Thursday, February 24, 2011

music study ~ pathetique sonata

My most recent piano project is Beethoven's 8th Sonata - "Pathetique".

FYI: "Pathetique" is pronounced "path-eh-teek" NOT "pathetic". Hear that, Titty and Marie? Those two crazies have been telling people that I'm playing a "pathetic" piece :D In fact, a few members of my group class now call it that too. Haha. *giggle* It is kinda funny :P
Beethoven composed right at the end of the Classical time period and at the beginning of the Romantic time period. Leia says that he's her favorite composer and that he is most definitely a Romantic composer - not Classical. I'm not so sure. Pathetique is *very* romantic, but Fur Elise has some classical parts to it. The Moonlight Sonata (which Leia just fell in love with recently and wants to play it for recital) is also very Romantic. Hmmm....opinions anyone?

Okay, back to the Pathetique.

I've finished the second movement and have now started on the first. Yes, I am aware that that's out of order, but had only heard the 2nd movement until recently. I learn *a lot* faster if I can listen to song I'm playing over and over again.

The 2nd movement of the Pathetique is relatively easy to play note-wise. The hardest thing for me right now are the trills (argh!) and the irregular rhythm in some measures. I love it though - it's a gorgeous piece. I'm enjoying being able to a quiet piece for once :) Most of my repertoire is loud and fast :D

So, because I want to learn the 1st and 3rd movements right now and I don't have a recording of them, I went on YouTube to find some videos. While I was there, I stumbled across this lovely pianist named Tiffany Poon. She is fourteen years old and one of those "unknown" child prodigies. It was a real treat listening to her play.

1st movement:

2nd movement (the one I've learned):

3rd movement:

Musicians like Tiffany make music study so interesting.


  1. hey, I like your pathetic sonata!! :P:Pjkjk. are you coming tonight?

  2. Now, Jo, we want to see you play all the movement...fingers feeling tired yet *hehe*:)