Saturday, February 12, 2011

saturday morning daybook

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*happy dance* I'm doing this in the morning! *Finally!*

Date... February 12, 2011
Starting time... 9:22am
Mood...very happy and a little sleepy
Outside my window...a lovely day is dawning :D
I'm thinking...this needs to be quick....
I'm currently reading...North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell
I'm listening noises a.k.a. thumping, talking, guns, etc.
I'm wearing...jeans, teal shirt, pink fleece, fuzzy socks
I'm looking forward to...signing in church tomorrow
I'm hoping...that tomorrow will go well
Yesterday, I...watched North and South (more coming on that later today)
I'm hungry for...nothing, are you kidding!?!?! I just ate a rather large breakfast....
The song stuck inside my head is...the theme song from Up (I heard a snatch of it in North and South last night)
I love...North and South!!!!!!!!!
I don't want to know
This week, my goal find a theme purpose for this blog
Did I meet last week's goal?...It's pretty much there - nothing like pressure to fix up a piece!
Ending time...9:26am

I will probably be back on to post again later today....I have some fun stuff I really want to post up :D

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