Sunday, January 30, 2011

the sunday evening daybook *sheepish grin*

If you want to join me, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions :)

Haha! Not on time, but better late than never :D

Date... January 30, 2011
Starting time... 8 and 58 watch (such much!?!?)
Outside my window...really dark and cold and two big polar bears running around barking
I'm is good! God is good!
I'm currently reading...Hitler by Albert Marrin
I'm listening to...Dad cleaning the kitchen table, the fire crackling
I'm denim tiered skirt, brown shirt, purple hoodie (hey y'all, I'm at home and who said everything had to match!?! :P)
I'm looking forward to...jellybean bank tomorrow and GROUP CLASS A WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!!
I'm hoping...that I will umm....finish my homework before class :P
Yesterday, I...woke up in Nana's bedroom, had paninis for lunch, played Sorry for ten minutes, listened to songs on Nan's iPod, played a ridiculous game of charades with Nana, KK, Emma, Leia, Titty and Marie and then piled in the car with the rest of my family for the several hour drive home last night :D
I'm hungry for...diddly-squat
The song stuck inside my head is..."As Time Goes By" (I wonder why???)
I love...CASABLANCA!!!!!
I loathe...nothing right now :D
This week, my goal post up at *least* two more movie reviews
Did I meet last week's goal?...ummm....unfortunately no. I forgot to post on Tuesday, and then we were visiting Nana's family from Friday afternoon to Saturday night so I didn't blog at all then
Ending time...9 and 5 watch :D


  1. I read Hitler too! Isn't it awesome!?!? I REALLY like that author, I also read Stalin by him. You might want to read that too.... :D

  2. Hitler by Albert Marrin is an excellent book!

  3. Molly,
    Jo and I have absolutely LOVE Albert Marrin's books as well. We've read Hitler, Stalin, Victory in the Pacific and The Yanks are Coming. They are all SO good!


  4. What watch, Jo?:D *happy sigh* Casablanca...what a great movie. Especially when you get to watch it with special friends:)

    Love ya!