Thursday, February 3, 2011

you realize how fast you're growing up...

...when your friend who was sixteen yesterday (it seems) has just turned twenty and is getting betrothed in April

...when your driver's permit says "Under 18 until 2012" (which is next year - and no, my math is not bad, Asher :P Calculate for yourself)

...when your four-year-old brother asks you "how old will you be when I'm ten?" and you have to answer "twenty-two"

...when you realize that you've been playing piano for over a decade

...when you glance at those little stickers on the grocery store check out counters and remember when they said "1979 " and now they say "1993 " (not that you care...right??? :)

...when your dad reminds you that you'd better pay attention to politics since you'll be voting in the next presidential election

...when you watch the Sound of Music and notice that you have gone from being just Gretl's age (and how proud I was at that!) to just Liesl's age 


Growing is so much fun....but kinda scary too.


  1. I'm still mad that you and KK will be able to vote in the next presidential election (aka getting a chance to vote against Obama) and I'll just miss is by one year! Me and Leia are going to start a protest. *humph*:)

    Love ya.

  2. Haha, Nana. I'd join you, but I'm going to have to wait till 2016 anyway...I'd be 3 years short in 2012. :)

    Wow, Jo. Yeah, you're getting really old...:P

  3. I know! I have a couple friends who I always thought were "my age" who are getting married this year! Of course many are 3-7 years older than me, but hey, they weren't parents, so they were my age right? :-) My brother starts driver's ed this summer and that is really different. :-)

  4. This all sounds so familiar...I just realized that I am as old as the oldest character in my used to be favorite book series...I was so happy when I was as old as the youngest!

  5. It's crazy how fast time fly's!

  6. {Nana and Leia} - I'd better watch my back, eh? :P Y'all are funny :D

    {Joanna} - I know! Just a few years older doesn't seem like much at all. There are six twenty-something-year-olds at church and all feel like older brothers and sisters just a few years old than myself - yet a few of them are as much as ten years older than me.

    [Trini} - That's what I found with the Boxcar Children. I was five when I started reading them (younger than Benny) and now I'm *way* older than Henry (tu-tu to him :P) :D