Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Morning Daybook

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Two weeks in a row!!!

Date... January 22, 2011
Starting time... 11:06am
Mood...really happy :D
Outside my window...the boys are playing some kind of war game (like, wow!)'d almost think we've been studying WWI and WWII for the past six weeks :D
I'm thinking...I like blogging
I'm currently reading...So Far from the Bamboo Grove by Yoko Watkins
I'm listening to...Leia chasing Zu around the house and Zu squealing
I'm green paisley tiered skirt, black shirt, brown v-neck sweater
I'm looking forward tomorrow!!!
I'm hoping...that I can get back to blogging more often starting this week
Yesterday, I...celebrated Shabbat, watched The Enemy Below and a two-hour Waltons episode
I'm hungry for...nothing, 'cause I ate breakfast at 9:30 :D
The song stuck inside my head is..."Forever in Blue Jeans" (*giggle*)
I baby sister!!!
I loathe...going across the street to feed our neighbor's animals right after I took a shower so my hair froze :/
This week, my goal blog once every day (yeah, right)
Did I meet last week's goal?...well, I did this week!
Ending time...11:11am (on 1/22/11 :D)

So I like my blog again. My colors match, Blogger has new fonts to play with, Nana's almost done with my header....cyber-life is good :)

Every Friday night since school started back, we've been watching a new war movie. We've seen three so far with many more coming. Since all three have been amazing, I think I'm going to start reviewing them on here. I love reading other people's movie reviews -I find them very helpful-, so I decided I'd start doing more on here. 

Enjoy your Saturday!



  1. Now I know why I couldn't renew so far from the bamboo grove!!!

    I recommend the 1940s House, by PBS, avail at the lib.-we loved it!!! it's a VHS-

    hugs, Mrs Messimer

  2. I like your new font... is it from blogger?

  3. Hope you meet this week's goal. :)

    I like your new font. Very fun.

  4. @Aunt Kel - Haha! Sorry 'bout that...we'll be done soon :P

    @Carrie - YES!!!! Blogger now has loads of new fonts to play with!!!

    @Polly - Thanks...and I hope I meet my goal too :D