Monday, April 18, 2011

life defined - a packed saturday

Hey y'all!

I know I haven't been on here as often as I used to be - but that's what happens when priorities get re-arranged. It's been a hard silver lining to see, but God is using this phase of my life for good! We've done a lot in the past week - and rather than try to describe it to you, here's my "life defined" for Saturday, April 16, 2011:

too early is...waking up at 6:30am on a SATURDAY!

wet is...what we were all morning as we "walked for life" downtown :) But we didn't mind, since it was for the best cause anyone could walk for (the Sanctity of Life) and we did it with friends!

aching is...walking by the building that redefined your life, letting a few of your tears add to the water streaming down from the sky, praising God for your friend's life, singing the line "I trace the rainbow through the rain and feel the promise is not vain, that life shall endless be!" with your sister and feeling peace fill your heart. God is good.

cozy is...the feeling when you're snuggled up in blankets on the couch at your grandparents house with a whole mass of children around you watching an absolutely adorable film (read: Tangled). I think I enjoyed it more than the little folks did :D

startled is...finishing the movie and disenTangling yourself only to realize that's noon and you still have the whole day ahead of you - and you thought it was bedtime already :D

humor is...hopping out of the van at the bowling alley, looking at your reflection in the window (yes, vain me :P) and realizing that it's been a *long* time since you looked that wild in public :P And of course we saw someone we knew at the bowling alley....*sigh* Such is life.

humble is...being beaten by your ten-year-old sister in a bowling game for at *least* the third time - and she wasn't using rails! *sigh* One of these out, Miss Marie!

satisfactory is...buying all kinds of jewelry supplies (that will last me a while) at Jo-Ann's for under $10

yummy is...Chick-fil-A nuggets and the Ben and Jerry's ice cream cake that were prizes for raising money for the Walk

perfect is...watching the Absolutely Adorable Film for a second time before bed, a great way to end the evening. "Did I ever tell you I have a thing for brunettes?" *sentimental sniff*

Oh, and I can add one more tally under the "number of times I've been asked about something dating/courtship related this month" :P When it rains, it pours! Gotta love it, though :D


  1. haha, ikr! :P Chris is the MOST athletic of all of us, and beats us all when we go bowling... (and a matter of fact- if we do most anything else too! ;-))
    haha, :D

  2. I know! We LOVED Tangled! Such a cute movie...

    Oh come on, Jo...what does it matter if you look wild in public? :P

  3. I have to totally agreee with you about TANGLED!!!!!!! =) Our family (especially us older ones) LOVED it!!!!! I love the story, the songs!! :) and the animation too!

    We've done something that sounds similar to what ya'll did. It's called the Walk for Life and it's held by a Crisis Pregnancy Center. :)

  4. I loved Tangled too! The only caveat is I have had the line "brush and brush and brush my hair" running through my head for the last two days. Funny how those were the only lyrics from that song that stuck. :P

  5. Sounds like an amazing day. We've done the ADA walk for *um* like six years (minus last year) and that is always an wonderful experience.

    Girl, what is it with you being asked about dating/courting? Did someone put a sign on your back or something? :D I can only think of like one time anyone has ever asked me about that....of course, now that I said that...

    KK, Emma and I have decided that next date night we'll give Tangled another try. Who knows? Maybe we were having an off night when we saw it...

  6. {Molly} - Chris!!??! Hmmm...maybe he and Marie should have a bowling game sometime :P

    {Vivi} - I know, I know...but still, I like looking *presentable*.

    {Sarah} - You loved Tangled too!!?!? Hurrah! It's one of my favorite movies now :D Oh, and our walk is called the Walk for Life as well - probably a pretty common name for pro-Life walking events :D

    {Polly} - We downloaded the soundtrack off of iTunes on Monday, so we know *all* the lyrics to *all* the fact, I've been humming "When Will My Life Begin?" *all morning*!!!!

    {Nana} - Seriously! You'd think someone was going around telling people to ask me about it! Good grief. The worst time was when someone asked not only if I was dating, but if I was dating a specific person. *good grief!* (again) *sigh* Leia said I should just get married and then no one would ask me anymore. But that's doesn't seem like the most logical solution, so I guess I'd better get used to the questions for the time being :P Oh the trials and joys of being sixteen!

  7. do you mind Jo????? That I win?????