Sunday, March 20, 2011

as time goes by

Almost daily now I am being reminded at how fast time is flying by.

Yesterday, for Purim, we had a family from church out to celebrate. Over supper, one of their girls (she's eight) asked her mom, "Mom, why does Jo have to grow up?" "Well, honey, it's just what happens to young ladies...." Later, the same girl asked me if we'd still be friends when I grew up. Certainly, of course! I replied. "I'm not all grown up yet, and even when I am, I'll always be your friend." It was a little funny to realize that life had finally come in a full circle. I remember having the same thoughts and fears about my cousin (now Mrs. FTR) when she was "all grown up" (read: junior in high school *wink*) or our two babysitters, Jane and Rebecca (both seniors in high school). Now, my little girlfriends are worrying about me. *sigh* As much as I'd like to think that it is, sixteen is not *quite* grown up yet.

As if that weren't enough....

This morning, I was overseeing the boys' teeth and hair brushing before church. I don't often do it, so they were giving me some weird looks. *hehe* When it was just Peter and I left in the bathroom, (I was trying to get his hair to *lay flat* - hopeless.) he turned to me and asked me a question: "Are you going to the Excellent Wife Sunday school class because you'll be getting married in like five years or so?" Pause. *startled cough* "Um...well, maybe. I'm going because it's good for me to be learning from the older women of the church, *and* preparing to be married, whether that's five years from now, or more or less."

Boy, did I feel weird. My own brother - he's only eight - already thinking about me getting married. Already thinking of me as an adult.

Friends, these final years we have at home are *so* important. Over the weekend, I was shown just how much these younger children look up to me. It's humbling....and a trifle scary. What I say, do, and show them *right now* is what they're going to remember of growing up with me - and I pray that it's good. Godly.

That's all I wanted to say - another (but more serious) spontaneous burst ;)

Love y'all.....


  1. That's so funny! I know what you mean though (even though I'm like 2 1/2 years younger than you), I was thinking about it the other day- in less than FOUR YEARS, I'll be graduating (if all goes as panned ;) Can you say CREEPY????

    Giving GOD the Glory!

  2. {Abby} - I know....I'll be graduation a year from this June - and that's weirding me out too :P A YEAR!?!?! *good grief*