Saturday, March 26, 2011

saturday morning daybook

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Date... March 25, 2011
Starting time... 11:43am (still morning!)
Mood...exhausted :D
Outside my empty field that just two short hours ago had seven tents set up on it, a campfire blazing and children everywhere :D
I'm thinking...about 
I'm currently reading...The Kitchen Boy by Robert Anderson
I'm listening to...the boys playing Enchanted Forest
I'm wearing...denim tiered skirt, blue flowered shirt, white sweater
I'm looking forward to...Group class on Monday!!!! Yeah!!!!
I'm hoping...that Asher will send me the bulletin today so I can practice signing for tomorrow :P
Yesterday, I...stayed up till 11:30 talking with friends at the campout we hosted
I'm hungry for...absolutely NOTHING!!!!
The song stuck inside my head is..."I Am Not Forgotten" by Watoto (I just watched a video of our friends singing it at our church talent show and now it's stuck in my head)
I love...that God has His hand on my life - I've really been comforted by that in the past few days
I loathe...washing dishes after a camping trip :/
This week, my goal finish school for the term!!!
Did I meet last week's goal? I said on Thursday, four down - twenty to go!!! :D
Ending time...11:50am (barely made it! :D)


  1. I had the best time talking with you girls last night! I DEMAND that we do it more often! :P

    Also, around all my mothership friends, I don't feel pressured to act any differently or be someone else...even in co-op it's...different.

  2. I DEMAND it too! I totally agree with Gab, only around close friends can I really be myself....and not have to feel pressured to act differently.

  3. I think I might do this today, if not, next Saturday. I missed yesterdays. Bummer. Great post :))
    -Jocee <3