Friday, February 11, 2011

what ten years does

As I was looking through pictures in our photo boxes looking for a picture of me when I was six, I realized that Jo-ten-years-ago (see yesterday's post) was a very different little girl than Jo-today. It's been a very fun decade all together, but there definitely been some major changes in those ten years that have made me who I am today. Here are three main changes I was able pin-point:

Family: I was the oldest of three girls. Now I'm the oldest of five girls and three boys. I'm tellin' you, those boys have changed my life in more than one way!

Friends: I'm tempted to put up pictures of me goofing with friends when I was six and seven, but for privacy's sake, I probably won't. :D (and I'm not ABOUT to ask those friends if I can put their pictures up anyway :P) My friends then were the children of the couples in Mom and Dad's home fellowship group. We were the only girls in the whole lot (Leia, Titty and I) except two (a girl Titty's age and a girl my age). There were.....eight boys and I did my best to keep up with them. *chuckle* Some of things I did to "prove" myself....*hehe* It was a fun fellowship group, but we've definitely changed since then. We've gone our own ways and I haven't seen those families in a long time. Our groups of friends have changed as well as the things we do with those friends. Most of the folks we hang out with now are members of the church we just joined. But, *sigh* ,some things never change. I'm still the only girl my age (except one). :D "It's my lot in life." *giggle*

Purpose: If you'd told me when I was seven or eight (the age when you start thinking about what you want to be when you grow up) that I would be homeschooled all the way through highschool, would never have a boyfriend (oh horrors! - talk about a changed mindset - ), would not make swimming my professional career and would not go away to four year college I would've looked at you blankly and said, "But that's what everyone else is going to do!!!" (I was big into swimming from when I was six until I was eleven) If you look at my picture journals, compositions and my first diary (started in 2003) they were full of friends, swimming and what I was going it do when I was older. Now that I'm *older* (sixteen - the unreachable age when you're seven) my goals are so completely different that they blow my old plans out of the water (literally :P)

I'm planning on going through each of those three topics in more detail in later posts, but those are just sneak-peeks into what's coming. If you have any questions regarding anything you just read, please comment so I can incorporate those questions and comments into the posts ahead.

And, to top this off:

{day 11: a picture of me taken recently}


  1. I have a question: How will you meet someone if you don't go to college?

  2. I'm borrowing your idea for my blog; what I was like when I was the picture!

  3. @ Jo - so sweet! :) Love that picture - Zuzu is adorable!

    @ Anonymous - I am not going to college either, and you can meet plenty of peopl that way still. :)


  4. Lovely photo of a lovely young lady!!! Mrs M