Monday, February 28, 2011

wrapping up february

{day 26: a childhood memory}
I love remembering back on years gone by - not that I've been alive very long but I am only three and a half years away from my twentieth birthday - and that's a relatively long time to be alive :D
My favorite summer EVER was Summer 2006 - so many memories there! I did a really big, long post about it just this past summer. I HIGHLY encourage you to go read that post - click right HERE. Believe me, you will laugh :D

Two more wonderful memories:

{day 27: a physical feature I love}
My acne! NOT. You don't know how much I try to convince myself that it's really not that bad - but nothing I say to myself seems to help. Maybe I should compile all the different "tactics" I've taken to try to "justify" having this particular adolescent skin condition - y'all would get a kick out of it. :D

To be serious, I love eyes and hair. Yes, I'm very content with my own, but I also love other peoples. Isn't it interesting how much you can learn about a person on first glance by their hair??? Long hair, short hair, curly, straight, wavy, black, brown, blond, white, red, strawberry blond and more - there are so many possibilities! I love what I can do with my hair - headbands, ponytails, octopus clips, scrunchies, barrettes. It's very thick and rather long, so not every style works, but I do love to experiment :D
And while I'm on this hairy tangent - I like being able to tell on sight whether some is a girl or a boy by their hair. IMHO, if a boy has to shake his head to get his hair out of his eyes: it's too long!!! LOL. Trust me, I'm talking from *experience* :D 

{day 28: hopes, dreams and plans I have for the next 365 days}
I want to get married, have ten kids, live on a huge farm and raise a whole flock of sheep, finish high school AND college and learn all of Chopin's Etudes in the next 365 days.

Okay. That was just for kicks.

Now for real:

hopes and dreams...*slightly sarcastic* I also hope to have my driver's license by this time next year - hehe. Maybe in five weeks would be a better goal :) Well, well...I hope to be semi-fluent in Spanish by this time next year (I'll be almost done with college Spanish 202 then). One of my dreams is to go on a short-term mission trip to a Spanish-speaking country. I've love to know sign language well enough to sign a sermon *wishful sigh* this year....and that I would finally be able to turn Nana into a Confederate - a *real* dream since it ain't happenin' any time soon :P plan is to be almost done with 12th grade by this time next year, to turn seventeen (I'm really hoping that it happens on schedule)

As you can tell, I'm feeling a little hyper and goofy tonight. Bear with me y'all - remember, this is Jo. :D

Love you all!

p.s. If you do go back and read that post I did on my favorite summer (CLICK HERE!!!!) and you have a comment about it, please leave that comment on this post - the one you're reading right now - so that I can answer it conveniently. And please comment! Comments are half the fun of blogging :D

Sunday, February 27, 2011

movie quotes quiz 16 answers

~ movie quotes quiz #16 answers!!!~

#1. "He is a gentleman, I am a gentleman's daughter. So far, we are equal."
Elizabeth Bennet to Lady Catherine DeBourg in Pride and Prejudice
People who got it right: Heidi*, Gab & Vivi*, Polly*, Elizabeth Rose*, Abigail*, Celia*,

#2. "Hello {name}! You're looking very robust.
"I guess I just decided I wasn't going to let it lick me."
Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Avonlea (or Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel)
People who got it right: Polly*, Sarah*, Stephanie*, Abigail*, Celia*, Nana*

#3. "You're coming home with me?"
John Thornton to Margaret Hale in North and South
People who got it right: Sarah*, Abigail*, Celia*,

#4. "Hear this now: I will always come back for you."
Westley to Buttercup in The Princess Bride
People who got it right: Heidi*, Gab & Vivi*, Polly*, Elizabeth Rose*, Stephanie*, Abigail*,

#5. "Is love a fancy, or a feeling.....or a Ferras?"
Marianne Dashwood (teasing Elinor) in Sense and Sensibility
People who got it right: Crista Moriah*, Heidi*, Polly*, Elizabeth Rose*, Sarah, Abigail*, Celia*, Nana

#6. "You know, you don't talk very much........I like you!!!!"
Ellie to Carl in Up
People who got it right: Crista Moriah*, Heidi*, Samarah*, Hannah Jane*, Gab & Vivi*, Polly*, Hope Marie, Sarah*, Stephanie*, Charity*, Celia*,

#7. "There was love all around but I never heard it ringing, no I never heard it at all till there was you!"
Professor Harold Hill and Marian Paroo in The Music Man
People who got it right: Heidi*, Gab & Vivi*, Trini, Lindsey Marie, Sarah*, Abigail*, Celia*, Nana*

#8. "What do you think, a princess like her and a guy like me - "
Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in Star Wars
People who got it right: Gab & Vivi*, Charity*, Celia*, Nana*

#9. "Yvonne, I love you - but he pays me!"
Sasha to Yvonne in Casablanca
People who got it right: Nana*

#10. "No {name}, we musn't."
"Why not, silly? Isn't that why you're here waiting for me?
"Yes of course."
Rolf and Liesl in The Sound of Music Gab & Vivi*,
People who got it right: Heidi*, Hannah Jane*, Polly*, Lindsey Marie, Sarah*, Elizabeth Rose*, Celia*,

#11. "I know how it is with your brothers - I wouldn't want you to lose face - all things considered, maybe you'd better come back in."
Milly to Adam Pontipee in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
People who got it right: Polly*, Stephanie*, Abigail*, Celia*, Nana*

#12. "Never despise meager beginnings."
Marty Davis to Missy in Love's Enduring Promise (Missy also says this to herself later)
People who got it right: Crista Moriah*, Sarah*, Abigail*, Kristen*,

Trini: 1
Hope Marie: 1
Lindsey Marie: 2
Kristen: 2 
Samarah: 2
Hannah Jane: 4
Charity: 4
Crista Moriah: 6
Elizabeth Rose: 8
Stephanie: 8
Nana: 11
Heidi: 12
Gab & Vivi: 12
Sarah: 13
Polly: 14
Abigail: 16 
Celia: 18

And the winner is....


Here's your award my dear:
I'm sorry it's pretty poor picture quality - I'm still trying to figure out how to use Preview to make awards instead of Pages (since we don't have it on this computer). 
Oh, and I do have your award for last month coming too, Polly! 

Good work everyone! It seems we know our "romantic" movies (yes, including Up, Miss Vivi :P) pretty well :D

Saturday, February 26, 2011

saturday *afternoon* daybook (again)

If you want to join me, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions :)

Once again, this did not make it in the morning - but that's no big deal :D Maybe this should just be the "Saturday Daybook"  :P

Date... February 26, 2011
Starting time... 12:37pm
Mood...wonderfully happy, relieved
Outside my window...a lovely February day with NO WIND!!! And it's wet out since it rained - NO FIRE! :D
I'm thinking...about how fun Festival was this morning
I'm currently reading...Betsy Was a Junior by Maud Hart Lovelace
I'm listening to...the washing machine - a beautiful noise really. It lets me know that another super plus load will be ready in two hours for me to fold! Hurrah! *hehe*
I'm wearing...a red, black and white plaid, ruffled skirt, a black shirt and my sea glass necklace (we just came back from Festival, so I'm still dressed up :D)
I'm looking forward to...having a relaxing rest of the day today
I'm hoping...that signing will go well tomorrow and that no one else in our family will get sick (Marie, Zuzu and Dad aren't feeling so well)
Yesterday, I...watched The Longest Day which was pretty good - for a war movie :)
I'm hungry for...nothing!!!! We had Spudnuts on the way home.
The song stuck inside my head is..."Military Polonnaise" by Chopin. One of my friends played it today for Festival, and even though I didn't hear him play it, I've been humming it :D
I love...The sweetest lady ever who came an hour early to hear me play today!
I loathe...feeling nervous and having mind blanks
This week, my goal submit my scholarship application to the community college
Did I meet last week's goal?...Nope. I decided against it, there wasn't enough time. I'm still going to learn it though!
Ending time...12:42pm

You may need an explanation about this "Festival" thing. Basically, we were given an hour block to be at the church where Festival is held and we go and play our two pieces in front of judges who write comments and give us a rating. The best you can get is a Double Superior (both judges give you a Superior). We won't know our ratings until next week. I played at 10am in the Advanced room and Leia, Titty and Marie all played at 11am in one of the Intermediate rooms. One of my friends (same fella who won the competition last week) was in my room at the same time I was, and then Julia (my cousin -for those of y'all who haven't figured that out yet :D) and another friend played in the Advanced room at 11am. It was fun - always is :D We'll see how we did soon.....

Well, toodles to all of you lovely peoples! You can pray for me tomorrow morning - I'm interpreting again at church. Just three songs - but that's enough. :)

p.s. quotes quiz answers will be up later today or possibly tomorrow!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

february posting challenge...posts :)

{day 18: a time when I felt passionate and alive}
I feel passionate and alive pretty much every time I play the piano. Unless there's a little one asleep, I can play whatever I want as loud or as soft as I want and just enjoy the time alone with the music. I did feel very alive on Wednesday - especially in the evening. We had another Festival group class (four or fifth in two weeks) and before it started, it was just me and Danny (the younger brother of a friend) in the sanctuary. He warmed up on the piano, then I did. Because I could, and because it sounds so great when the sound fills the sanctuary *and* because I hadn't played it in months (really!) I crashed out "He's a Pirate". That was a rather Jo-ian thing to do, and I felt very alive :) 
{picture from Google}

{day 19: a talent of mine}
Well, I have a talent for either spilling something or burning or cutting myself on accident in the kitchen *every single day* - that's real talent. :) Unfortunately, it's genetic. Anyone care to guess which parent I got it from? *chuckle* I also have a talent for blushing when I don't want to (BTW - it's really inconvenient) and saying things I don't want to etc. But, seriously, if you want me to say a *real* talent, I do believe God has given me musical talent. On piano. Not violin. *hehe*

{day 20: a hobby of mine}
See, playing piano is really my hobby. But since I already said something like that this post, I'll say that reading and blogging are my two biggest hobbies. Yes, I know they're generic, but they are my hobbies :)

{day 21: something I do differently than most people}
Hmmm....I don't know. I'm certainly unique - I'm sure there's no one in the whole world who dresses, talks, laughs or blogs *exactly* like I do...What do y'all think? Some of you have known me for a year and a half already. What's something I do differently than most people????

{day 22: a website}
*roar of laughter* I know EXACTLY what website I want to put here....but I can't. Reason? It belongs to someone in our church and then you'd know *exactly* where we live. Not that you'd mind, of course, but I would. Sorta. Anyway, bummer. It's such a great site too...
I can't think of anything!
*calls sisters for help*
Okay, the girls gave me these interesting suggestions (ready for a laugh?):

So that was lousy, but whatever. :D

{day 23: a way in which I want to be remembered}
I want to be remembered as someone who loved the Lord, was filled with the joy that comes from the Holy Spirit - and I want to be remembered as the best big sister ever :D

{day 24: a movie no one would expect you to love}
Well, this is actually kinda hard, since I love pretty much every movie I see *giggle* Let's see....well, I surprised myself by really liking one of the war movies we saw recently. It's called The Enemy Below and I LOVED it!
The boys think that I'm absolutely crazy because I like Star Wars - but that's almost more of a girls' movie than a boys' movie anyway, right Nan? I know I'm not the only older sister who has to drag her brothers from behind the couch and make them sit and watch a movie they've already seen a hundred times because it's "scary" :P

{picture from Google}

Thursday, February 24, 2011

music study ~ pathetique sonata

My most recent piano project is Beethoven's 8th Sonata - "Pathetique".

FYI: "Pathetique" is pronounced "path-eh-teek" NOT "pathetic". Hear that, Titty and Marie? Those two crazies have been telling people that I'm playing a "pathetic" piece :D In fact, a few members of my group class now call it that too. Haha. *giggle* It is kinda funny :P
Beethoven composed right at the end of the Classical time period and at the beginning of the Romantic time period. Leia says that he's her favorite composer and that he is most definitely a Romantic composer - not Classical. I'm not so sure. Pathetique is *very* romantic, but Fur Elise has some classical parts to it. The Moonlight Sonata (which Leia just fell in love with recently and wants to play it for recital) is also very Romantic. Hmmm....opinions anyone?

Okay, back to the Pathetique.

I've finished the second movement and have now started on the first. Yes, I am aware that that's out of order, but had only heard the 2nd movement until recently. I learn *a lot* faster if I can listen to song I'm playing over and over again.

The 2nd movement of the Pathetique is relatively easy to play note-wise. The hardest thing for me right now are the trills (argh!) and the irregular rhythm in some measures. I love it though - it's a gorgeous piece. I'm enjoying being able to a quiet piece for once :) Most of my repertoire is loud and fast :D

So, because I want to learn the 1st and 3rd movements right now and I don't have a recording of them, I went on YouTube to find some videos. While I was there, I stumbled across this lovely pianist named Tiffany Poon. She is fourteen years old and one of those "unknown" child prodigies. It was a real treat listening to her play.

1st movement:

2nd movement (the one I've learned):

3rd movement:

Musicians like Tiffany make music study so interesting.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

couldn't resist

This baby has one amazing personality :D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

the scariest day

It really began on Valentine's Day. A small wildfire burned up some brush and forest on a hill near our house. Nothing really to worry about.

But we had no rain. The wind was strong, the woods were dry. It was a high-risk fire situation.

On Saturday morning, Dad saw smoke across the road to the right of our house. A whole field was blazing. Fire fighters bulldozed a fire break and were able to save the barn on that property. One of the firefighters (who also is a member of our church and lives near us) stayed around to make sure the fire didn't jump the road.

It did.

Dad drove the truck down the hill to check on the blaze across the street. Two minutes later, he came roaring up the hill, shouted to us to bring the metal rakes and the hose and come to the backyard.

I had just gotten off the phone with my friend Polly in Germany. Mama was preparing a meal for our friends who just had a baby. We weren't ready for what we saw.

Two minutes later, we watched as the gray smoke in the distance turned into black smoke right in front of us.
Seconds after that, the fire was licking up our back fence.
Dad told me to get the little ones in the car, and anything we wanted to save in case the fire hit the house.
By the way, I was scared.
It's amazing how dear things become when you are threatened with losing them forever. We dove for journals, photo albums, scrapbooks, baby books. Titty and I took the portraits off the walls and rushed them out to the van. We got Elsie, our Great Pyr, into the van, and Caspian (the other Pyr) into the truck. Lily (our cat) disappeared until late that evening. Note: All three animals were scared, but they don't seem the worse for wear. They'll be alright.

For an hour, Marie, Peter, Luke, GoGo and Zuzu sat in the car and waited.
Mama and Leia brought things out of the house.

Titty and I raked piles of dead leaves away from the house to keep the fire from coming too close.

Mama called the family we were going to deliver the meal to and asked them to call all our friends and ask them to pray.

Three volunteer fire departments sent trucks to our house. We are so grateful to those brave men.

As the fire got under control, Mama continued to work in the kitchen. We stopped bringing things out to the car and just watched. Leia and I both grabbed cameras and took scores of pictures and videos.
Ash and smoke were in the air and we were all coughing. A few of the younger ones and Mama felt sick to their stomachs, but I just had a headache.

The build-up, all the adrenaline, the sudden scare, the rush to save the things I loved - it all bottled in me for almost an hour, and then I broke down on Mama. It felt good to cry. Everything was scary. So scary.

Titty and Daddy rescued the boys' football from the flames - a memento to remember the fire by:

With the firefighters there, we felt a little safer, but still there was a lot of tension in the air.

The fire came right up to our backyard - and then the wind changed providentially and swept it along the fence line - instead of up the yard to our back porch.
Titty and Luke watching the fire

Dad took the next four pictures on his iPhone:

 When the truck ran out of water, they used our little green hose to hook up to our pump :)

We first were aware of the fire around 1:45pm or so. By 3:30, it was pretty much under control. Then of course, I thought, "Oh, I'm supposed to play in piano competition in one hour." Somehow, it didn't seem very important anymore. But, now that things were under control, I was going play. Plus, we had a meal to deliver. :)

We arrived at the school where the competition was being held just five minutes before my scheduled time. Thankfully, our friends the Coulters were there (Gab competed in the winds section of the comp.) and had alerted the people running the event that I might be a little late. The ladies were so sweet and helped me get a hold of myself once we got there. 

I really don't remember playing, all I remember was that the piano was old, the keys were easy to play (it wasn't stiff) and it was slightly out of tune :) A few of my friends were there and I was too distracted to be nervous. That's a rare case for sure.

After I played, we stayed around and talked for a little while to my teacher, a fellow student who was also competing in my age group (he also goes to our church), the Coulters and another family we know. I didn't really feel like talking, my brain was not quite working right. The day had been to crazy.

We delivered the meal to our friends, visited with them for a little while, admired the baby and then headed home.

At home, the van had been unloaded, the fire fighters were wrapping up, the fire was under control. A fire break had been plowed around our property and the only things still burning were some trees and piles of leaves. Nothing serious. We watched a Little House episode and then we all went to bed.

I didn't sleep very well, my throat hurt from the smoke and ash and I kept waking up. My dreams were crazy and not fun.

This morning, we took the cameras out and took some pictures of the "burn zone":


 the fire break

the burned out fence

On the way to church, we were able to see where the fire jumped the road and how burned up our hill was:

I am so thankful our house was saved. I am so thankful no one was hurt. I am SO thankful that God used this *very* scary experience to show us what was truly important to us, and to help me put the competition in perspective.

For those of y'all interested, Andrew (that's our friend - he's an *amazing* pianist) won the competition for our age group!!!! (!!!!!!) I received Honorable Mention (technically second place). That was more than I'd expected and made my day :) I'm sure our teacher was pleased that both of us did well. I still can't believe Andrew beat out all the other competition. Hoo-rah for Mrs. P's students! :)

So that was our Saturday. It easily ranks as the scariest thing I have experienced to date. But God is good - He will use this for His glory, as a matter of fact, He already has.

Thank you to those of y'all who prayed for us during this. God heard your prayers - the wind truly did change directions very suddenly.

Things have settled down here. Our house smells like a campfire, so do our clothes and the truck and the van. It'll be days before everything smells normal again :) The yard is going to take a long time to get back to normal. I'm looking forward to exploring the "burn zone" to see what "treasures" we'll uncover  that have been hidden for who knows how long.

Well, it's getting kinda late. I'd better get a move on.

See y'all later,