Monday, February 28, 2011

wrapping up february

{day 26: a childhood memory}
I love remembering back on years gone by - not that I've been alive very long but I am only three and a half years away from my twentieth birthday - and that's a relatively long time to be alive :D
My favorite summer EVER was Summer 2006 - so many memories there! I did a really big, long post about it just this past summer. I HIGHLY encourage you to go read that post - click right HERE. Believe me, you will laugh :D

Two more wonderful memories:

{day 27: a physical feature I love}
My acne! NOT. You don't know how much I try to convince myself that it's really not that bad - but nothing I say to myself seems to help. Maybe I should compile all the different "tactics" I've taken to try to "justify" having this particular adolescent skin condition - y'all would get a kick out of it. :D

To be serious, I love eyes and hair. Yes, I'm very content with my own, but I also love other peoples. Isn't it interesting how much you can learn about a person on first glance by their hair??? Long hair, short hair, curly, straight, wavy, black, brown, blond, white, red, strawberry blond and more - there are so many possibilities! I love what I can do with my hair - headbands, ponytails, octopus clips, scrunchies, barrettes. It's very thick and rather long, so not every style works, but I do love to experiment :D
And while I'm on this hairy tangent - I like being able to tell on sight whether some is a girl or a boy by their hair. IMHO, if a boy has to shake his head to get his hair out of his eyes: it's too long!!! LOL. Trust me, I'm talking from *experience* :D 

{day 28: hopes, dreams and plans I have for the next 365 days}
I want to get married, have ten kids, live on a huge farm and raise a whole flock of sheep, finish high school AND college and learn all of Chopin's Etudes in the next 365 days.

Okay. That was just for kicks.

Now for real:

hopes and dreams...*slightly sarcastic* I also hope to have my driver's license by this time next year - hehe. Maybe in five weeks would be a better goal :) Well, well...I hope to be semi-fluent in Spanish by this time next year (I'll be almost done with college Spanish 202 then). One of my dreams is to go on a short-term mission trip to a Spanish-speaking country. I've love to know sign language well enough to sign a sermon *wishful sigh* this year....and that I would finally be able to turn Nana into a Confederate - a *real* dream since it ain't happenin' any time soon :P plan is to be almost done with 12th grade by this time next year, to turn seventeen (I'm really hoping that it happens on schedule)

As you can tell, I'm feeling a little hyper and goofy tonight. Bear with me y'all - remember, this is Jo. :D

Love you all!

p.s. If you do go back and read that post I did on my favorite summer (CLICK HERE!!!!) and you have a comment about it, please leave that comment on this post - the one you're reading right now - so that I can answer it conveniently. And please comment! Comments are half the fun of blogging :D


  1. Wow, Jo...convincing Nana gotta be hard. I was for the Union (I know, traitor...:) for the longest time...and then I read the Shadowcreek Chronicle books...and that kinda turned me around. :) Gave me a new perspective. So now...well, now I get why both sides fought.


  2. Aww, I loved that post! It was sooo soo very good. I especially love all your pictures (and your signature is nice too :P)
    -Jocee <3

  3. Uh, Jo, I know we are supposed to support our friends dreams and help them fulfill them but you're on your own there. *That* isn't happening:)

    Love ya...

  4. I love this post. Can you believe that the summer of 06 was almost five years ago?!? Or that it has been two years and 350 days since we all went to Strasbourg?