Friday, February 25, 2011

february posting challenge...posts :)

{day 18: a time when I felt passionate and alive}
I feel passionate and alive pretty much every time I play the piano. Unless there's a little one asleep, I can play whatever I want as loud or as soft as I want and just enjoy the time alone with the music. I did feel very alive on Wednesday - especially in the evening. We had another Festival group class (four or fifth in two weeks) and before it started, it was just me and Danny (the younger brother of a friend) in the sanctuary. He warmed up on the piano, then I did. Because I could, and because it sounds so great when the sound fills the sanctuary *and* because I hadn't played it in months (really!) I crashed out "He's a Pirate". That was a rather Jo-ian thing to do, and I felt very alive :) 
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{day 19: a talent of mine}
Well, I have a talent for either spilling something or burning or cutting myself on accident in the kitchen *every single day* - that's real talent. :) Unfortunately, it's genetic. Anyone care to guess which parent I got it from? *chuckle* I also have a talent for blushing when I don't want to (BTW - it's really inconvenient) and saying things I don't want to etc. But, seriously, if you want me to say a *real* talent, I do believe God has given me musical talent. On piano. Not violin. *hehe*

{day 20: a hobby of mine}
See, playing piano is really my hobby. But since I already said something like that this post, I'll say that reading and blogging are my two biggest hobbies. Yes, I know they're generic, but they are my hobbies :)

{day 21: something I do differently than most people}
Hmmm....I don't know. I'm certainly unique - I'm sure there's no one in the whole world who dresses, talks, laughs or blogs *exactly* like I do...What do y'all think? Some of you have known me for a year and a half already. What's something I do differently than most people????

{day 22: a website}
*roar of laughter* I know EXACTLY what website I want to put here....but I can't. Reason? It belongs to someone in our church and then you'd know *exactly* where we live. Not that you'd mind, of course, but I would. Sorta. Anyway, bummer. It's such a great site too...
I can't think of anything!
*calls sisters for help*
Okay, the girls gave me these interesting suggestions (ready for a laugh?):

So that was lousy, but whatever. :D

{day 23: a way in which I want to be remembered}
I want to be remembered as someone who loved the Lord, was filled with the joy that comes from the Holy Spirit - and I want to be remembered as the best big sister ever :D

{day 24: a movie no one would expect you to love}
Well, this is actually kinda hard, since I love pretty much every movie I see *giggle* Let's see....well, I surprised myself by really liking one of the war movies we saw recently. It's called The Enemy Below and I LOVED it!
The boys think that I'm absolutely crazy because I like Star Wars - but that's almost more of a girls' movie than a boys' movie anyway, right Nan? I know I'm not the only older sister who has to drag her brothers from behind the couch and make them sit and watch a movie they've already seen a hundred times because it's "scary" :P

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  1. Jo, you are unique. Nothing else needs to be said. Period. End of sentence.

    Of course, unique in good way as in the sense of we love Jo because she so much herself and no one else...and she wouldn't be Jo if she was any different.

    High five for Star Wars chicks! *chuckles* At least your brothers will watch them at all:)

    Love you, my unique friend!

  2. Differently? Hmm...well you're your own person. I don't know if I could actually say something that you do differently, but I agree with Nana. You're unique.