Saturday, February 26, 2011

saturday *afternoon* daybook (again)

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Once again, this did not make it in the morning - but that's no big deal :D Maybe this should just be the "Saturday Daybook"  :P

Date... February 26, 2011
Starting time... 12:37pm
Mood...wonderfully happy, relieved
Outside my window...a lovely February day with NO WIND!!! And it's wet out since it rained - NO FIRE! :D
I'm thinking...about how fun Festival was this morning
I'm currently reading...Betsy Was a Junior by Maud Hart Lovelace
I'm listening to...the washing machine - a beautiful noise really. It lets me know that another super plus load will be ready in two hours for me to fold! Hurrah! *hehe*
I'm wearing...a red, black and white plaid, ruffled skirt, a black shirt and my sea glass necklace (we just came back from Festival, so I'm still dressed up :D)
I'm looking forward to...having a relaxing rest of the day today
I'm hoping...that signing will go well tomorrow and that no one else in our family will get sick (Marie, Zuzu and Dad aren't feeling so well)
Yesterday, I...watched The Longest Day which was pretty good - for a war movie :)
I'm hungry for...nothing!!!! We had Spudnuts on the way home.
The song stuck inside my head is..."Military Polonnaise" by Chopin. One of my friends played it today for Festival, and even though I didn't hear him play it, I've been humming it :D
I love...The sweetest lady ever who came an hour early to hear me play today!
I loathe...feeling nervous and having mind blanks
This week, my goal submit my scholarship application to the community college
Did I meet last week's goal?...Nope. I decided against it, there wasn't enough time. I'm still going to learn it though!
Ending time...12:42pm

You may need an explanation about this "Festival" thing. Basically, we were given an hour block to be at the church where Festival is held and we go and play our two pieces in front of judges who write comments and give us a rating. The best you can get is a Double Superior (both judges give you a Superior). We won't know our ratings until next week. I played at 10am in the Advanced room and Leia, Titty and Marie all played at 11am in one of the Intermediate rooms. One of my friends (same fella who won the competition last week) was in my room at the same time I was, and then Julia (my cousin -for those of y'all who haven't figured that out yet :D) and another friend played in the Advanced room at 11am. It was fun - always is :D We'll see how we did soon.....

Well, toodles to all of you lovely peoples! You can pray for me tomorrow morning - I'm interpreting again at church. Just three songs - but that's enough. :)

p.s. quotes quiz answers will be up later today or possibly tomorrow!!!!


  1. I really want to see you signing at church!!

  2. Yeah, you should really come back.....we had such a great time a month ago!!!!!!!