Saturday, April 2, 2011

saturday *evening* daybook

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Date... April 2, 2011
Starting time... 7:22pm
Mood...tired, a little bored, sad
Outside my grandmother's lovely garden in SC
I'm thinking...about so many things that I can't list them all here, but here are few: supper, piano, friends, our trip, etc.
I'm currently reading...Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
I'm listening to...Leia playing a song on my grandmother's *extremely* out of tune piano (which we are getting - yeah!!!) I told Leia that I felt like Beth, doing my best to coax lovely music out of an old, out of tune instrument :)
I'm wearing...jeans, my brown sweater with a teal cowl-neck sweater on top of that
I'm looking forward to...eating supper in a few minutes, the rest of our visit here in the Palmetto State as well as going home on Sunday night
I'm hoping...that we'll be able to visit some with the family of our friend before they go back home this week
Yesterday, I...stayed up till 11:30 hanging out at the house of one of my mom's highschool friends. While Mama and about five of her friends chatted and ate in one room, Leia, Titty, the daughter of Mama's friend and I played Apples to Apples for hours and watched like four episodes of Andy Griffith :P We also talked to her younger brother (read: Justin Bieber :P) and his friend for a few minutes before they disappered. (really they just went outside and sat under the living room window, knocking on it every few minutes trying to get our attention. Boys...*tsk tsk*)
I'm hungry for...felafel!!!
The song stuck inside my head is..."O Love That Will Not Let Me Go" (we sang it at the memorial service on Thursday)
I friends and my life - I will never take them for granted again
I loathe...that even though Jesus has conquered death and I know our friend is with Him in heaven, we still cry, ache and grieve when someone we love is taken away
This week, my goal make some decent progress on "Clair de Lune"
Did I meet last week's goal?...pretty much - still have a few things to wrap up. We had a little change of plans....
Ending time...7:41pm (I stopped and had supper *sheepish grin*)


  1. Lol, what a great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. You're reading Les Mis again? Do you skip the tangents or read them?

  3. *big hug for you and Leia*

    Hope to see you soon!

  4. {Polly} - I'm skipping them. *sheepish grin* Well, most of them...there are actually some interesting ones and now that I know how the story works out, they don't irritate me like they did. The only one I *really* don't like is the one that interrupts right in the middle of Marius and Cosette's beautiful romance. I skip that one out of spite :P