Thursday, February 17, 2011

some february posts

Once upon a time, Jo went to church for supper on Wednesday night and had so much fun that she decided to blog the next day. Problem was, it's hard to talk about your church when you can't say names!!! And names are very important in personal stories. So, because that did not dampen her spirits any, she decided to do some February posting challenge....posts. And since that day is today, here they are:

{day 12: a song I want played at my wedding}
At the ceremony itself, I want that song that starts "Sing a song of celebration! Lift up a shout of praise! For the bridegroom will come - the glorious One...." I'm not sure what it's called. As for the reception, are you ready for something *totally me*??? I want Calypso music played. No, not that song by John Denver, but *real* Calypso music. Caribbean/Crucian music :) My hertiage. *sentimental sigh* But seriously, my husband better like that music...maybe that should be one of my "criteria". Can't you see my dad saying this? : "If you want to marry my daughter you must: love the Word of God, believe children are a blessing from the Lord, etc. etc....and you must love, like or tolerate calypso music." LOL

{day 13: a guilty pleasure}
A guilty pleasure....gracious, I've never really thought about it. I do get some kind of pleasure in flicking stinkbugs against the wall - but I'm not sure that's exactly what they meant by a "guilty pleasure". :) I do get a guilty pleasure in staying up WAY to late to watch movies even though I know that I'll be cranky the next day - it's totally worth it :)

{day 14: a vacation I would like to take}
The one place I'm LONGING to go to is.....
File:St croix usvi.jpg
St. Croix!!! I went once when I was three, and I'm ready to go again :)

{day 15: a person I admire}
I admire many people. Many people. I admire Dad for his adventurous spirit, his complete reliance on God and his steadfastness through times of trial (think: *now*). I admire Mama for homeschooling all eight of us, for overcoming herself, for the life she now lives. There's another lady that I'm pretty close to who hasn't had a perfect life, lots of trials that are by no means over, but she's kept her eyes on Jesus through it all and I admire her very much for that. And there so many heroes of the faith that I could mention....the list goes on....

{day 16: a song that makes me cry}
hmmm.....well, I don't cry as much during songs as I do reading books or watching movies...but "Think of Me" can sometimes get my emotions up, or "This is Home" - that Switchfoot song from Prince Caspian. Leia and I really like that one because we could really relate to it in our recent experiences with changing churches and the like.

{day 17: an art piece}

"Candlelight and Roses"
by Mort Kunstler

Isn't this absolutely scrumptious!?!??! I love this painting!
{picture credit}

So, that's all steam from last night. Amazing what four hours can do to someone :P


  1. I know the feeling! Actually I am getting to write church-related post but it won't be half as amusing unless you know everyone's personalities. *sigh* Why is life so hard for a blogger?

    As to your last sections, *rolls eyes*. Confederates. Although that's not the word I was thinking:D Isn't that the museum we went to in New Market? The flags kinda make me think it is...

    Love ya!

  2. I think that song is called "Sing a Song of Celebration." I love it. Also love "Think of Me" and "This is Home." You'd think we were good friends, or something; we have so many similar likes. :o)

  3. Haha, Jo. I think my husband would have to love rock music, or I couldn't marry him...I don't want hymns and violin music at my wedding. Too boring. I'd have to have something fun...or I'd fall asleep during the wedding!

  4. My husband is gonna have to be pretty patient, tolerating all types of music...from rap (<-- yeah, yeah, I know. CHRISTIAN rap).

  5. {Nana} - It does kinda look like the museum.... :D

    {Polly} - So, I just looked up the song (yeah, *just* now) and it's called "We Will Dance". News to me :D I thought it was called "Sing a Song of Celebration" too :P

    {Vivi and Gab} - I'm sure there are some young men out there who will tolerate all kinds of music, so you don't have to worry. And, in that case, neither do I :P