Saturday, March 19, 2011

saturday morning daybook

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Date... March 19, 2011
Starting time... 10:42am (thirty minutes later than last week)
Mood...ready to be done in the kitchen (if that can be considered a "mood" :P)
Outside my window..."Oh, what a beautiful morning! Oh, what a beautiful day! I've a wonderful feeling - everything's goin' my way....."
I'm thinking...about seeing God in hidden places - right in front of me :P
I'm currently reading...Waverley by Sir Walter Scott (I'm going to have to name one of my sons Waverley when I grow up - it ranks up there with Westley as one of the more dashing, romantic names out there :P)
I'm listening to...Leia practicing the "Rock of Ages" (it's her group class piece) and a vacuum going in the basement
I'm wearing...denim tiered skirt, pink and white striped shirt, apron (I'm cooking again, this time for Purim!!!)
I'm looking forward to...PURIM!!!!! It starts tonight at sundown and we're having a friends out and doing a Purim play, eating hamanstachen and all that good stuff! "So raise your glass if you can see  the hidden meaning - it's right in front of you...we will never be never be anything but proud to tell the story - V'nahafoch hu!"
I'm hoping...that my piece will be ready for jelly bean bank on Monday - and then group class a week after that.
Yesterday, I...had waaaaay too much fun our church's talent show and dessert auction
I'm hungry for...the shortbread I just made :P
The song stuck inside my head is..."Purim Song" by the Maccabeats
I love...the way God works in mysterious ways
I loathe...when Safari quits on me in the middle of a blog post :/
This week, my goal buckle down and really learn my arpeggios :P
Did I meet last week's goal?...Kinda....not....well...yeah, I did do some studying :P
Ending time...10:52am (exactly ten minutes!!! Oh yeah!)

Happy Purim y'all!!!! 
Scroll down a little bit or click HERE to see the most awesome Purim video ever! (if you haven't yet)

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