Wednesday, April 6, 2011

in case you were wondering...

...where I got it (since I say it all the time).....and because I'm sixteen years old, in eleventh grade, taking a college course, the oldest of eight children...and because I grew up this week....and because I've been asked FOUR TIMES in the past TWO WEEKS whether I date or not or what courtship is....and because my teacher called me by one of my least favorite nicknames in class (only he didn't know it)...and because I'm a nut and I know's Charlie Brown with a special message:


See, your Jo is coming back. Yes, I'm a little different - a little older, my faith is stronger, my view of life is broader and my trust in Christ is deeper - but I'm still Jo. And always will be. 

Oh, while I'm on:

Dear PolkaDot is having another giveaway! Yeah! Here's the button:

Enjoy the lovely weather, folks! And remember, you only live once, so Carpe Diem!


  1. I love you so much, Jo!

    I was asked for the first time last week if I had a boyfriend. :P

  2. You mean someone didn't know where "good grief" was from? I thought everyone watched Charlie Brown. :)


  3. I posted this exact same picture on my blog!! I so got "Good Grief" from Charlie Brown. Possibly the best saying ever. Actually, no doubt the best saying ever :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. I always get asked if I "Like, have, you know, like, a boyfriend?" "'m only fourteen."

    Some people these days, I'm tellin' ya...

  5. Love that saying! And yes, I do still read/watch Charlie Brown. :)

    SO glad you are back! We missed you.

    Many blessings,

  6. In response to your comment on my blog: BOTH! JK. I didn't have any comments to moderate or anything to post about, so I just decided to be weird. (Not surprising.)

  7. Even though this post was short, it was one of the best you've ever written, Jo. You are you, and no one wants you any other way. Can I quote you, by the way? "You only live once, so Carpe Diem" is just so...true!

    In Christ,

  8. Love the Charlie Brown!

    (I know! I get asked if I have a boyfriend all the time! It's annoying, isn't it, when your relatives come over and start teasing you because they think you're hiding something. :P)

    (and I...sorta...knew where "good grief" was from...I guess it...slipped my memory...ah, yes...:P)

  9. {Polly} - And what did you say, dear? *giggle* Love you too!

    {Nana} - You'd be surprised how many people don't associate "Good grief!" with Charlie Brown. I felt it was time to enlighten them :P

    {Jocee} - Great minds think alike!!! LOL!

    {Trini} - For me, now that I'm 16, the conversation goes like this: "Do you have a boyfriend?" "No. I don't date." "How old are you?" "16." "Do your parents not allow you?" "No, I just don't." "Oh. If you don't mind me asking, why?" ....and then Jo has to explain courtship in nutshell. *sigh* The price you pay for being different :P

    {bree} - I *love* the Peanuts! And even though I do love Charlie Brown, my favorite character is Schroeder hands down. And Linus after that :D

    {larkin} - You may quote me all you want! Actually, I picked up the phrase "You only live once" from our pastoral administrator, and I tacked "carpe diem" on the end to give it actual meaning, since "you only live once - so eat chocolate!" is less profound :P *giggle*

    {gab} - YES!!!! Relatives are the *worst*. Grandma.....she's a terrible tease. And Leia and Julia egg her on!!! It's rather frustrating sometimes - but all in a good way....kinda. :P Not that I have anything to hide, right? *rolls eyes* In this world, who knows?

  10. What do you think I said? Nope.

  11. {Polly} - Just makin' sure.... :P (sorry, I get teased so much that sometimes I like teasing others just because :P)

  12. Hehe..those poor deprived people. Good for you to shine some light to them. :D

  13. Hmm, I was unaware(mostly) that I egg her on...haha, I'll try to stop! Although it is just in fun and I give you full permission to do the same :)Great post by the way, cuz!