Monday, March 21, 2011

movie quotes quiz #17 answers

I just realized that I hadn't posted this up yet!!!! Yikes :D

The answers to Marie's 10th birthday Movie Quotes Quiz are now in!!! Y'all did a great job, considering that some of the movies Marie picked were rather obscure :P

#1. “I always think everything is a trap – which is why I’m still alive.”
Prince Humperdinck in The Princess Bride
People who got it right: Imogen, Maher Shalal Hashbaz*, Larkin, Vivi, Naomi*, Polly*, Nana*

#2. “Boys, I think we’ve got us a horse thief.”

Abel in Love's Abiding Joy
People who got it right: Naomi*, Abigail*, Trini, Nana

#3. “Advisors! AdvisorsGet in here!!!”

King Herod in The Beginner's Bible: The Story of the Nativity
People who got it right:

#4. “...will present a spectacle: my wife!” 

Mayor Shinn in The Music Man
People who got it right: Maher Shalal Hashbaz*, Trini, Nana*

#5. “Major Strasser's been shot.....Round up the usual suspects.”

Captain Louis Renault in Casablanca
People who got it right: Maher Shalal Hashbaz, Polly, Abigail*, Trini*, Nana*

#6. “Caaw! Caaw! RRROAR!”

Numerous characters (Russell, Carl, wilderness explorers) in Up
People who got it right: Imogen*, Maher Shalal Hashbaz*, Vivi*, Polly*,

#7. “I believe I know what key you will sing it - F major!"

John Middleton in Sense and Sensibility
People who got it right: Imogen*, Riah*, Larkin, Polly*, Abigail, Trini*, Nana*

#8. “Do y’all live around here?”
“Not ‘round - here.”

Milly and Caleb in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
People who got it right: Riah*, Maher Shalal Hashbaz, Vivi*, Hope Marie, Polly*, Nana*

#9. “He’s about to become – “
“ – fish food.”

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything in Jonah
People who got it right:

#10. “Slip on a banana peel, the world’s at your feet…”

Cosmo Brown in Singin' in the Rain
People who got it right: Maher Shalal Hashbaz*, Vivi*, Quinlyn*, Nana*

Hope Marie: 1
Quinlyn: 2
Larkin: 2
Riah: 4
Naomi: 4
Imogen: 5
Abigail: 5
Trini: 6
Vivi: 7
Polly: 8
Maher Shalal Hashbaz: 10
Nana: 10

So the winners are....
Nana and Maher Shalal Hashbaz!!!

(those of y'all who've read The Hiding Place, laugh with me :P M.S.H. is really Leia, under an alias :D)

Since I'm on Dad's laptop, I don't have my "award-making supplies", but I will have them up on this post tomorrow or Wednesday.


  1. This was fun! ;)
    Okay, that's HILARIOUS about Leia!!!!!

  2. I knew if I tried I wouldn't get any right (except for the Veggietales quote) so I decided to watch, since I admit I only memorize lines from only a few movies. Lucky Nana!! She got them all right! Maybe I'll try the quote challenge next time :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. LOL, LEIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, this is really random, Jo, but I just actually read your comment saying that you're working on Doctor Gradus and Clair de is that going? Doctor Gradus is REALLY hard because you can't really play it hands separately. So...yeah. And I haven't even considered trying Clair de Lune. No. Not yet.

  4. Hi Jo
    I was just wondering what your email adress is? you see i'm a new follower of your blog and I saw that you followed my blog..........
    well got to go

  5. {Trini} - Well, my teacher and I dropped Dr. Gradus to switch to Clair de Lune for recital. Dr. Gradus was too Classical for me - I play Romantic better :D

  6. LOL, well, I prefer Dr. Gradus. I have a video of it on youtube for's practice.