normal computer still, this quiz was written on Leia and my PC that we use for school and I put the file on a flash drive and then pasted it here :D There's a way to do everything! :D

You may notice that there was no quiz in December, yet this is Quiz #15. That's because I didn't want to throw the numbers off by making this #14. Just an FYI.


The Rules:

1. Don't look any of the quotes up on the internet, or any other "looking-up" device.
2. Submit your answers in a comment on this post. You may submit as many comments as you need to, depending on when you remember the different quotes.
3. You score one point for every correct answer you submit -that's telling me what movie the quote is from- and you can also earn an extra point by telling me who said the quote!
4. You MAY ask immediate family members (parents, siblings, pets, etc.) for help and you MAY watch a movie again to see if one of the quotes is in it (of course, that'd probably be a waste of time, but whatever :P

Here we go!!!!

1. “Would you do me the honor, Miss {name} of reserving me a waltz on your card?”
“Of course. I’d be pleased to, {name}.”
“Thank you.”
“….*If* I have a waltz space free.”

2. “But I find that Thibault cancels out Capaferro, don’t you?”
“Not unless the enemy has studied his Agrippa…which I have.”

3. “I like him.”
“You like every boy.”
“What’s the matter with that?” 

4. “What does ‘incorrigible’ mean?”
“I think it means you want to be treated like a boy.”

5. “Come! Both of you!”
“They will be wasted months. I’m sorry, I cannot join you.”
“Only one more camel?”

6. “{name} that’s brilliant! Remind me to give you a raise!”
“Oh, {name}?”
“Yes, what is it {name}?”
“Give me a raise.”

7. “My, my. Going to London to visit the Queen, are we?”
“Are you not capable of saying anything pleasant?”
“No. I haven’t the talent for pretending things.”
“You take my breath away with your compliments.”

8. “Whoops! Missed the door!”

9. ♪ “I - can - tell - that - she – was – born - HUNGARIAN!”♪

10. "But as far as authors go, I prefer Dickens. I'm halfway through Great Expectations"
" 'So the evening mists were rising now and in all the bright expanse of tranquil light they showed to me I saw no shadow of another parting from her.' ....last few lines of the book, I didn't mean to uh, spoil the ending for you....You should keep reading though!"

11. “Cookie man say NO.”

12. “…but right now it’s just boring.”
“{name} thinks *everything* is boring.”
“It’s her new word.”

but because Promo Jr. doesn't need to be changed from month to month, here he is!


  1. (by the way, this has nothing to do with the quotes quiz)

    Thank you so much for the encouraging comment you made on my blog concerning my name change! I didn't know that you associate the character with me. Actually, even though you've posted photos of yourself, I still think of you as Jo March in the movie.

    Queen Lucy (maybe Prairie)

  2. just wondering, are you still doing the theme thing?

    and I love the quotes you put up this time! especially "incorrigible" and "give me a raise".

  3. And did you change the dash thing on your header? like make it shorter?